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Years Down the road.

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Many things have happened in 4 years.

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Joe snores loudly in his bunk. I'm sure I'm the only one of us awake. I look around the dark tour bus and smile. Andy is mumbling in his sleep. All I can hear from Pete's bunk is his loud iPod. I chuckle and get my booklight. I decide to write a journal.

Journal 27:
Tour is going great. I haven't written in a while... I've just been quite busy with the tour. I'm so amazed at how far Fall Out Boy has came. We were nobodies in highschool four years ago and now we're in a band! Peolw actualy like our music. We've come pretty far since practicing in the garage. I still can't belive Andy and Joe are engaged. I'm thrilled for them. A little jelous, but Shrugs Pete and I are doing great. We had one big fight, but we're good now. I never though I'd say this, but Joe was right. Making up is fun. Winks or was it andy who said that? Hmm.. anyways I gotta sing tomorow so I need some sleep, peace.

"Wake up sleepy head.", Pete says sweetly.
I smile and hg him.
He hands me my glasses.
I put them on and smile.
"We've got a big night..."
"Its just another concert..."
"That's what you think..."
He chuckles, "I love you Patrick."
"I love you too..."

I walk out onto the stage, nervously.
The crowd roars.
I feel myself grin.
After singing,"Grand Theft Autumn", and "Dance Dance", Pete smiles, "Hey everbody!"
"HI Pete!", the crowd yells.
"You all know my wonderful Boyfriend Patrick...He's amazing and perfect. I absolutley love him. We've been togather for nearly five years, and it feels like a lifetime.", he walks over to me and puts my hand in his, he kisses my cheek.
Then he bends down on one knee, "Patrick Vaughn Stump...Will you marry me?"
My eyes water, and I have the biggest smile possible on my face, "Yes!"
He slides a ring on my finger and stands up.
"I love you Patrick...."
"I love you too...."
He presses his lips against me.
I can't believe that I'm going to be with Pete Wentz forever.

The end. I really hope you enjoyed it. =)
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