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Twenty Five - Lose Your Virginity Right

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It's not over.

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"Baby, move over." Kate grumbled as she forcefully threw the covers off of her body completely unaware that Patrick wasn't even in bed.

"Huh?" Patrick mumbled as he shuffled out of the bathroom.

"I'm just so hot." She whined while bringing a hand to her forehead to wipe the sweat that had formed there. She mumbled a few more incoherent things before, what appeared to be, falling asleep once more.

Patrick frowned as he approached the bed before reaching out and feeling her forehead, drawing his hand back immediately when he felt the unexpected heat radiating from it.
"Kate, wake up." He shook her slightly but she only mumbled grouchily and swatted at the hand that was shaking her.
"Kate, I'm serious - I think you have a fever." Patrick couldn't hide the panic from his voice but his wife turned to her side and away from him as she subconsciously kicked her p.j. pants off.

Patrick brought a hand to his head as he tried to steady his breathing - what was he supposed to do?
Call 9-1-1?
- Maybe.
Call Pete?
- Pass.
Call Sara?
- Another person being hysterical probably wouldn't help him right now.
Call the Doctor?
Call the Doctor!
He frantically grabbed his phone from the nightstand as he ran out of the room in search of the doctor's phone number. Finding it in the kitchen he quickly dialed the numbers of and waited impatiently as it rang and rang and rang.

"Hello?" A groggy voice finally answered.

"Uhm, hi - this is Patrick, uhm, Stump and my wife Kate - she has a fever, I don't know what I'm supposed to do."
"What's her temperature?" The man on the other side of the phone yawned.
"I, uhm, I don't - I didn't check - she's just really hot." Patrick cursed at himself as he ran back up the stairs in search of a thermometer.

"I can't tell you what to do unless you check her temperature."

The singer noisily looked underneath the bathroom cabinets for a thermometer - "There you are little fuc -"

"Sir?" The doctor yawned again.

"Never mind." Patrick mumbled as he crawled sloppily across the bed and stuck the thermometer into Kate's open mouth. She grumbled something incoherent but didn't wake. A few seconds later the little machine beeped and Patrick removed it to read the digital numbers on the screen.
"It's 98.7?" The singer replied into the phone a little bit surprised.

"98.7?" The doctor questioned fully annoyed that he was awoken because a pregnant woman had a normal temperature.

"That's not bad is it?" He shut his eyes as he sighed deeply not noticing the warmth that was radiating from underneath Kate.

"Good night Mr. Stump."

Patrick hung up the phone and let it fall from his hand before glancing once more at his sleeping wife. It was then that he noticed what she was laying on.
A heating pad?
Groaning he lifted her up slightly and pulled the pad from beneath her and couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation. It wasn't but five minutes later that Kate shifted and felt around for the covers she had kicked to her feet.

"Baby, I'm cold." She mumbled and Patrick smiled as he once again covered her with the blankets.

"I still don't think was a good idea." Patrick cleared his throat from behind the makeup chair.

Kate stopped fanning herself to roll her eyes making her make-up artist groan and curse.
"I'm sorry." She replied to the man who was applying her eye makeup before looking at her husband in the mirror that was in front of her.
"I'm 24 weeks, Oprah is obviously like 20 minutes away from our house and the doctor said it was fine - he took me off of bed rest Patrick!"

"I'm just saying." The singer sighed before spinning around in a circle in order to take in the dressing room they were in. "Did you know this is the sex and virginity show?" Patrick suddenly questioned as he read the paper on the wall.

"Ladies and gentlemen Kate Wentz!" Oprah clapped happily as Kate walked onstage waving eagerly to the crowd before embracing the talk show host.

The two got settled on the couch and almost immediately Oprah leaned forward and clasped her hand gently, "You're pregnant."

Kate sat up as if Oprah had said something startling, "What? Pregnant! When did this happen?"

The two of them laughed before Kate nodded, "Yes, 24 weeks."

"Ok tell me everything - I want to know everything." The talk show host crossed one of her stocking covered legs over the other.

"Well, it's like 100 degrees everywhere, my feet are as big as my face, I have grown more hair on my arms then my husband has on his head, I've suddenly taken and intense liking to Bar-B-Q sauce, I put it on everything, and since I'm a high risk pregnancy I'm not allowed to have sex even though my sexual desire is the highest it's been in … ever." Kate smiled and shrugged, Oprah could only laugh.

"Yes, because that's what happens when you get pregnant." The show host acknowledged the audience. "We'll get to other 'good' stuff later, but right now I want to know why you're a high risk pregnancy and while you're at it maybe you can clear up why sex is a no-no for high risk mothers to be."

"Well, I'm high risk because one, I'm having twins -" Kate paused and laughed as the crowd cheered, "And two, because technically I'm not supposed to be able to have kids because of the whole … 'incident' - my uterus isn't as it should be."

Oprah nodded knowingly, already having known the facts because of the special she had previously done with Kate, "Yes, of course."

"And sex could actually cause you to go into labor which is bad if you're prone to premature labor - like me, yay me!" Kate smiled and waved her hands in the air in mock excitement.

Oprah laughed before turning to the cameras "More with Kate after the break." As soon as they were off air Oprah smiled and shook her head at the singer, "They tell you that you can't have kids so you have twins."

After the commercial break Oprah was quiet and stared at the singer who tried to hold back her smile as she was getting stared at - she knew Oprah's next topic was going to be big and couldn't wait.

"I want to talk about virginity." The talk show host leaned back in her chair as she studied the singer some more.

"Oh," Kate smiled and shifted, "I'm not a virgin." She responded and couldn't help but smirk - Oprah of course just laughed.

"Yes, thank you." Oprah smiled, "But a lot of mothers are concerned about their teenaged daughters moving too fast and losing their innocence."

"Oh yes. Of course." Kate pursed her lips together, "Well I married the guy I lost my virginity too - so the moral of the story is, sometimes the milk is so good that it's worth buying the cow. No I'm just kidding, that's not the moral of the story - but I really don't know, I mean I got lucky and my boyfriend wasn't a total jerk - I think you just have to trust that you've raised your kids correctly that if they do decide to have sex that they'll be careful. I mean, talk to them about it maybe then they won't be so afraid and hide things from you."

Oprah nodded, "You know what?"

"No, what?" Kate responded so reflexively that it caused the talk show host to smile.

"I think we need a guys opinion - and yes I could go to the audience but I've got something better."

"You do?" The singer raised her eyebrows.

"I think we need the man version of the story you just told."

"My virginity story? But that's silly only -" Kate started laughing as Oprah stood.

"Ladies and gentlemen, Patrick Stump."

It looked as if Patrick was practically pushed on stage; he stumbled slightly but recovered as he quickly made his way to sit next to Kate on the couch.

"Hi." Kate and Oprah said at the same time Patrick only pursed his lips and waved.

"So, what do guys think about virginity?" Oprah leaned forward.

"Depends on the guy." Patrick laughed, as did Oprah, Kate only smiled.

"What do you think?" Oprah rephrased the question.
"I think that if you're going to lose it then you should lose it right - and that's a situation that changes with everyone." He tried to keep his answers as vague as possible hoping that Oprah wouldn't want anything more personal from him.

"What about you, did you lose it right?" Oprah smiled knowingly.

"Yeah Patrick," Kate nudged him in the side, "Did you lose it right?"

Patrick couldn't help but laugh - "I think so."

Kate tapped her fingers on the kitchen table to a beat only she heard in her head as she peered over the cards in her hand at Sara.

"Straight." Sara smiled as she put down her card hand fully expecting Kate to frown - which she did.

"Aw, that's unfortunate." Kate sighed before putting her hand down, "Four of a kind. Aces."

"Ugh bitch!" Sara scoffed as Kate made a noise of excitement as she began to collect the cards.

"This is stupid, poker with two people is not only dumb it's sad - why don't we have more friends?"

"We do. They're just busy." Kate cleared her throat, "Rose is in Milwaukee with Andy and my godson." She smiled, Rose and Andy had received a very big surprise a few months earlier when Skye Daydream was in fact anything but a girl, the two were very excited to bring home Andrew River instead. "Everyone else has babies to take care of."

"I have babies to take care of - they're just with their father, " Sara exhaled deeply, "And that other person at the moment."

"Yeah, right." Kate bit her lip as the memory of Ashlee's unexpected visit popped into her head. "Sara I kind of have something to tell you."

"What is it?" Sara questioned as she grabbed the card deck from Kate and began to shuffle.

"Ashlee came to see me a while back and she asked me to fix you and Pete and I sent her away and I'm sorry I didn't tell you - I'm carrying lives in my womb don't kill me." Kate immediately confessed and closed her eyes.

Sara unexpectedly let the cards slip from her hands and they splayed over the table. "What a bitch!" She exclaimed.

"I know I'm sorry." Kate apologized but Sara wasn't even looking at her.

"It's so like her to think that she's the reason that my marriage went to shit - cocky little slut."

"Wait, what?" The singer was confused, "So you're not mad at me?"

Sara only waved her off before shaking her head, "Whatever." She scoffed. "So what baby names have you come up with?"

"Subject change much?"

"Baby names Kate, or I'm going to magically forget that you're carrying my family and beat you with a fork."

"Uhm, I don't know - me and Patrick kind of have this thing where we're each going to name one and we drew straws and I'm naming my baby boy and he's going to attempt to name her because I just know she's going to be a daddy's girl."

"Attempt?" Sara laughed.

"Yes, we promised that we had to agree and I'm still kind of apprehensive of his naming abilities - but anyways we don't want a junior but I still kind of want to use his middle name." Kate was speaking at the same time she was collecting the cards from the table she had one left before she glanced up to meet Sara's gaze.

"You guys make me want to vomit." Sara shook her head before picking up one last card and handing it to Kate, "Forgot one."

"Thanks." Kate smiled and flipped over the card, immediately her eyes lit up as the ace of spades laid in her palm.

"Oh I want to name it!" Joe exclaimed excitedly before taking a big bite of Molly's hot dog, getting ketchup and mustard all over his face.

"That's mine!" The little girl whined and Joe returned the hot dog to it's owner before retaking the child's hand.

"Her." Patrick rolled his eyes as he glanced at the store windows as they passed them and shifting Olivia on his hip.

"You should name her Joe!" He exclaimed with his mouth full. "Like that chick on the show with a lake and a dude named Darren - her name was Joey."

"Dawson's Creek?" Pete questioned while turning to face them, he kept one hand on the stroller in front of him and another on the leg draped over his torso.
"Petey if that falls on my head …" He trailed off as he glanced up at his son who sat on his shoulders.

"HoKay." The little boy responded with his mouth open in attempt to cool off the food in his mouth.

"Dude!" Joe laughed at the fact that he knew the name to the popular 90's show.

"What? Kate used to watch it all the time -" Pete shrugged as best he could, "besides I have this weird thing for Michelle Williams."

"I'm not naming her Joe - just get over it." Patrick looked to his band mate before unexpectedly running his free shoulder into a lamppost.

Olivia smiled at him, "Ow." She responded before reaching out and touching his face gently.

"Yes, ow." Patrick wanted to frown at the discomfort in his shoulder but when Olivia smiled at him it made it difficult to do so.

"Pink." She immediately grew excited and reached for the flyer that was taped onto the pole.

Patrick removed it and went to hand it to her but it was kind of wet so he refrained - glancing at it he could tell it was a flyer for a rock show at the Debonair, 'Ava, Wait' and 'Mae' were playing he noticed irrelevantly before his eyes grew wide.


So I apologize that this update has taken so long but I hope you didn't really think I'd end it now? Sure it's almost over but not quite yet - I hope you like this update and once again I apologize for making you wait so long for it.
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