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Heart Shaped Casket

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continuation of Pete's stalkery and more...

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"I thought you were joking!"
"Nope. You did give me permission. You sing in the shower?"
I blush, "I was kidding, like I thought you were. No, I do not sing in the shower."
"Really? Who was in there with you, because somebody with a beautiful voice was singing..."
I frown, "Ok, well get outta my room now... You need to go home and I need to get to bed."
"Well, ya see. About me going home...", he frowns.
"My dad's kicking me out.."
"Wow. Over me?", I feel like stabbing myself.
"Yeah...but its ok. I'm not loosing your friendship over something so dumb-"
"Dumb? You just got kicked out of your house!"
"I'll find somewhere-"
"NO!", I run my fingers through my hair, flushered, "YOu can't do that Pete..."
"I dont' want to argue with you Patrick."
"Fine, where are you gonna sleep tonight?"
"I...I'm gonna slee in this tree-"
"What?! NO! Look I'll... My parents would never let you stay here but... I.", I sigh, "You can sleep here, but we gotta listen for my parents."
"I don't want to get you into-"
"Pete, Its fine... BUt I gotta do this homework, then go to bed."
"I'll sit here and watch you..."
"Creepy Stalker."
"But I'm sexy."
"Oooh Yes, Peter sooo sexy."
We giggle.
I bend my head back over my book.
I feel breath on the back of my neck again.
A pair of arms wrap around me.
Pete's lips press against the back of my neck.
I inhale deeply and feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand straight up.
He chuckles, "Sorry I...Had to."
"To what?"
"Give you some sort of affection from a boy."
I blush, "Oh..ok.."
He chuckles, still not moving his arms from around me.
I continue my homework, honestly not minding his hold.
"So, Patrick..."
"You're my best friend. EVER."
"And we've known eachother for only a day."
"Yeah. But somethings you just know instantly..."
I grin, "Yeah..."
I finish my homework, as he holds me.
After I'm done, We go to bed. He sleeps in the floor, furthest from the door. That way my parents don't see him.
Hald asleep, I tap on Pete's shoulder.
"I'm gonna ask if you can stay here tomorow..."
"You're parents will say no..."
"I dunno..."
"K night..."

After school Joe drops Pete and I off at my house.
Yay weekend!
My mom opens the door, "Hi! Who's your friend Patrick?"
"Well, I'm Patricks mom Patricia..."
Pete snorts with laughter.
I glare at him.
Patrick/Patricia, it's all very funny. Stupid name.
He stops laughing, but can't get rid of the grin.
"Ok, well I'm cleaning the living room so go up to your room and be good."
Pete adn I walk up the stairs to my room.
"Youdidn't ask."
"That's because my dad isn't here."
"I have an idea. My last name can be different..."
"um, how?"
"We say its something else."
"I don't want to lie though..."
"We wont. It's... streching the truth for a little while. Look, If we say I'ma Wentz, they wont give me a chance. I'll tell them after they get to know me..."
"That's...a good Idea... so what should your lastname be?"
"Hmmm... I can be Peter Parker!"
"Sorry, ya don't look like Spiderman to me..."
"Pete...Help me Patrick!"
"It was your brilliant Idea."
"Peter... Johnson?"
"That works. See? thank you."
"No prob."
I bite my lip, "R-ready?"
He nods, not nervous at all.
We go downstairs.
"Hey Patrick..."
"H-hi dad."
"Who's your friend?"
"Hello Pete...?"
"Johnson, sir."
"Johnson.", he smiles.
"Um, sir. May I ask you something? I know we just met but... My parents kicked me out and. I was wondering if well... Patrick's a good friend of mine and-"
"If they kicked you out then why should I let you in?"
"Because sir... I want to have a job and that bothered my parents. They want me to focus on school only, but I'd like to test myself with responicbility so they kicked me out. I'll pay rent..."
"I don't want you to pay rent, but do get a job. Responcibility is a good thing to want to work for."
"So does that mean-"
"You're free to stay... but how will you get your things?"
"I think Patrick's friend Joe can help me..."
We go up to my room.
"I Can stay!", he exclaims.
"I know I was there!", I say with just as much exitement.
He kisses my cheek, "We should call Joey..."
I nod, "Don't let him hear you call him Joey..."
He laughs.
He goes to get his things with joe as I stay in my room.
My mom walks into my room, "Patrick, we need to talk..."
"Is Pete more than a friend?"
"No mom. I promise."
"do you want him to be?"
"No.", I lie.
"Alright... I'm just wondering..."
"Yeah... Are you gonna tell dad?"
"No, you have to do that... I don't mind so much anymore... I just didn't expect it. I'm sorry..."
"It's fine momma...", I hug her.
"I love you honey."
"Love you too..."

Pete comes back with his junk.
He hugs me tightly, "I have a bestfriend AND a roomie."
I chuckle
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