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Twenty-Six - Rock The Boat

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It's been so long ... I'm sorry!

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Kate groaned as she forcefully pulled out the kitchen drawer in order to dump its contents on the counter.

“Are you looking for something?” Patrick mumbled with a mouthful of banana.

“I needed to be at the studio 10 minutes ago, where are the car keys?” Kate turned around as she shot Patrick an accusatory glance.

“You’re not supposed to be driving – actually, can you even fit in the drivers seat?”

Kate glared.

“I mean, you know, behind the steering wheel?”

Her gaze never faltered nor softened.

“Not that you’re … fat. I mean, you are carrying twins so it’s normal to be your siz, uhm, you’re not supposed to be driving Kate.” Patrick threw the banana peel in the garbage before pulling the car keys out of his pocket all the while ignoring the daggers Kate was shooting him.
“To the studio!” He raised his hand above his head as he pointed to the sky. “After you my darling beautiful wife.”

“Yeah, uh huh.” Kate rolled her eyes before waddling ahead of her husband and out the front door.
“You know, I am fully aware of my current size – you don’t have to rub it in.” She slapped his hand away when he tried to help her into the car.

“Kate stop being over dramatic.” Patrick sighed as he slid into the driver’s seat. “You aren’t that big-ish.”

She groaned as she finally buckled her seatbelt, “I can’t fit into your pj pants – I can’t even fit into the maternity pants I have anymore.”

“Kate, you’re 8 months pregnant, your perfect the way you are, the size you are.”

“Aw, baby.”

“I know.” Patrick cleared his throat and stuck out his cheek expecting a kiss but he only got smacked in the back of the head.

“You are such an ass kiss.”

“Ow – You can’t be mean to me it’s my Birthday week.”

“When you get to push babies out of your vagina then we can talk about who gets to be mean to who.”

“Fair enough.”

The ride to the studio was shorter then expected and surprisingly quiet considering that Patrick had so brilliantly put his foot in his mouth before they left the house.

“I don’t understand why you’re so upset with me Kate, I was just kidding around and you’re seriously not allowed to drive.” Patrick retorted as he followed his wife into the studio.

“I’m not mad.” Kate spat before holding up a hand silencing her manager before he had time to bitch about her being 30 minutes late. She didn’t say anything else before dropping her bag in PJ, the soundboard operator’s, lap. She was about to continue on her way into the sound booth when the most beautiful thing she’d seen all day caught her eye.

“Who invented the grilled cheese sandwich?” Kate questioned suddenly while studying the sandwich that sat on the corner of the table.

“Ronald McDonald.” PJ responded quickly while pushing a few more buttons on the soundboard getting it ready to record Kate’s vocals.

“Please,” Kate huffed before stealing the sandwich off of the counter and taking a bite of grilled cheese, “as if I’d believe some heinous story like – Sam, did Ronald McDonald invent the grilled cheese sandwich?” She furrowed her brows at the drummer who simply shrugged.

“Fuck if I know.” Sam scratched his head before going to grab the sandwich out of Kate’s hand.

“Boy, do you have a death wish?” The brunette glared at the drummer before shoving the rest of her sandwich into her mouth and making a ‘haha I win’ face at Sam.

“You know, you’re not supposed to eat fatty dairy by products right before you record vocals –” Patrick’s voice trailed off before taking a seat next to PJ.

“Uh huh.” Kate rolled her eyes before grabbing Patrick’s face lightly and kissing him before reaching behind him to grab the lyric sheet. Squirming out of his grasp she waddled into the sound booth.

“Did the boys record the music for Track One?” Kate spoke into the microphone while she adjusted her headphones.

“Yeah K.” PJ nodded while shuffling the lyric sheets, “Wanna?” He gestured to Patrick who nodded in response before taking the sheets.

Patrick scanned over the lyrics briefly before the music started with a startling drum beat and a heavy guitar riff – when Kate started singing the hairs on the back of Patrick’s neck stood up, this was definitely not a happy song and it was most certainly about him.

Just talk yourself up
And tear yourself down
You ripped through one wall
Now find a way around
Well what's the problem?
You've got a lot of nerve

Patrick’s cheeks grew hot with anger, how could she write this about him – and now actually record it when things were good between them?

What'd you think I would say?
You can't run away, you can't run away
So what did you think I would say?
You can't run away, you can't run away
You wouldn't

I never wanted to say this
You never wanted to stay
I put my faith in you, so much faith
And then you just threw it away
You threw it away

Patrick glanced up then to look Kate in the eyes, but she was too consumed with the song.

You were finished long before
We had even seen the start
Why don't you stand up, be a man about it?
Fight with your bare hands about it now

“Kate, what the hell?” Patrick pushed the mic button and the off switch at the same time as he stood up infuriated.

Kate groaned loudly and glared at her husband, “That was such a good take!”

“I don’t give a damn!”

“God Patrick, get off your period.” Kate mumbled, while pulling the headphones off of her ears.

“Why would you record this now?” Patrick pushed away from the soundboard and entered the booth.

“Because I like it.” She looked at him as if he had four heads. “It’s a good song.” Kate rested a hand on her hip as she waited for his response.

“But, but …” Patrick inhaled deeply and tried to calm his anger.

“But nothing, I’m not going to tip toe around your feelings now when you’ve never given me the same respect – you’ve been such an asshole, I’m not going to pretend that you weren’t. There’s always going to be songs about it, you know that.” Kate shook her head before adjusting the headphones once again over her ears.

“God!” He threw his hands up in the air exasperated, “How can I even be around you when you’re never going to let me forget. Fuck this Kate.” Patrick shook his head before turning on his heels and exiting the booth.

“Wait, what?” Kate forcefully threw the headphones down before following Patrick. He didn’t respond but only continued to walk down the hallway towards the studio door.

PJ and Sam both glanced each other before scrambling to stand up and follow Kate.

“What does ‘fuck this’ mean Patrick?” She yelled after him angrily, “Patrick!”

He simply waved her off before pushing the door open and slamming it behind him.

Kate inhaled and exhaled quickly while bringing her hands to her face. Her cheeks blushed and her eyes watered, she would have ran after him if she wasn’t as big as a whale.
“What just happened?” She cried before turning to Sam and PJ for some kind of explanation.

“Uhmm.” The soundboard operator only bit his lip as he gestured with his head that he didn’t know.

“Stay here.” Sam responded before he ran after Patrick.

“Did he just leave me over a song?” She questioned again as she began to cry harder now. “Did he just leave?”

PJ didn’t know what to do so he simply embraced her as a sob escaped her lips.

“Oh my God!” Kate cried and PJ simply held her.

“Everything is going to be fine, he’s just having a moment and he’ll come back and apologize –”

“No, PJ, oh my God.” Kate pulled away as she glanced to the floor.

“Huh?” the soundboard operator looked at her confused before glancing down at the wet floor, “Oh my God!”
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