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“Ha ha. I just took Paisley's snow virginity!”

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“What do you wanna do first Paisley,” Ray asked as they all, with the exception of Frank , stood on the front porch waiting for her decision.

Before she could say anything a snowball came flying out from behind a tree.

“Ha ha. I just took Paisley's snow virginity,” Frank called.

“What about her virginity,” Donna called from inside the house causing Gerard to blush slightly.

“Nothing mom,” Gerard called as he picked up a handful of snow and packed it into a ball.

Running out into the yard he yelled at Frank, “Your dead for that comment.”

Ray, Mikey, and Paisley glanced at each other before they joined the snowball fight.

Fifteen minutes later Frank, Ray, and Mikey left Paisley and Gerard alone. Something about building an abominable snowman.

“They’re idiots,” Gerard muttered as they watched them run around to the back of the house.

Paisley giggled and looked down at the ground.

“You know what I’ve always wanted to do?”


“Make a snow angel.,” Paisley sat down on the snow and laid back.

Gerard laughed as he watched her mover her arms and legs in snow angel fashion.

“Should that do it,” Paisley asked after a minute.

“Yeah,” Gerard nodded as he helped her up. The two of them stood back and gazed at Paisley’s creation.

“Aw, it’s so pretty,” she gushed but Gerard was busy staring at his girlfriend,

“I think beautiful is a better word,” he corrected as he gazed at her pink cheeks and red lips, courtesy of the cold.

Paisley turned her head to find Gerard staring at her. She bent her head, her blush enhancing the color of her cheeks.

Gerard gave her a quick kiss, “Your freezing. Let’s go inside so you can warm up.”

Gerard reached down and picked up her mitten clad hand in his.

“Do you want some hot chocolate?”

Gerard took his coat off and hung it beside the door. He walked into the kitchen and put some water on to boil.

“Yeah that’d be great,” Paisley shivered as she took her coat off and hung it beside his.

Gerard frowned when he saw her shiver, “I hope you don’t get sick. You’re obviously not used to this type of weather.”

Paisley shook her head as he poured them both a cup of cocoa.

“I’ll be fine.”

Gerard eyed her as he handed her a cup, “Ok.”

Not long after the two of them had sat down in the living room, the other three came in.

“How’d the abominable snowman go,” Gerard rolled his eyes.

“It was going great until that stupid kid next door through a baseball at it.”

Gerard raised his eyebrow and looked at Ray, “The one I’m gonna kill?”

“The same.”


Paisley glanced at Frank and Mikey who in turn shrugged.

“Anyway. Was that your snow angel, Paisley?”

“Yep,” she smiled obviously proud of her self.

“That’s a good one. Unlike Frank’s, his suck. They look like someone decapitated the angel,” Mikey said as Frank flipped him off.

Gerard rolled his eyes, “When are you two planning on going home? Because we still have to help mom get ready for the party.”

“Party,” Paisley frowned.

“Yeah, our family’s Christmas Eve party. Mom’s already called everyone so they know you’re here,” Mikey informed.

Gerard turned to Paisley and grinned, “This is perfect because I can introduce you to the rest of my family.”

‘Oh shit,’ Paisley thought beginning to feel nervous.
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