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This is what happens when Tatum gets dumped by someone she thought cared about her. o.O

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Do what you want
Because it won't hurt any less.
I know I wasn't enough.
I know I wasn't the best.
So tonight say farewell;
Goodbye and so long.
By the time you know I'm missing
I'll be far away gone.

I tried my hardest,
But I wasn't very strong.
I can't turn back now.
I've waited too long.
Now my heart is full of misery,
And somewhat of despair,
And my lungs are suffocating.
Because you were my life; my air.

So light me up,
Burn me down,
Set me aflame
Along with this town.
Destroy the memories,
Some so weak and very strong.
Kiss me goodbye,
Tonight I'll be gone.


Yeah... My girlfriend kinda dumped me that day and left me for someone else. Someone who happens to be my best friend. I cared then... but I kinda stopped when she started rumors about me. Now everyone hates her because she is a lying, coniving litt-

I just need to stop right there. So, um, yeah... Thanks for reading and please R&R. And ignore my consistent, unhappy ramblings. -.-;
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