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Ex friends til the end

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Does Pete get kicked out?

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"I-I'm sorry sir, I just... You're really great people and I...I knew you wouldn't let me stay if you knew..."
"And you're right, get the hell out!"
Pete runs upstairs.
I follow him, blinded by my tears.
He closes my door and stands close to me, "Patrick? It doesn't matter ok? I'll still call and we work togather and-"
"You wont be with me all the time though!"
"Maybe that's for the best. Being togather all the time drives some people crazy..."
"Not with you... I go crazy away from you."
"I wish I could rewind telling them, until you were 18..."
I smile weakly, "I...I wont be able to sleep tonight, where will you go?"
"I don't know..."
"Wanna call Andy and see if you can be there for the night?"
"He's with Joe..."
"He wont mind when its like this Pete..."
"Ok...I'll call him. See if your parents will let you spend the night at Andy's, but don't say I'll be there."
I nod.
Pete calls Andy, "Hey...I know your with Joe and all but his dad didn't take it well... Thanks Andy..."
He hugs me, "See if you can go to Andy's and I'll wait outside for you with my stuff..."
I nod.
Pete walks downstairs. He walks to my father.
He's either really brave, or stupid.
"Thank you for letting me stay, I really appreciated it and I hope you have a nice night.", He looks over at me, "Bye Patrick..."
"Bye...", I taste a salty tear.
He walks out the door.
I wipe my eyes.
"Did you know his last name?", my father asks me.
"Yes. I did..."
"why did you lie and let evil into our house-"
"Evil? Are you stupid? He's the furthest from evil in the world! He's amazing! He was kicked out of his house for wanting to be my fried\nd, just because of my last name! Which is pretty fucking stupid, if you ask me. What the hell does a name mean? If you change the name of a rose, it would still smell sweet. A name is nothing! Pete is an amazing person, his last name doesn't change that!"
"Don't you talk to me like that-"
"I'm going to Andy's bye!"
"The hell you're going anywhere!"
"Oh? Watch me! Oh, and by the way father, I'm Fucking bisexual, and as much as that kills you, I have to add, I'm In love with Pete WENTZ!", I run upstairs, grab my keys and my bag of cloths, and storm out.
Pete smiles at me from my car.
I get in and throw my cloths in the back.
"You ok?"
I nod, "Y-yeah..."
"What happened?"
"I...I just told my dad I'm bi..."
"I'm fucking dead!",I blink a tear out of my eye, as I back my car up.
Pete smiles, comfortingly, "It'll be ok honey... Do you need me to drive?"
"No...I got it...thanks.", I smile back at him.

At Andy's we get out.
Andy walks out and pulls us both into a hug.
We hug back.
We go upstairs and don't see Joe.
"Where's Joey?", Pete asks
Andy blushes, "Shower..."
"Awe and you're not peeking in?"
"Shut up Pete!"
"You should tell Joey.", he smiles.
"And you should mind your own buisiness... he does not like boys. Me telling him how I feel would do nothing but harm our friendship....."
"I have trouble believing he's straight, sorry..."
"What ever."
"I'll play you at Mario...", I offer Andy.
He nods.
"I get luigi."
"BUt Mario's shorter. You're shorter."
"Fine, But just this once."
Joe walks in, "Hey guys, didn't know this was a sleepover..."
"Sorry, Pete got kicked out and I guess Patrick decided to runaway..."
"I didn't runaway, I told the fucking bastard where I was going...and that I'm bi..."
"For real?", Joe's jaw drops, "But what if he kicks you out."
"I don't know..."
Joe frowns, "I'll se if you can crash with me, if you want... If he kicks you out..."
I smile, "But You're all against boys liking boys..."
"No, I just like to mess with you...", he smiles, "You're one of my best friends, I have to help you."
I pull Joe into a hug.
"Now you're gettin a bit too close."
I chuckle and release him.
"So... Pete doesn't live anywhere and we have no clue about Patrick...", Joe frowns.
"I'm tired..."
"Yeah, me too...
I nod in agreement.
"Alright... I have no clue where everyone's gonna sleep..."
"Well, me and you have your bed...", Joe says, "And there's your guest room, Pete and Patrick could share that..."
Andy nods, "That ok with you guys?"
We nod.
We hug Andy and Joe goodnight and walk to the guest room.
Pete hugs me tightly, "I'm sorry about your dad..."
"He'll get over it..."
"You know that you have back tomorow..."
I nod, "And face him tell me that he hates me..."
"Yeah...Maybe. Or he could exept you..."
"NOt the way I said it..."
"I can't. Not tonight...."
He nods.
I close my eyes and, after a while, drift to sleep.

Andy shakes me gently, "Pat, wake up..."
I groan, "I don't wanna go to school."
"It's summer Pat, no get up..."
I open my eyes, "Goo'mornin..."
"God afternoon Sleepyhead..."
"It's 2pm..."
"Why'd you guys let me sleep so late?"
"YOu were adorable...", Pete's voice answers me.
I stretch, "I shouldn't sleep that long..."
"It's ok every now and then..."
I sit up and pull Pete into a hug.
I take my phone out of my pocket.
I have 37 missed calls, from mom.
I sigh, "I have to call her..."
"Or you could just go over there..."
I nod, "I will..."
They walk outside to the car with me.
I hug Pete again, "I'll call..."
"I believe you... Let me know what happens, ok?"
I nod, "Ok..."
I get into the car and start it.
I wave to them, and they wave back.
I pull outof the driveway.
I start to drive away when I hear, "WAIT!"
I look into the rearview mirror and see Pete running after me.
I stop, "You ok?"
"Get out for a minute...", he says nervously.
I get out of the car, "What's wrong?"
"Before you left...I had to tell you...I hate hiding it..."
"Tell me before a car comes..."
He bites his lip, "Patrick. You're amazing. You're the bestfriend I've ever had. But that isn't enough anymore. Patrick Vaughn Stump, I love you."
I feel my eyes water again, "I love you to.", I say barely above a whisper.
He smiles, "Then kiss me!"
I put my hand onto his cheek and pull his lips to mine.
His lips feel like electricity upon mine.
My heart beats fastly.
I almost go into cardiac arrest when his tounge slides into my mouth.
His tounge tastes so sweet.
He moves it perfectly against mine. I try to do the same, but probably don't do as well.
He pulls away unwillingly, "You have to go..."
I sigh, "You're right... But I'd much rather stay with you..."
"We'll see each other later..."
"No Patrick. Promises aren't real. I swear to you, We will see each other later, if it kills me."
"It better not..."
He chuckles, "It wont..."
He closes the small space between us for a breif moment, "'ve gotta go... I love you..."
"I love you too....",I smile.
I get back into my car and drive home.
At a stoplight I text Andy.

I kissed a boy and I liked it!

OH MY GAWD YOU DID?! Awesome, I'm happy for you!

You're turn


YOu said, "I'll do it if you will" I did it, so its your turn . Tell Joe how you fell.

r-right now?

doesn't have to be now, but soon.

Ok pete says stop textin and driving.

lol alright. bye


I pull into the driveway.
I open the door.
Mom screams, "I WAS SO WORRIED!", she tackle hugs me.
"I'm fine momma...Where's dad?"
"I kicked him out. If he can't exept my baby the way he is, he can't be in my house..."
"Awe! Really?"
She nods, "He isn't the one who pays the bills, and the house is in my name. Pete is free to come back whenever...."
"He's my boyfriend momma..."
"Really? Since when?"
"About... thirty minutes ago..."
I hug her, "I love you..."
"I love you too..."
"Is that a bruise on your face?"
"Well... when I told him to leave, he was violent... So I called the cops... right now he's sitting in a jail cell..."
I hug mom, "I'm glad he didn't get worse."
"Me too..."
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