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Best friends?

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A few months later.

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I drive Pete and I to work. He got a job, with me at MovieWorld. He's 18, so I'm still the only underage worker. Pete smiles over at me, I feel myself smile back. He chuckles.
"You're so adorable driving!"
I roll my eyes, "Alright, mother..."
"Sorry.. You've almost been my best friend for a year... So it ws cool to see you get your license and all..."
"So I was thinking..."
"Awe, poor Petey did you hurt your head?"
"Haha. No. I was thinking that,since I'm 18 now... I'm gona tell your parents."
I almost run a redlight.
"I'm gona tell them my real last name... If they kick me out, fine. I'm 18. I'll be ok."
"But...I-I like you living there...."
"Maybe they'll let me stay?"
"Maybe...", I bite my lip, pulling into the MovieWorld parking lot.
He puts his hand on my shoulder, "It'll be fine..."
We go inside and Bill smiles, "Hey Boys."
"Hi Bill.", we chorus.
"You two are early, again."
We grin.
"Well yeah we gotta get as much hours as possible...", Pete informs him.
"We're saving up our money..."
"For what?"
He smiles, "Long story."
"Fine don't explain it."
He smiles, "We're getting new instruments...right now we're practicing with old ones..."
I clock in and start staightening up the movies.
Andy walks in, "Hey guys. Hey Uncle Bill."
"Hi Andrew.", he hugs his nephew.
"I still would have never figured out that you're Andy's uncle."
Bill smiles.
Andy walks over to me, "Hey!"
"How're you?"
"Good.", he smiles.
"What's got you in such a good mood?"
"I...Well Joe's gonna spend the night and..."
He sighs, "Probably nothing, but I'll see him in his boxers!"
I roll my eyes and chuckle, "Maybe you should talk to him about your little obsession."
"I do not have an obsession."
"You know that he brushes his teeth for exactly 3 minutes and 15 seconds."
He blushes, "So?"
"Andy... Talk to him."
"No. He doesn't like guys. He'll just avoid me. Then I'll never see his boxers."
I chuckle, "Maybe if you tell him, you'll see more."
He gasps, "Patrick!"
I giggle, "Sorry."
Pete smiles, his teeth shining in the light.
I fall into a trance, staring at his beautiful smile.
Andy looks behind himself, to see what I'm looking at.
"Maybe you should tell Pete about your little obsession. He likes boys."
"What obsession?", I rip my eyes away from Pete.
"Whatever. Atleast I admit my atrraction to Joe to you. Some friend you are.", he crosses his arms.
"Whatever Andrew. I have no attraction to Pete..."
"Oh? Why can't you stop looking at him?"
"I just... I gotta work Andy."
"I do!"
"And, you want to avoid talking to me about it!"
"Fine, You're right ok!", I walk away to straighten up something else.
"What'd you do to him?", Pete asks Andy jokingly.
"Fuck if I know!", he snaps.
He storms out.
Pete looks over at me, "What the hell?"
"Nothing!", I snap.
"OK that pisses me off, I didn't do a damn thing, so don't you fucking snap at me!"
I look down guiltly, "sorry..."
He walks over to me, "It's ok... It's just not fair to snap at the wrong people, especially when they were trying to make sure everything was ok..."
Bill frowns, "Um. You guys shouldn't talk like that in here... If we would've had customers..."
"I'm sorry Bill.", my eyes water.
"It's ok..."
what the fuck is my deal today? I'm like way overly emotional...
Pete pulls me into his arms.
I lay my head on him.
He rubs my back, "It'll be ok..."
Bill walks away, happy that Pete's taking care of it.
Anthony, one of the new workers gives us a curious look.
"What's wrong honey?"
"I-I don't know..."
He frowns, "Ok..."
I wipe my eyes, "Sorry I'm stupid I..."
"No. Patrick, you're not stupid..."
I smile, "Thanks..."
"No problem."

I text Andy after work.

I'm so sorry I yelled at you ='(

I am too... Really

//^ Sorry...

it's ok. So, you should tell Pete, and I should tell joe...

And we never will.


Pete's gonna tell my Parents tonight =/

tell them what? that he lied about his lastname?

yeah. ='(

awe.... that SUCKS

Yeah. I can't imagine living withou thim now...



I stop texting when Pete glares over at me, "YOu shouldn't text and drive."
"Sorry, had to apologize to Andy."
"HOw do you feel?"
"I don't want you to be kicked out..."
I recive another text message.
"I'll read it for you..."
I shrug, "Ok..."
He raises an eyebrow, "I'll do it if you will? From Andy? What is he talking about?"
I blush, "I dunno, gimmie my phone."
He slides it into my pocket, "There ya go."
I ignore the butterflies and drive the rest of the way home.
We get out, and find that my parents aren't there yet.
I bite my lip, unlocking the door.
There's a note on the table.

I read it aloud, "Patrick (And Pete),
Your dad and I went out to eat. There's food in the fridge, you can order pizza or go get food yourselves. Please do not mess up the house and call me if you need to. Love, Mom (Or Patricica.)
"So, what we doin for food then?"
I shrug, "I don't care, I'm not hungry."
I hear him growl under his breath.
"You're never hungry and you need to eat. You never eat."
"Yes, I do."
"Whatever Patrick.", he frowns.
I go upstairs and lay on my bed.
He follows suite and wraps his arms around me.
I feel my face heat up, but ignore it.
He kisses my cheek.
I bite my lip.
"What's wrong?"
"Nothing...I'm just...I dunno."
He hugs me tightly, "I'm getting less sure about telling your folks..."
"Yeah... Me too...", my eyes begin to water again, "I don't want you to be kicked out, I've gotten so used to you being here. I get easily attatched to people and I'm very attatched to you..."
"I know... I am too... But I hate lying."
"Me to..."
"I'm going to do it., he frowns.
"No matter what... we'll be bestfriends... They can kick you out of this house... But they can't kick you out of my heart.", a tear slides out of my eye.
He wipes it with his thumb, "Yeah... Nor you out of mine...", he kisses my forehead.
My head is screaming, "I LOVE YOU!", but my lips wont say it.
I watch a few warm tears spill out of his chocolate brown eyes.
No! Pete Wentz does not cry.
I wipe his eyes and hug him tightly.
We decide to order a cheese pizza and a pepsi.
We order from PizzaPlanet, since there's a change we'll get to bother Joe.
The doorbell rings.
Pete and I race to answer it.
I beat him and pull the door open to a very unhappy-looking Joe.
"Hey Joey.", Pete grins.
"Hello Peter."
"I thought you were gonna be at Andy's."
"Yeah, after I get off... You guys are my last stop, so give me your money..."
"Well that's nice..."
"Seriously, I gotta hurry or Andy'll have a heart attack."
"Wonder why that is.", Pete says sarcastically.
"Thanks, bye guys!"
He runs down the stairs.

After we finish our pizza my parents get home.
I bite my lip.
"Hey boys, I see you go tour note.",mom chuckles, "I knew you'd pick pizza."
I smile, "Yeah..."
Pete frowns, "I have to tell you guys something..."
My mom and dad sit down.
"Alright... Before I tell you, I love being in your house, its amazing and you guys are amazing people...", he sighs, "My last name isn't Johnson...i-it's Wentz...."
My father's eyes widen.
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