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Better off as Lovers

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Andy Tells Joe.

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Andy's POV
I look over at Joe, unavoidably smiling.
He smiles back.
Pete left to go to Patrick's.
Pete told us that its all good now and left without explaining. Bastard. So now its just Joe and I.
"So what do you think happened?"
I shrug, "I really dunno... Pete wsn't all that descriptive..."
"Its kinda weird about Pete and Patrick. I so predicted that, by the way!"
"When Pete was new, I said that I could tell he wasn't straight and Maybe Patrick would get him a boyfriend. Look what happened!"
I chuckle, "You're such a dork."
"I'm no tthe one with glasses, foureyes."
"Oh, that's mature Joseph."
"You're lucky you're you. I hate when people call me that."
"Why do I get away with it?"
"Oh haha. there a reason?"
He shrugs.
I sigh.
He pulls me into a hug. A very tight, not just a friend hug.
His arms are around my waist and his head is on my sholder. I can feel his breath on my neck. He breathes in deeply.
"Are you ok?"
He looks up at me and nods.
I sigh, "You know how you said you're not homophobic, but you don't want guys hitting on you?"
He nods, "Yeah..."
"Well...there's a guy...that likes you. A whole lot..."
I nod, "Yeah... He's felt this way since he met you..."
My eyes water, "I can't tell you... I'm afraid that I'll mess up your friendship with this person...."
"It wont...", Joe smiles reassuringly, "I promise..."
A tear drips out of my right eye, "It's me."
Joe's eyes widen. He's speechless.
"I'm sorry! I can't help it I-"
Joe puts his finger over my lips, "DOn't you apologise. There is absolutley NOTHING to be sorry for..."
"BUt you don't like guys and I-"
"I lied! I didn't want people to know. No offence, but I knew you weren't straight but I thought you kinda had a thing for Patrick, since you always defended him and stuff. I feel the same way Andy...I like you, a lot. More than I've ever liked anyone!"
He nods, "Yes...", he moves his face close to mine.
There is a small space between us.
"Can I...kiss you?", he asks nervously with a blush.
I nod with a HUGE smile.
I close the space between us.
Nothing has felt more right than this. Our lips touching.
My heart soars.
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