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Never Gonna Catch Me

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Patrick confronts Joe.

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Mr. Salyers drones on about why its important to listen to every word he says. Half of us were tuned out when he said the first word. I'm not listening either. I'm glaring at Joe from across the room. My phone vibrates in my pocket. The text is from Joe.

Wil u stop lookin at me lik th@



You're an ass.

I realize that. I DID apologize

Oh? You've apologized many times, and then you do it AGAIN. I'm sick of it.

Im sry ok? I really do feel bad... I went to far. It's good to be a virgin. I'm a bad kid.

You and EVERYONE else in the world. I'm a loser.

No. You're a good kid. Nothing wrong with that.

Loser. NOT good.



I stoop texting him and try to listen to Mr. Salyers's monotonic drone.
"And. In my class there are no cell phones and no gum. Also, there's no ipods or cassett players..."
I sigh and put my ipod earphones in my ears, rather than listen to anymore of that.
My phone vibrates again.


I chuckle at Pete's text and nod over at him.
The bell rings and Pete and I wakl to my car, hand in hand.
Joe follows, "Hey wait!"
I sigh and stop, "What?"
"I'll find some other ride home if you want.."
I roll my eyes, "COme on."
"You're mad at me..."
"Duh. But I'm still your friend."
He frowns.
"Hey... Pete, do you mind sitting in the back with Andy? so me and Joe can converse?"
He nods.
Joe sits beside me, "So..."
"You need to stop or I'm done with you."
"Done with me?"
"Done being your friend, driving you to and from school."
He nods, "Understandable."
"I'm serious this time."
He smiles, "I know..."

I drop off Joe and Andy at their house.
"It's good we're seniors.", I tell Pete, "Because another year of this, and I'd drop out."
He chuckles, "It's not that bad..."

The next day, Pete and I walk through the hallway holding hands. There's a boy/girl couple also in the hallway. The guy seems to be devouring the girl's face. He moves down to her neck, leaving serveral red marks. Pete clears his throat, but the couple continue.
"That's disgusting and rude.", Pete says to me.
I nod, "Especially in public."
We walk down the hall still holding hands.
"Hey!", we hear a hoarse voice yell down the hall.
The guy who was all over the girl, is coming down the hall to us.
"What?", Pete asks.
"What's gross.... is you two faggots."
"Excuse me, we're not all over each other."
"Holding hands is disgusting enough. You two are disgusting, Not Shelly and I."

"ANd we aren't going to hell."
"If I belived in that bullshit som wrote down and said they were god, then you'd be no better off than I.", I say heatedly, "Since you were practically having sex with that girl in the hallway."
"What do you mean 'if you believed'?"
"I don't belive it."
Pete's eyes widen, "You don't belive in god?"
"I believe there is a god but I think the bible is bullshit."
"you're definately going to hell no wonder you're a fag."
"Fuck you!"
"That's what you have a boyfriend for fatass!"
I lunge foreward, but Pete grabs me, "Come on..."
He pulls me out of the building.

He pulls me into a hug, "Don't worry about that loser..."
"I'm gona kill him!"
"Murder is illegal. Do you really not believe in the Bible?"
"No... I don't. Just please don't tell my mother... she'd have a stroke..."
"Does that make you mad?"
"No... Just confuses me."
"I'm sorry. But there's so many reasons to question the bible... Like, it doesn't mention dinosaurs, which have totally been proven. Why not? Why would God make gay/bi people if he hates them? Why does it matter if people date people from a different ethnicity? I'm sorry that I wasn't brainwashed..."
"It's fine... I question it to.. it just confuses me to death..."
"Yeah... Sorry if you don't like that about me..."
"I don't think any less of you.", he smiles and kisses my lips.
"Hey! No PDA in school!", An administrator yells.
"It was just a kiss..."
"I'm writting you two up."
"There's a couple int there almost naked, and you're writting us up?"
"You're two boys for Christ's sake!"

In the office the principal calls our parents. Even though he lives with us, his mother is called.
"I haven't seen my mom in forever... And now with these circumstances? Oh no..."
I hug him, "Sorry...its all my fault..."
"NO, it isn't."

We nervously await our parents arrival.
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