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There's a First time for everything.

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Pete and Patrick are alone while suspended.

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Mom leaves us at 6:15am. She woke us up, so we decide not to attempt falling back asleep. I make a bowl of Fruit Loops. Pete gives me puppy eyes, Silently asking for a bowl. I chuckle, and make him a bowl too. He smiles at me, and kisses behind my ear. I giggle and hand him his bowl.
"Thankyou very much for the Gay Cheerios."
"No problem.", I smile.
"So, How are Andy and Joe getting to school?"
"Gabe's taking them."
"Gabe Saporta?"
"Cool.", he smiles at me, "So, we're alone for the next week..."
I nod, and suddenly feel nervous.
He grins, "You got all pale."
"D-did I?"
He nods, "Don't worry. I wont do a single thing that you don't want..."
"But I....I'm not sure what I want..."
He kisses my cheek, "That's nantural..."
He smiles, "So, what are we gonna do today?"
"I dunno... Watch movies?"
"That works."
For the remainder of the day, we watch Tim Burton films.

The next few days go on the same way. After Sweeney Todd ends, Pete looks over at me.
"So...Why do you think my mother never showed up?"
"I don't mind all that much..."
"It still sucks."
I kiss Pete's cheek.
He pulls my lips to his.
Out tounges seem to dance inside eachother's mouths. Then he moves down to my neck. I let out a small, barely audible moan. He nibbles on my neck a bit. I smile. He kisses down to the collar of my shirt. I shiver.
"Sorry, I was carried away...", Pete looks down.
"I didn't mind.", I blush.
"Maybe we should take this upstairs?"
I nod.
When I stand up my legs feel like jello.
He leads me to the room.
We lay on the bed, making out. His kisses go everywhere above my collar. He pulls off my shirt, and kisses down my chest. Then he comes to the obstacle of my pants. He removes them with ease and reaches inside my boxers. I gasp as his tounge contacts my skin. He licks around it the head, then wrapping his lips around it. Then he takes the whole length into his mouth. I begin to sweat and moan. He sucks and licks until I cum.
He gets behing me andstain up my sheets.

My mom gets home and smiles, "Hey boys."
"Hello.", we say inocently.
"What did you two do today?"
"Watched movies....same as we've been doing..."
"Alright.... Well I think instead of pizza again, we'll make some baked potatoes and salad."
I nod, "That sounds good. I've been wanting salad."
"Alright.", she smiles.
Pete and I go upstairs, until dinner is ready.
I have a panic attack, "She knows! She'll find out and and She'll kill me! And-"
He covers up my mouth, "She wont find out. Chillax."
I nod.
I"m incredibley nervous.
Pete reassures me that it will be ok.

After we eat dinner, I hug Pete.
"I love you so much..."
He smiles, "I love you too..."
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