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Chapter Twelve

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The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin…but not only a Slytherin, b...

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The Long Trip to the Forbidden Forest


The Marauders needs a guide though the Forbidden Forest for a month trip. No one knows the way. What would happen if they find out the only one who does is a Slytherin…but not only a Slytherin, but Snape? What secrets will be relieved?


Chapter 12


“He’s dead! He’s dead!” Pettigrew yelped with horror as Black fell limp into their arms.

“He’s not dead!” Potter responded back as he cradled Black head, pushing any foreign hands coming near his friend. Severus stepped back from the mad teenager as Potter started to cry, rocking Black’s head as he did so. “Please, Sirius wake up! Wake up.” Potter’s voice started to break.

Lupin, who too leaped back after Severus, glanced at him, his eyes begging him to do something; anything. “He’s dying. He smells different.” He told the Slytherin. As he threw him the backpack which Severus had left beside Black. “Do something with your potions! You can do anything can’t you?” he asked pleadingly.

Severus caught his bag while looking at Lupin in a new light. Did he just complement him? He glanced back at the fallen teen; he too could smell something infecting Black, something dark and foreign; something that he himself never encountered before.

Something was crawling up all over Black’s body, starting off where the Beast had bit him the day before. Whatever the creature was, its venom was killing him or turning him into something that none of them ever saw before. In a way Severus hoped it was killing him as he really didn’t want another werewolf running around Hogwarts and yet he really didn’t want to have to kill him, especially in front of the other Marauders. Then he shook his head as he remembered that it wasn’t a werewolf that had done the damage to Black.

“He’s poisoned.” Severus exclaimed, getting back onto his knees beside the fallen wizard, then ripped Black’s pant leg with his knife. He and the others looked at the wound except for Potter who seemed not to notice as he was still trying to get him wake up; it was healed thanks to Severus’ potions the day before, however around the edges it was pitch black with his veins turning dark purple as they protruded out from it. Behind him, he heard grasps of horror.

Severus stared at it as he realized that this wasn’t an ordinary physical wound; but a powerful magical one. “This is beyond my ability to heal.” Severus told the group. He looked up at them. “He needs special witch healing now or he will die tonight.”

The three friends looked at each other, fearing for their friend. They knew that the Slytherin spoke the truth.

“How? We’re far away from the nearest witch healer. We are in the middle of nowhere!” Potter yelped at him.

“Have you gone mad, Potter? There is healer in the muggle village. They can help him.” Severus snapped at him.

“How? Sirius is dying because of black magic. Muggles can’t help us!” Pettigrew yelped as he wondered ’How can muggles help them?’

“Have you gone retarded both of you? I told you, muggles have magic just like us! I know there is a witch healer in the village. If we don’t move him to the village, he—will—die!” Severus snapped back at them. Those three words stabbed them, they knew if they didn’t act fast their friend would perish and it would be entirely their fault.

Potter looked at the Slytherin, and then back to his friends as if debating to trust him or not.

“James, we need to try. Severus is telling the truth. For once in your life listen to him.” Lupin begged him.

James nodded slowly. He had no choice, he would trust the Slytherin, but if Sirius died he vowed that he would definitely kill him. He didn’t trust Snape, but he did trust his friend Remus. “Okay,” he said as he pointed his wand at Black.

“NO!” Severus yelled, making the Gryffindors jump. “You cannot use any magic on him or you will speed up the progress of the poison or whatever is infecting him.”

Potter nodded, not wanting to know if that was true or not. Sirius needed medical attention fast. “Then help me carry him.” His voice held no argument.

Mutely Severus; Potter, Lupin and Pettigrew picked up the young wizard off the ground and started heading off towards the village, following the Slytherin blindly hoping that he would not lead them astray.

“Aodh, go ahead and warn the villagers that we are coming.” Severus told his friend who looked up him, his expressive eyes showed worry for the injured young pup.

Aodh then barked at him as if to say “Okay, be safe!” and the wolf disappeared ahead of him.

Behind him, he heard Potter muttered under his breath. “Padfoot you really need to lay off the sweets! You’re fucking heavy!”


The village wasn’t large nor was it small. If you didn’t know where to it was, you wouldn’t know it was there, for it was very well hidden in the dark Forest. Unlike many muggles in the world, this villager’s lived with the trees of the forest like the ancient elves in ancient time, for they never cut down a living tree.

Behind him, Severus could hear the shocked gasps of the Griffindors behind him, perhaps asking among themselves if what they were seeing was truly a muggle village.

Seeing it, Severus almost cried for joy and gratefulness that they had made it; for Black was fading fast and also the fact that he could finally rest his back and shoulders for he would have to agree with Potter, Black was heavy.

At the entrance of the village, they carefully sat Black on the ground. Just then, the two Elders of the village; a man and woman calmly walking towards them, companied by few other villagers behind them. Severus hoped they were healers and the High Priest and Priestess could help them.

One of the Elders, possibly a High Priest, Severus guessed by how the man looked, looked at him and the other boys behind him. As the High Priestess and the healers went straight to work assisting Black, the females muttered among themselves, nodding at each other as they started to carry Black away into the village.

Seeing this, Potter started to ask where they were taking them, but stopped as Lupin’s elbow nudged him in the stomach silently warning him to be silent.

“It was foretold that you would be here.” The Priest spoke to the young wizards. “My name is Joshua, but you may call me Silverhawk for everyone here does.” Silverhawk was a tall man with aging white hair that came down to the nipple area of his chest, wearing dark coloured robes that bore a resemblance to wizarding kind, plus there was jewelry around his hand, neck and head showing his status among the covens in the village.

Severus bowed respectfully to him, followed by Potter, Lupin and Pettigrew who knew that his man was a leader of some kind, but what kind was still a mystery to them, to them he was a freak.

Silverhawk glanced at other three wizards behind Severus. “It has been centuries since we had wizards in the village.”

“How do you now we’re wizards?” Potter spurted out. Beside him both his friends and Severus looked at him sharply.

Silverhawk smiled. ‘Ah youth’ he thought. “If one knows how to look for the signs, one would know.”

Potter didn’t know what this muggle was talking about. Was this old guy for real?

“Where are they talking Black—I mean Sirius?” Severus asked him.

The other three looked at him wondering why he was calling Sirius by his first name.

“Come we will see.” Silverhawk said. He waved his hand to them to follow him.

Mutely following him the four teenagers walked down the village streets.


As the small group approached a small house where they assumed was where the women took Black they gazed around the area and then studied the house.. Like every house in the village, dead wood and stones from the Forest was utilized to build it.

The young wizards followed the muggle up to the doorway and then he turned and told them to wait there.

The muggle knocked at the door and waited. What felt like a lifetime the house door opened and a young girl about 14 years old walked out. She was a tiny thing, with strawberry blond hair, sea blue eyes and pale skin.

The wizards behind the muggle stared at her, for the young girl was beautiful, even Severus had to agree as he looked at her.

“Prunella (1) what ills the young wizard?” the muggle asked.

Prunella, the young girl, her eyes showed sadness. The four teens glanced at each other with in trepidation as the thought, ‘Is Black dead?’ passed through their minds.

“He was attacked by a Barghest (2).” The girl said. Severus and Lupin grasped, for they knew what a Barghest was, however Potter and Pettigrew looked confused.

‘What is a Barghest? And why are the muggles, Snape and Remus fearful?’ Potter wondered frantically to himself as Pettigrew unconsciously twisted his hands together with fear.


Aknaksha Snape was angry.

Not at her sons, she would forgive them like any other mother would her troublesome sons; as boys would be boys. No—she was angry at four wizards that she met just a short hour ago. How they attacked her without any reason, well only two of them did, but the other two just stood there and let it happen. It comes to show you what parts of the Wizarding World had became after centuries of concealing itself from the other worlds both magical and muggle.

She had been walking in the Dark Forest staying on the path knowing full well if she walked away from it danger would surely meet her, when she sensed four wizards approaching her. Never in her life did she see any wizard, much less more then one, walking through the Forest in such a manner--not knowing the dangers of which the Forest held. She knew that the wizards didn’t plan their trip, for she could smell their scent all over the place, walking in circles into dead ends and such. They carried no food or water not even a weapon of any kind; only their wands. Only fools would go into unknown territory without any means of survival such as a first aid kit, weapons, warm clothes, matches, food and water and other things; even muggles were smarter then that, but then again wizards reled on their wands more then common sense, something that Tobias, Eileen and her taught their children to avoid doing.

Aknaksha smiled sadly thinking of her best friend, a friend that became her sister. She and Eileen became fast friends when Eileen and Tobias was going out all those years ago and then becoming married to each other. They were so close that many thought they were sisters. They did everything together; she was even Eileen’s maid of honour during the handfasting (2). She remembered that Eileen wasn’t really a religious person unlike her and Tobias was.

But when Eileen died five years later, Tobias was so devastated that he asked her to help care for the children for all of them were less than four years old at the time. She became a caregiver to them and for Tobias, their love grew for two years and a year later Tobias and her were married, not just to support his children but for love also even though Aknaksha knew that she would never think of or much less try, to destroy Tobias’ love for Eileen. Tobias still loved her even after all this time. Aknaksha admitted to herself that she too loved Eileen like a sister. She vowed to protect Eileen’s children and raise them as her own. Never did she hide the fact that Mykhael, Gabriel, Severus and Svana weren’t her biological children, but showed them that she loved them nonetheless. She made sure the memory of Eileen lived on through them. Aknaksha knew that Eileen would’ve done the same for her if their fates were switched.

She growled under her breath.

She still had a long ways to get to the nearest village. She hoped that one of her sons were there. There are three muggle villages and one wizarding one in around the forest. However only the muggle ones were deep inside it as the wizarding one was at the forest edge.

She promised herself that when she got a hold of her sons they will not be able to sit for weeks!

Rage over came her once again as she remembered those four insolent adult wizards, if she saw those wizards ever again, oh they would pay. And payment would not be gentle, as it would result in death.

Sighing she pressed on with her mission without looking back.

(End of Chapter)


(1) Prunella: Pronounced as proo-NEL-ə. It’s a rare female English name, a word for the type of Flower, also called self-heal, ultimately a derivate of the Latin word pruna “plum”.

(2) Barghest: (also known as Barguest, Barvest or Boguest; from the country Germany, Bahrgeist, “Spirit of the Bier”) – one of many Black Dogs of English and European myth, the Barghest can be small as a bull mastiff or as big as a bear. Covered in shaggy black fur, it has long fangs, claws horns, a tail, and fiery red eyes. Seen around the northern English counties of Yorkshire, Durham, and Northumberland, it only appears at night in specific locations, primarily fishing villages and churchyards. It is also sometimes described as a huge bear, a headless man or woman, or even a white rabbit, similar to the one Alice in Wonderland followed. The Barghest drags a clanking chain behind it, sometimes wrapping its body in it. The sighting of a Barghest is a guaranteed portent of disaster and misfortune.

(2) Handfasting: is a pagan marriage. The ancient Celts describe handfasting as a tradition trail-marriage ceremony during which couples were literally bound together. However most handfasting are a temporary agreement, which is expired after a year and a day. It could be made permanent after that time, if both spouses agreed that they want to be together. Pagans believe that it is important to make sure that you and your love are made for each other before making the bound permanent, to make sure that their marriage will last. So basically handfasting could be described as a “legal” agreement to move in with each other as a married couple before legally getting married by you Country’s law. Most pagans today do the handfasting; after a year and day later if the couple wants to be legally married they either get a Priest or Priestess to sign a marriage contract (like any other Church) or go to the Court and get legally married and then do the permanent handfasting by their Coven.

For you wish to learn more about handfasting look into ask (dot) com or religioustolerance (dot) org (slash) mar_hand (dot) htm

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Also I found very interesting information about the word “Padfoot”, it s a mythical creature! I knew I seen the word before I read the Harry Potter books….

Padfoot is a spectral beast with glowing red eyes that haunts the moors around Leeds, in Northern England. The Padfoot may manifest as a massive sheep, a giant white dog, or even a monstrous black donkey. Its presence is announced by soft, padding footfalls that may be accompanied by the rattle of chains or a fierce roaring as the beast draws closer to its intended victim. As with any of the other Hellhounds, the Padfoot should not be touched or approached.

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