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State of Mind

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Yeah... You might as well not even ask about where this came from. I'll just let you all know I'm in therapy now. xD

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State of Mind

See the light?
It glows so bright;
It shines on through the bloody night,
But it will never kill the fright.
It will never kill the fright.

This place. These sounds.
They keep my feet on solid ground,
But the pain is still around.
I collapse in a bloody mound.
Leave me in a bloody mound.

The feeling rises once again.
And I have lost too many friends.
I have acted on too many sins.
I've lost my beginning and I have no end.
I will fight to no end.

I can tell
Nothing is well.
The demons within rise, but I haven't fell.
My injured mind begins to swell.
My thoughts and worries begin to swell.

A flash of white,
It blinds my eyes.
My mouth is stitched all around;
I cannot make a sound.
Is this punishment for my sin?
Have I found my own end?
Hear the ringing of the funeral bell?
It says we're all doomed straight to Hell.

Who am I now?
Who am I now?


I loved writing this. It was so much fun to get all of the stanzas with the same amount of lines and gettting every stanza's rhyme scheme into the last stanza. I have to admit, I am quite proud of this piece of work.
And yes, there is a story behind it. ;)

R&R for me, babes!
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