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“I’ve never seen snow before.”

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Paisley woke up the next morning slightly confused. She was in the same position she had became accustomed to, in Gerard’s arms, but the room was way to dark to be hers. That was when she remembered she was in his basement bedroom.

“Are you awake,” Gerard whispered?


“You want some breakfast? It smells like mom is making waffles.”

Paisley smiled to herself as she rolled over, “Yeah.”

As she rolled over, instead of their lips as she had hoped, their heads collided.

“That’s a great way to start the morning,” Gerard laughed as he flipped the switch on his bedside lamp on.

“Yep,” Paisley grimaced as she rubbed her temple. Gerard leaned forward and moving her hand, kissed the sore spot.

“Now that we’re completely awake….” Gerard climbed off of his bed and pulled Paisley up with him. Once they were both standing, he pulled her onto his back.

“What are you doing.” Paisley laughed as she watched his facial expression in the mirror beside his bed.

“Carrying you?”


“Do I need a reason?”

“Not really.”

“Ok then,” he smirked at her in the mirror before he mounted the stairs.

When the two of them entered the kitchen they were surprised to see Frank and Ray at the breakfast table with the rest of the Way family, leaving only one empty chair..

“Mikey invited us over early this morning,” Ray responded in answer to our questioning looks.

Paisley slid off of Gerard’s back and before she could pull up another chair, he sat down and pulled her onto his lap.

“What would you two like for breakfast,” Donna asked as she tried to hide her smile.

“Just a cup of coffee please. Cream and sugar.,” Paisley requested as she picked up a doughnut off of the plate in front of her.

“Me too,” Gerard replied.

Donna nodded and handed them their coffees.

“So what are the five of you going to do today?” Donald asked us from behind his newspaper.

“It snowed pretty heavy last night and the whole street is covered,” Mikey offered.

Paisley’s eyes lit up, “I’ve never seen snow before.”

Everyone turned and stared at her.

“”Let me rephrase that. I’ve seen it but never actually experience being in it. It was either an inch or less deep or had already turned to slush.”

“All right then. Let’s go out side,” Gerard took a sip of his coffee before picking Paisley up off of his lap.
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