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The end?

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The end? Oh yet

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Patrick's Pov
As Pete arrives, I'm filled with exitement. Mom smiles, and hugs me. She honestly isn't bothered by the fact that I have a boyfriend. I'm sure she's just pleased I'm not alone. Pete pulls me into a hug. I kiss his cheek, blushing.
Mom pulls Pete into a hug aswell.
"Are you sure about me staying here-"
"Of course. The lastname thing is ridiculous."
My phone beeps.
I read my text from Andy


Awesome! So, he isn't against gays. I'm so messing with him later...

Awe no... please?

But Aaaaaaaaandy, he totally has it coming...

Please? Just not tonight...

What are you two gonna do ;)

I could ask you and Peter the same.

ha, like he wants to go that far with me...

What's wrong with you? Fuck, I'd probably do you if it weren't for Pete and Joe.

Haha, don't lie.

I'm not.


I slide my phone into my pocket, blushing.

Pete gives me a look, but dismisses it. I sigh with relief.

"Alright boys, I'm going to bed..."
"Night momma..."
Mrs. Stump..."
"You may as well call me mom too Pete..."
Pete smiles, "OK..."
She goes to bed. Pete and I go upstairs.
Pete dresses down to his boxers.
I can't help but stare, blushing. He chuckles and pulls me into a hug. I hug back. I'm quite glad Pete isn't one of those overly hairy guys... that just grosses me out.
His body is...perfect. And his boxers are quite tight, so I can see the outline of his-
"What are you staring at?"
"You...", I tell him honestly.
He smiles, "Yay."
I blush.
"So...How do you sleep with jeans on?"
"I...I dunno... I feel naked without pants on..."
"Ooh... Maybe I want you to feel naked..."
I blush, "But I..."
"PLease? I just... need to know that you trust me..."
I bite my lip.
He smiles, "I can help you..."
I just nod.
He places his hands on the front of my jeans.
He Unbuttons my pants. I take in a sharp breath. He unzips and slides them off. He smiles at my pale legs.
I blush.
He kisses me. I kiss him back.
He pulls up my shirt.
I blush.
He smiles at me.
I look down at my fat and poke it.
He slaps my head.
"don't...You're perfect..."
"No...You are..."
He chuckles, "Look!", he puts his arm beside mine, "Look how pale you are!"
"Its gross..."
"Ya know what... I find paleness very attractive....It makes you look like a vampire..."
"NO, vampires are like amazingly hot and stuff... like you."
"No... Not like me. I'm too skinny and I look like a girl."
"NO you don't..."
I kiss his lips and run my fingers through his hair. He slides his hand down to my waist.
I pull away, "I-I-"
"Sorry... I think this is far enough... for tonight..."
I nod, "Yeah..."
He kisses me, "Night baby..."
"Goodnight baby..."

Pete and I walk into MovieWorld, hand in hand. Bill raises an eyebrow.
"So you two finally hooked up?"
"What do you mean finally?", I ask curiously.
"The tension between you two was so obvious, everyone around you could feel it."
I blush, "Oh..."
"So, our weekend was interesting... I told his parent's that my last name is Wentz, got kicked out, then hooked up with Pat. Then his mom kicked his dad out and I live there again."
Bill blinks, "Wow..."
Pete kisses my cheek.
"Alright, no PDA...", Bill teases.

I stock the popcorn and candy and hear the doorbell thing go off. I look over at the door and see Andy and Joe, holding hands.
"AWWWWE!", I practiacally yell over at them.
Joe blushes, alot.
Andy grins at Joe.
They walk over to me.
"Hi Patrick...", Joe mumbles.
"Hi Joe!"
"Will you chill out? You're never happy to see me anyways."
"That's a lie!"
"NOt it isn't..."
"Actually, I am like... tempted to like... Be SO MEAN to you... But I'm not mean..."
Joe looks down, "You can say whatever...I deserve it..."
I pull him into a hug, "Nah..."
He hugs back, "Thanks..."
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