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Attention Whore

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Notice how EVERYTHING today has cell phones in it?

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I threw up a little bit in my mouth, which suddenly became dry. I was afraid to speak because... well, a lot of reasons really.

"Y-you... what?" I asked incredulously. I was in state somewhere between shock and pure anger. Absolute rage.

Gerard looked blank. His eyes were open wide and his face held no emotion except something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Fear maybe? Regret?

"I-- you heard me. Don't make me say it again," Gerard said, begging a little. Every ounce of anything other than hatred left my body. I could have strangled Gerard right then and there. This man, the man I love... I can't believe he'd do this to me.

I think I was shaking slightly with anger. "You. You fucking asshole!" I yelled at him.

"Frank, I--" he stared, but I cut him off.

I was shaking my head no. "Shut the fuck up! How could you, Gerard?! You're sick! Fucking sick! Wrong! You're fucking messed up in the head, Way!" I shrieked at him.

Gerard had an angry-confused look on his face. "I knew it! All that 'homophobia is gay' shit is fucking lies! You're just as ignorant as the rest of 'em!"

My body had no time to react for the words I had for this, this cretant. "That's what you fucking think I'm talking about?!" I yelled back. "You're sick for fucking with me! I can't believe you would think this is fucking funny! I refuse to believe it!"

He jumped up on the oposite side of the bed as I had. "W--"

"Fucking save it!" I hollered at him, stopping him from finishing his sentence. I stormed out of my bedroom and stopped briefly in the hallway. "To hell with you, Gerard Way. To hell with ya," I said in a tone of unmistakeable finality.

I practically ran from my home, if even just to get away from that kid. How could he do that? I thought I had been pretty decreet about it all, even after years. I mean, I announced my bisexuality and it seemed just fine. Hell, even Jamia had no problem with it. Some how though, he knew. Gerard knew that I liked him as more than a friend-- love actually-- and used it to hurt me.

What about all those times you said "I'm straight.", huh, Gee? I thought to myself as I walked down the street.

"So, Frank, you're gay, right?" I mimiked in an unammused voice. "Bi. Gerard, you? Straight," I continued to mutter to myself. How could he even think that I'd buy that? Seriously, he acted as if I didn't count every single time that he specifically said he wasn't gay, that dudes didn't do anything for him. What is wrong with him?

My cell phone rang.

"What?" I snapped as I flipped it open. I swear, some body has the worst timing.

"Frank, what happened?" It was Mikey and he sounded really urged. If I wasn't so pissed off I would have actually felt bad for the guy. I just couldn't brong myself to give a fuck though.

I sighed. "What are you talking about, Mikes?" I asked stressfully. I couldn't help it. I'll feel bad for yelling at him later but not now. I mean, his brother just used my feelings as a sick joke. I suppose I shouldn't hold that against Mikey though.

"Gerard." I thought about hanging up my phone as soon as Mikey said his name, but I decided against it. "What happened? He's a fucking wreck, dude," Mikey said worridly.

"W-what do you mean?" I couldn't restrain the slight worry for Gerard despite the fact I'm still mad at him. I mean, I love him.

I could practically hear him shaking his head in frustration on the other line. "Gee's... I don't know where he is but he keeps calling. He's going on about you." The line was silent for a moment. "H-he's fucking crying, Frankie. Hysterical."

"Call him back and tell him to get the fuck out of my house! Cuz that's where he is!" I yelled into the phone. I knew I shouldn't yell at Mikey, it was Gerard I was mad at. I just had to take my anger out on someone. "Tell him he's a lying motherfucker and--"

"Frank! What the hell are you talking about?" Mikey asked frantically. "What happened? What did you do?"

"Dammit!" I cried in frustration. "Why do you assume it's my fault?" I asked him.

"You're not the one fucking crying!" he yelled back. I didn't see where it was that big of a deal. Gerard used to cry all the damn time. Why is it such a big deal now?

"Well he fucking did it! Not me!" I shouted into the phone, earning weird looks and insulting words from the people in the park where I had stopped. "His jokes aren't fuckin' funny. Your brother's a sick, twisted man, Mikey Way."

"That's what this is about?" Mikey asked in disbelief. "A bad fuckin' joke?!"

"Not like ha-ha joke, Mikey," I explained in the calmest voice I could manage.

I could tell could tell Mikey had no clue what I was talking about. I couldn't tell if I was glad he couldn't or whether I wanted him to know and sympatize with me. I such an attention whore. "What. Happened?" he asked again.

"Dude I'm in the middle of a God damn public park. I'm not about to go through this," I said.

Mikey sighed. "Then come to my house."

Like I said, I'm an attention whore.

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