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This ain't a Scene

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The school year starts over and the boys are taunted.

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The entire class is turned to Pete and I, screaming. Pete frowns. We run out of the classroom. He turns to me.
"I'm sorry Patrick, I can't take that, It's over!"

I jerk awake, sweating again. Pete sits up aswell, "What's up baby?"
I shake my head, "Bad dream..."
He frowns, "Awe... wanna takl about it?"
I can't let him know I'm afraid he'll leave me. Then he might, because I'm such a loser. I sigh.
"It can help... Apparently, If you tell someone about a bad dream, It wont happen..."
Not you. Maybe Andy.
"Alright well get some sleep, big day tomorrow..."
"Yay, school..."
He chuckles and kisses my cheek.
I lay back down, knowing that I'm no tgetting back to sleep. Pete and I have been togather for two months now. I can't remember my life without him. Oh, Yeah. It was lonely. And miserable. And Pete is taunted in school... He may want to get rid of me. Who would want to be with me anyways? Pete HAS GOT to be on drugs or something... maybe I should see if Bill will make him do a drug test for work. Pete mumbles something untranslateable.
I sigh and try to get some sleep.

When I wake up, I don't remember having any dreams the second go-round.
I sigh, looking at Pete getting ready.
He's so amazing and...wonderful.
What if he leaves me?
He wont...right?
It's a free country, he can do as he pleases...

With that thought I frown.
He pulls me into a hug, "Are you ok?"
"Yeah, yeah, I'm great..."
"Patrick.", He says in a stern voice.
"I'm fine, ok?"
"Fine.", he sighs and kisses my cheek.
I sigh.

I drive to Andy's and honk.
He runs out, and sits behind Pete.
I look over at him and speakin my British accent.
"Ello mate, 'ow are you?"
"I'm good mate, you?", He smiles and says in a bristihs accent.
"I'm pretty good, now we going to get your boyfriend."
He blushes and respondes with a nod.
Pete kisses my cheek.
I blush and start the car.

I pull up to Joe's and honk, a million times.
He comes out, half dressedruning to the car.
He climbs into the car, zipping his pants.
"Need some help?", ANdy grins.
Joe chuckels breathlessly, "Sure."
"Hey! Hey! NOT in my car.", I glare at them through the rearview mirror.
"Alright, Alright! Chllax but somebody needs to break in this backseat and you two still haven't."
"Excuse me, I know the boy who didn't tease me for wanting boys isn't suggesting I have sex with one in my car."
"I didn't say it couldn't be with a girl."
"I don't want a girl and my sex life isn't your buisiness, and how would you know I haven't?"
"I can tell your a virgin."
"And you aren't?"
I look back at Andy and Joe in the rearview mirror.
Andy's face goes bright red.
Joe just grins.
"I may not be, but its not your buisiness."
I hold in a laugh, to spare Andy. I could care less about Joseph's feelings right now. So what if I'm a virgin?
"Is Peter a virgin?", Joe asks curiously.
Pete clears his throat, "Um, not...I'm not..."
"HA! Pattycakes is the oooooonly virgin in the car!"
I blush in embarrassment and fury.
"You wanna fucking walk to school?", I glare at Joe.
"Sheesh, I'll stop damn..."
I glare at him in the mirror and swear under my breath.

When we get to school, I walk away from them.
Pete and Andy catch up, while for once in his life, Joe decides to do the smart thing. He goes to wait for class to begin.
"Patrick, Joe was just-"
"I know very well what he was doing!", I punch the outside of the building in anger, "I am getting so sick of him! He rags on me about being gay, then he gets with a guy so I think I'm safe. NO Then its my singing or the way I talk or my height ot the fact that I'm a virgin! What the hell is his deal!"
Andy hugs me,"I'm sorry..."
I look at my, now bleeding knuckles.
Andy chuckles, "Isn't it usually me punching stuff because of Joe?"
I shrug.
Although I'm germaphobic, I couldn't care less if it got infected so bad I like died or something.
Pet frowns, "Let's go to the nurse."
"Why not?"
"I don't want to."
I shrug, "I don't care about it..."
Pete grabs my arm and drags me to the nurse's office.
Andy follows us.
The nurse frowns, "Didn't I fix your friends hand last year?"
I nod.
Pete smiles, "I'll do it so you can get the office ready for the year."
She smiles, and hands him the poroxide and stuff.
He sprays my hand a few thousand times.
"Should've thought about that before you punched the wall..."
"Alright, mother!"
"What is your deal?"
"MY deal? I'm not the one torturing their boyfriend with peroxide!"
"I'm not torturing, I'm helping."
"Help is too much like torture than.", I pout.
"Must be since you wont let me help you."
"You wont talk to me when you're upset. I want to help, you don't let me!"
"Because, I don't wanna drag you down with me!"
"You're dragging me down by not talking to me! It sucks knowing something's bothering you, but having NOclue what it is!"
"I can't tell you!"
"Andy frowns,"Uh...guys?"
"Because you wont understand-"
"What I don't understand is why you wont talk to me!"
"GUYS CHILL!", Andy yells, silincing us.
I look down at my lap.
Pete looks down aswell.
We leave the nurse's office and Pete pulls me into a hug.
He kisses my cheek, "Let's never fight again?"
I nod, "Please...I shouldn't have taken my anger at Joe out on you..."
Andy sighs, "You guys scared me...You both looked really mad... I've never seen you fight..."
"We never do...until then...", Pete frowns.
"Awwwwe! That was your first fight?"
We nod.
"Well, fighting sucks, but there is an upside..."
"What?", we ask.
"Making up.", he winks.
I hear myself giggle.
Pete chuckles and plants a swift kiss on my lips.
I giggle again, nervously this time.
He puts my hand in his and we walk near our first class.
We have every class togather this whole year.
We soooo planned that.
I kiss behind his ear.
He lets out a small moan and grins.
He kisses my ear, "I love you Patrick."
I shiver, "I love you too..."
He chuckles, "I make you shiver."
"You make more than that happen..."
"Oh, do I?"
I nod, with a blush.
He kisses my cheek, "I love you more Pattycakes."
"No, Impossible."
He chuckles, "That's what you think..."
The bell rings, letting us know we gotta run to class.

At lunch Joe walks over to me, "I'm so sorry..."
He frowns, "I didn't expect you to just accept my apology..."
"Well, there's one thing you're right about..."
Andy frowns, "Guys..."
"What? I'm supposed to just get over him messing with me again and again."
"I'm sorry Patrick..."
"I don't care Joe..."
He looks down, "Ok..."
I walk to my hiding place in the library.

Journal 36:
Again, I'm going to fucking murder Joeseph Trohman. I hate him with every bit of my being. Asswhole! Now that he's got a boyfriend, I figured he'd be done bothering me. NO. I was wrong. He was bothering me about being a virgin this morning. Come to find out, I'm the ONLY virgin. I'm pathetic. ='( who would want to have sex with me anyways. I'm a loser. Who would want me at all? I'm sick of dreaming about Pete leaving me. What if it really happens? I'll DIE. Like, a million times. BUt it'll be ok... My life is nothing without him, is it? It's nerly nothing WITH him. I hate JOe...

Pete sits beside me, "So, you threatening Joey's life again?"
"I'm gonna do it..."
"No longer just a threat?"
He sighs, "I'm sorry..."
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