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"I don’t want you because that would mean I could easily live out you."with

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“Paisley, hello sweetheart. How are you?” Donna Way asked me as I followed Gerard in through the front door. As soon as I was in the living room she grabbed me in a motherly embrace.

“I’m fine Mrs. Way, how are you?”

“I’m great and I’ve told you before, you can call me Donna.”

Paisley smiled, “Okay, Donna thank you for letting me stay here and celebrate Christmas with you.”

“Your very welcome. We decided to put you in Gerard’s room just in case.”

“Just in case?”

“You have one of your nightmares, sweetheart,” she said giving me a sympathetic smile.

I glanced over at Gerard who just happened to be inspecting the family portrait above the couch.

“Oh yes thank you. I wasn’t aware Gerard had told you. Um if you don’t mind I’d like to go put my things away.”

“Of course,” Donna said giving me a smile before she went back to the kitchen.

Before I could say anything Gerard was behind me with his hand on the small of my back guiding me to the basement stairs. As soon as we were safely downstairs out of Donna’s hearing he explained without my asking him too.

“I called her when you were asleep. When I asked mom about you staying here she was a little skeptical because of course two teenagers dating staying in the same house, you know what she thought. I begged her and told her you wouldn’t be spending it with anyone and you would be by yourself . She relented after that. So I asked her if you could sleep with me and she went insane. When I finally got her to calm down I told her that you have horrific nightmares and that you wake up crying. I told her that that had happened the first night I stayed with you.”

“I don’t have nightmares Gerard. Now your mom is going to think I belong in an insane asylum. Why would you do that?”

“Can I finish my story?”


“Thank you. I told her that you woke up crying and I tried to console you but nothing worked until I lay down next to you and held you. I told her that it’s because you feel safe when someone sleeps next to you. That you need someone to just hold you. You need someone to help you heal,” Gerard smirked.

Paisley smiled as he repeated what she had told him three months prior when he had asked what she saw in his eyes.

Gerard picked up Paisley’s hand and held it in his, “Normally I wouldn’t lie to my mom like that but I need you with me.”

Paisley looked down at their entwined fingers and bit her lip.

“You mean you want me with you.”

“No. I need you. The human body has needs and wants. Wants are what a person can live with out. Needs are what a person needs to survive. I don’t want you because that would mean I could easily live with out you. I can’t do that. I need you.”
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