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I think.... I love you

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Frerard. I think that's a good enough summary.

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Okay so I'm writing this from my iphone so please ignore simple grammar and or spelling mistakes.....I'll get Fucking arthritis if I fix it all.

I. Fucking. Want. Him.

That's sick. Not the fact that he's a well HE but I just got divorced like two days ago.... And he's kinda fucking married!

"Frankie?" I hear Gerard call my name from downstairs. I now question why in the fuck I even said it was okay for him to come over because all it is going to do is one, make me hard and two, stress me the fuck out.

I'm retarded.

"Uh, yeah, Gee, I'm in my room come on up!" I yelled down the stairs. Hmmm, Gerard Way in my bedroom with no body-- dick, actually-- guard probably wasn't the best idea. Heehee.... For him anyway.

"Hey," Gerard said cheerfully as he flopped down beside me on my bed. I was verrrrry thankful that the tv was on so this wasn't too awkward for us. "So...... Watcha doin?" he asked lamely. Yeah, I just called the man of my dreams lame; what now?!

"Erm, watching tv. What's with the awkward small talk?" I asked.

Gerard bit his lip (insert Frank Iero dying of over exposure to sexyness here) and wiped his hands idly on his jeans. He started looking around the room at random and I started to get the feeling he was ignoring my question. I cleared my throat loudly so he'd get the hint. I guess it worked.


"That'd be me," I said sarcastically. He grinned a nervous grin and not the crooked smile I wanted so much to see.

"I'm married," he said as if I didn't already know this fact. I mean I WAS at the wedding.

I nodded my head. "Yupp," I replied popping the 'p'. I pursed my lips and wished I still had my lip pierced so I could play with it when I got bored. Ugh, how I miss thee, O lip ring!

"Frank," Gerard said again with a deep breath. Holy shit! What if he knows I kinda fucking love him?! "I have a kid. A baby, I'm responsible for. A daughter. My child, for Christ's sake! I'm a father."

I scrunched my face up with confusion I just couldn't hide. "Gee, we've been through this when Lindsey was pregnant...and after Belle was born...and---"

Gerard cut me off, "Frank, would you stop fucking interrupting me! Let me finish!" he yelled. I let out a sigh that was a sign for Gerard to continue.

"I don't love Lindsey anymore."

I was shocked because well it's Gee and Lyn-z. "You don't?" I asked.

"N-no... I do."

I wrinkled my eyebrows. "You do?" I asked again.

"Uhh, no." Gerard needed to get to the point now.

I let out an angered breath. "Dude!! Make up your motherfuckin mind!!" I practically yelled at him.

"I Fucking love you okay?!" Gerard shrieked at me. "I fuckin love you...." he repeated in a scared whisper.

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