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Twenty-Seven - I Don't Want No Baby Mama Drama

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This is the end ... Dun dun dun.

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"Fuck!" Patrick cursed as he hit his steering wheel lightly and glanced through the windshield to assess the damage the tree caused to the front of Kate's SUV. Smoke escaped from under the hood and Patrick closed his eyes again, and smacked his palm against the steering wheel more forcefully this time as he once again cursed - his gestures caused the airbag to now deploy after the fact. He smacked away the inflated bag as he groaned in annoyance.
Once the bag was deflated Patrick brought a hand up to a tender spot in his forehead, he winced as his fingers touched the gash left by the steering wheel when he initially crashed the car into the tree on the side of the road. He wiped the blood left on his fingers on the deflated airbag before groaning again as he glanced around for his cell phone.
"I'm such an asshole." He whispered to himself before spotting the phone on the floor in front of the passenger's seat. He tried his best to reach for it but his seatbelt was locked in place and wouldn't let him reach the mobile phone. He attempted to unbuckle himself but the seatbelt was jammed and wouldn't unbuckle. Patrick sighed and tried to calm down, before trying once more to unbuckle himself, once again the seatbelt wouldn't unbuckle. Patrick yelled his annoyance as he now forcefully tugged at the seatbelt mentally threatening it to come out of the buckle. The singer sighed and gave up on the seatbelt and took the time to glance around at the vacant street, someone was bound to pass by sooner or later … he hoped. Leave it to him to drive off in a furious huff and crash into a tree on a vacant side street in Los Freaking Angeles.
"Fuck!" He yelled once more while once again smacking his palm against the steering wheel as his cell began to ring.

"Kate, are you alright?" PJ glanced nervously at his passenger who was far too quiet for being a woman in labor.

Kate made some kind of incoherent noise while putting up a hand to silence the driver, her eyes were clamped shut and the hand that wasn't telling PJ to shut up was gripping the armrest so tight that her knuckles were white.

"Kate, I think you're supposed to breathe through those." PJ glanced at the road quickly making sure he didn't miss his exit.

"For the love of God silence yourself PJ!" Kate screamed before throwing her head back to rest it on the headrest, taking deep breaths as she did so. "He didn't answer?" She turned her head towards him but her eyes remained shut.

"No. He didn't." PJ responded in the midst of switching lanes to get off on the hospital's exit.

Kate screamed and grabbed PJ's arm tightly causing him to yelp. "I know, I know, I thought it was shitty too - I figured he'd answer for me but Sam said that he should find him soon, he was right behind him but then got caught at a red light." PJ glanced over to Kate and realized that she wasn't screaming about her husband going MIA, "Oh, uhm, just breathe?"

"Kate loosened her grip on his arm and finally opened her eyes to glare at him, "Tell me to 'just breathe' one more time and see what happens."

PJ quickly pulled to the hospital curb and immediately put the car in park and got out before she had time to glare at him one more time, "I'm going to go get a wheelchair." Kate wailed her response, "And a nurse."

"Hello." Pete responded into his phone through a mouthful of sandwich.

"Uh, hi." The voice on the other side of the phone returned quietly.

"Can I help you?" Pete swallowed, not recognizing the person on the other side of the phone.

"Pete? It's PJ."

Pete paused for a second before realizing that he did indeed know a PJ.
"Hey man, what's up? What can I do for you?"

"Hey, I don't know if she's talking to you or not, she doesn't know that I'm calling but no one else is answering their phone and Kate's in labor … like really in labor." PJ whispered quickly.

Pete immediately started coughing as he chocked slightly on his sandwich. He shot up from his kitchen table.
"I'll …" He glanced around for his shoes before noticing that he was already wearing shoes, "I'll be right there." The bassist hung up quickly before grabbing his keys from their hook by the door and quickly leaving the house.

Pete sped, faster then he's sped ever before in his life and got to the hospital in less then 10 minutes, which before that day he would have considered impossible. He sloppily parked in the ambulance spot and ran into the hospital ignoring the protests from the hospital staff as he jogged passed them and straight to the elevators, already knowing from experience that the maternity ward was on the 3rd floor.

Kate cried for him as soon as he walked into her room and he ran to her.
"It's okay baby sister, everything is going to be okay." Pete cooed while pushing some of her sweaty hair from her forehead and grabbing her hand.

"He's not here." She cried as she squeezed her brother's hand. "He's not answering his phone and he's not here."

Pete sighed, "He'll be here sweetie."

"No, he left me, he's not coming." Kate sobbed before gritting her teeth and squeezing the hell out of Pete's hand once again.

Pete only shook his head fervently, truly believing the words he said next. "He'll be here."

"Dude, what the shit!?" Sam yelled as he threw open his car door and ran over to the crashed SUV.

"I'm stuck." Patrick replied as if Sam was stupid not to have already known that.

"Where the fuck is your phone?" Sam questioned while pulling open Patrick's driver side door. Patrick gestured to the floor and Sam finally noticed the now dried blood running down Patrick's face. "Ugh, well that explains why you haven't been answering."

"Just get me out." Patrick pulled at the seatbelt frustrated and flinched out of reflex as Sam opened a switchblade that he apparently kept in his pocket.

"We've got to get to the hospital." Sam quickly stated as he cut the seatbelt allowing Patrick to finally get out of the car.

"Dude, I'm seriously okay, it's just a scratch, I need to get back to the studio and talk to Kate." He replied while bending over to get his cell phone, 27 missed calls.

"No dude, hospital now, Kate is in labor." Sam barely got out the words before Patrick rushed passed him in an attempt to get to the car as quickly as possible.

"How long has she been in labor?" Patrick questioned frantically as Sam pulled onto the street.

"Right after you left her water broke." The drummer mumbled while ignoring the road signs and turning left where he clearly wasn't supposed to.

"Is she alright?"

"I guess, I think."

"I'm such an asshole." Patrick moaned while bringing a hand to cover his eyes.
"Yeah dude. You are." Sam replied nonchalantly while pulling onto the highway.

"Dale?" Sara questioned while grabbing both of Petey's paint covered hands before they could 'decorate' anything else.

"Hold on!" Mrs. Wentz yelled in return, "The baby and the dog got into something muddy."

"Phone." Petey informed his mother as he had five times before.

"Don't touch," Sara stared before yelling for Molly to come over and watch her brother. Sara staled quickly over to the phone and picked it up.

"Someone better have a good reason for calling me 25 million times." Sara spat into the phone while eyeing Petey harshly, warning him without words that he was not to touch anything.

"Sara?" Joe's voice cracked over the line and it sounded as if he was driving with all of his windows down on the highway.

"What?" Sara yelled as she competed with the wind.

"Kate's in labor." Joe yelled back as the line cracked once again.

"Oh my God." Sara waved her hands around frantically before throwing down the phone and grabbing her son around the waist so she could carry him easier.
"Dale!" She screamed as she passed Olivia and grabbed her in very much the same way she had just grabbed Petey. She scurried throughout the house yelling for her mother in law.

"What?" Dale walked into the house holding a very muddy Mackenzie away from her so as not to get the child's dirt on her blouse.

"Kate's in labor!" Sara frantically informed her while not noticing the fact that she was trying to fit Olivia's jacket on Petey. She gave up shortly after as she once again grabbed the two children and ran out the door with Dale in tow, no longer caring about Mackenzie and her mud issue, Molly was already waiting at the car for her mother, grandmother and siblings.

"You guys are so slow." Molly complained while helping get her brother and sister's buckled into their car seats.

"God, give me some kind of drugs!" Kate screamed as she threw her head back into her pillow.

"Ah." Pete yelled while trying to twist his hand out of his sister's death grip, "Yeah, give her some kind of drugs!!"

"I'm afraid it is too late for those." The nurse responded calmly as she checked Kate and the babies' vitals.

"No, it's not to late." Kate yelled at her, before gritting her teeth and trying to breath through another contraction.

"Your contractions are very close now, I think you'll be ready to push through the next one - I'll go get your doctor." The nurse turned to leave but as if on cue the doctor walked into the delivery room.

"How are you doing?" The doctor smiled and Kate glared at him.

"I don't know, I can't feel my hand anymore doctor and I'm actually kind of queasy." Pete looked up at the man but quickly looked away embarrassed that he answered a question that wasn't asked to him.

"That's okay son." The doctor pat him on the back, "In just a few minutes you'll be a Dad."

"I already am." Pete glanced up at the doctor confused, "This is my sister."

The doctor opened his mouth to speak but a commotion in the hallway caused his attention to stray.

"Sir, Sir … There's already, sir! You can't go in there!" A nurse yelled down the hallway.

"Like hell I can!" yelled back at her.

Pete smiled as Kate's head shot up.
"I told you baby girl." Pete once again wiped the hair off of her forehead before cringing as Kate yelled and squeezed his hand.

Patrick ran into the room with Sam right behind him and Pete glared.
"Dude." The bassist frowned and Patrick waved him off and took his place at the side of the bed.

"I know."

Kate collapsed back onto the hospital bed and brought a hand to her forehead.
"When this is over, I'm going to kill you." She panted before glancing up at him.

"I'm so sorry sweetheart." Patrick grabbed her hand and kissed her forehead and then her cheek.

"Alright," The doctor peered up from his spot in between her legs, "Next contraction I want you to push."

Kate nodded she understood before chuckling slightly at the nurse in the hallway once again yelling.

"Shut up lady." Sara spat before she hurried into the delivery room covered in paint, holding two of her children and followed closely behind by Molly and Dale, who was also holding a child.

"I got them." Sam responded before taking the children out of the delivery room, and silently thanking God for the escape route.

"Dude hurry." Sam could be heard yelling followed by a noisy pair of sneakers running down the hallway.

"Okay, I'm going to need you to push now Kate." The doctor responded and Kate noisily obliged, screaming as she pushed through the contraction.

"What did I miss?" A severely out of breath Joe ran into the delivery room only to stop short. "Oh boy." The guitarist exclaimed before covering his eyes quickly.

"The baby's crowning, one more good push and we should have a baby." The doctor explained and Kate once again followed instructions.

A baby cry filled the room, and Kate collapsed onto the bed, forgetting briefly that there was still another baby that needed to be born.

"It's a boy!" The doctor exclaimed happily, "Does Daddy want to cut the cord?"

Patrick could only stare at the gooey squirming baby boy in the doctor's hands in awe before nodding that he did.

"Alright well, get to it, quickly so we can get this little girl out."

Patrick cut the cord before the nurse took the baby from him to make sure everything was okay.

"Alright Kate, that was a big boy I know but we need a few more pushes from you."

Kate nodded exhausted but obliged the doctor when he informed her to push and 2 minutes later another screaming baby greeted the world.
Kate collapsed on the bed once more exhausted as once again Patrick cut the cord and the baby was ushered off to get cleaned and checked out.

"You did it baby." Patrick cradled Kate's head on his chest as she cried.

"We did it." She sniffled but the straightened out when the nurses brought over her children and laid them on her chest.

"They're perfect." Sara squeaked from a foot of the bed and Kate laughed as she glanced up at her best friend who was now crying. Sara couldn't help but sob as she turned to embrace Pete, who was also having a hard time keeping it together.

The dry eyes were severely extinct in the delivery room that afternoon as the Stumph twins made their grand debut.

Ace Martin was the heaviest by a landslide at 8lbs 4oz, while Ava Mae only weighed 6lbs 2oz but they were both healthy, which only validated the fact that they were, by definitions, miracles.

Patrick, of course, stayed long after everyone had left - and as the babies drifted off to sleep Kate finally had a chance to ask him.

"Hmm?" He sighed as he watched his children fall asleep.

"Why is your head bloody?"

The singer immediately looked up at his exhausted wife and subconsciously brought a hand up to his face to feel the dried blood still caked there, "Ugh, because I crashed your car into a tree."

"Oh …" Kate layed her head back on the pillow and Patrick breathed a sigh of relief as he once again fixated his gaze on his children.


"Yes?" He looked at her once more.

"Will you marry me … again? For real this time?" She turned her head to face him but didn't lift it up.

Patrick could only chuckle.
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