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After getting into trouble at school, Patrick coninues to wonder about why Pete is with him.

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Pete and I wait for a long time. Then my mother walks in. The principal tell us to come in. We walk in behind my mother. I'm sure Pete is wondering the same as I, Where is his mother? The office smells like an old lady's perfume, and a bad one at that. Pete and I end up with a week of suspension. Which is comepletely lame. My mom is pretted pissed, I can tell. I just hope she listens to us. We walk outside with her.
"I want a full explanation when you two get home."
I just nod.
Pete and I get into my car.
"Fucking Bullshit!", Pete glares at the daskboard.
"Yeah...", I put the keys into the ignition.
"That fucking couple were all over each other, and barely pecked you on the lips. What the fucking hell!"
I pull his hand into mine, "It's ok..."
"NOt it's not! Just because we're noth guys, it's wrong? What the fuck!"
I sigh and drive home.
Pete's right. It is bullshit. What if it makes him so frustrated he leaves me?
I bite my lip as I pull into the driveway.
My mom is sitting at the table, waiting for us.
"Mom... I'm sorry, bu its honestly not nearly as bad as she made it sound. Pete just kissed me. It was just like a 3 second kiss. And there was this couple in the hall that were practically having sex, but us kissing was far worse, just because we're guys. That's so wrong!"
She nods, "Alright....I do belive you but...boys... I have no problem with the two of you being togather. But not everyone will be as accepting. I think that maybe, you should consider other people's feelings as well."
I look down.
Pete does too.
"Alright well, would you guys like some pizza tonight?"
We just nod.

I go up to my room and lay on my bed.
Pete's going to leave me.
The look on his face gave it away.
It's over.
I can't stop it.
Why is he with me anyways?
Why does he have any interest in me?
There's nothing good about me.
I'm nothing.
Pete could, and now will, do much better.
Is there any purpose in my life now?
HE hasn't but he will leave me.
Its all my fault.

Pete walks in. He asks if I'm ok.
Funy, I didn't notice I was crying.
"I'm fine.", I lie.
He lays beside me and holds me in his arms, "Baby, what's wrong?"
"NOthing.", I shake as the tears slide down my cheeks.
"You're under a lot of pressure, huh? Me too... But it'll be ok baby."
"No...", I may as well tel him, "You're going to leave me, aren't you? Maybe not this time. But after more happens, You'll realise I'm not worth it and leave me."
He frowns, "You have no clue how wrong you are baby. I thought you were gona leave me..."
"Really? How?"
"You looked so afraid... and hurt and..I was sure you were crying because you were leaving me."
"I couldn't. I'm nothing without you."
He smiles, "Nor am I without you Patrick...."
He kisses my lips.
"We'll get through all of the stupid stuff like this, and we have a whole week off school."
I nod, "True..."
He kisses me again.
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