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Twenty Four - Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun.

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“I hate my life.” Kate moaned as she lay sprawled on the couch with her arm slung over her eyes.

“Hey, do you have a tampon?” Sara questioned as she nonchalantly walked into the bedroom with a child over her shoulder. She immediately stopped however when she saw her distraught best friend moping on the couch with her pants unbuttoned and unzipped.

“Underneath the thing.” Kate lazily motioned one of her hands into the bathroom expecting Sara to catch her drift.

“Are you ok?” She shifted the child on her hip as she neared the couch.

“No.” Kate whined before removing her arm from over her face, “My fucking pants don’t fit.”

Laughing whole-heartedly Sara rolled her eyes before plopping a nonchalant 4-month-old Mackenzie down on her aunt’s chest. The baby lifted her head slightly but only to place her tiny fist in her mouth as she stared intently at her aunt who was still sulking about her pants.

“Kate when is the last time you used these?” Sara replied while buckling up her belt and walking out of the bathroom with the tampon box in hand.

“The last time I had my period.” Kate responded while ruffling her niece’s head of curls Mackenzie however removed her saliva filled fist from her mouth and pushed it into Kate’s face, informing her aunt that she did not want to be touched.
“Child!” Kate moved her head out of the way but it was no use, “Gross.” She moaned as Sara laughed and retrieved her daughter.

“When was your last period?” Sara questioned while making funny faces at her daughter who, she would have sworn, rolled her eyes at her mother.

“Sara I don’t know, my God.” Kate sat up and looked at her best friend, “What does it matter? Check the calendar if you really want to know.”

“I’m just saying we used to have the same cycle, I mean even after my children it was still the same – I just figured.”

“Well then you’re early.”

“Or you’re late.” Sara replied with her eyebrows raised as she wandered over to the desk drawer, opening it and flipping through the planner Kate was referring to.

“I am not.” Kate rolled her eyes before collapsing back onto the couch.

“Kate?” Sara gasped as she kept turning pages, flipping them back and rechecking again, “Kate!”

“Yes?” The other brunette replied in a singsong manner.

“Kate, you’re four months late.” Sara replied just above a whisper before covering her mouth with her free hand.

“Excuse me, what?” Kate immediately sat up.

Sara waved the planner in the air,
“Four months late!” She replied in astonishment.

“That’s impossible.”

“Did you forget to mark down a period?”

“I’d have to be an idiot not to notice that I haven’t had my period in four months.” Kate laughed slightly.

“Oh yes, because you were thinking so much about it while making the new record.” Sara replied sarcastically and watched as her best friend’s eyes grew wide.
“Weren’t you sick at all?”

“Kind of – sporadically – I thought it was stress.” The singer sat down to take in the news.

“When were you sleeping with your husband at all Kate?” Sara immediately asked feeling a tad bit hurt that her best friend had been keeping her out of the loop.

“Four months ago I had just gotten married to my husband Sara.” Kate retorted quickly, “Not that it didn’t happen after that, but not lately – we’ve both been . . . busy-ish.”

“You’re not supposed to have sex with your pretend husband!” Sara yelled but lowered her voice when Mackenzie squawked her disapproval of the volume change.

“Maybe I like having sex with him.” She argued back.

Sara scrunched her face obviously grossed out.

“I can’t have kids?” Kate questioned confused all the while ignoring her best friend. “I can’t have kids.” She repeated.

“Well, maybe you’re really stressed and extremely bloated.” Sara nodded and Kate glanced at her.

“You think?”

“No dumbass. I don’t think.” The mother of four rolled her eyes before stalking over to the couch and pulling her best friend up by her arm.

“Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.” Kate whined as she was being dragged out of her bedroom and down the stairs.

“Hey.” Patrick replied while walking out of the kitchen eating a sandwich.

“You and your fucking sperm.” Sara retorted before handing Patrick her child. “I’m going to kill you and your fucking sperm.” She pointed in his direction before pulling her best friend through the front door still clad in pants that didn’t fit and socks.

Patrick stood confused for a minute cradling the child in his arms before he realized that he no longer had his sandwich. Laughing sarcastically he shook his head and looked down at his niece.
“You’re aunt is something else.”

Mackenzie however just stared up at him highly un-amused, it was only after she drooled on Patrick’s neck and he made a groan of discomfort that she thought it fit to laugh.

“Where are we going?” Kate asked with a mouthful. She scrunched her face in disgust before looking through the sandwich,
“Gross. He knows I hate onions.” The brunette stuck her tongue out before removing the onions and tossing them out the window.

Sara didn’t answer Kate’s question she only pulled into the parking lot of a drug store and got out of the car.

“Sara! . . . Sara?” Kate followed after her not bothering to worry about the fact that she looked like a hot mess.

“Kate, how could you do this?” Sara finally broke down, turning to face her best friend with tears streaming down her face. “If this test is positive do you know what that means?”

Kate shook her head ‘no’ though she really knew where Sara was going.

“The possibility that you carry this child past 20 weeks is almost impossible.”

“I know but,” Kate started but stopped when Sara started to shake her head.

“But nothing Kate, I didn’t want to see you go through that again – I didn’t want you to have to.”

“I’m sorry.” She hung her head but was surprised when her best friend linked arms with her. Sara motioned with her head inside the store and the two walked in together.

“I can’t wait to see you on the cover if Us Weekly looking like you do now.” Sara smiled through a sniffle. Kate could do nothing but laugh as she embraced her friend before turning to the paparazzi and waving eagerly. As it’s been said, if you can’t fight them, join them.

The tests turned positive almost immediately, the stick turned blue – the pluses came into view and for a last resort the EPT almost screamed ‘yes you’re pregnant dumbass!’

“What do I do now?” Kate was talking to Sara but couldn’t tear her eyes away from the array of tests that were now resting in the sink of the Walgreen’s.

“I don’t know.” Sara replied honestly, “Maybe you should go to the doctor?”

“What for?” Her eyes turned glassy as she one by one dropped the tests into the garbage.

“Because, what if?” Sara started but was cut off.

“What if what Sara? You were the one telling me my slim to none odds in the parking lot.” Kate raised her voice.

“I know, I know – but just, what if?”

“Don’t tell Patrick.” Kate sighed, “I don’t want him to go through this again.”

“But Kate, I know the boy has been oblivious – I mean looking at you now I don’t know how I missed it, but it’s obvious – he’s not stupid, I mean if you have sex he’s going o notice that little junk in the . . . front.” Sara furrowed her brows together not really believing that she actually said that. “Not to be mean but, you’re a lot bigger then you were before Kate.”

Kate opened her mouth to reply but her phone started ringing completely throwing off her train of thought.
“It’s Patrick.” She looked at Sara horrified, unsure of what to do.

“So what, is he like checking up on you and stuff now?” Sara exhaled dramatically oblivious to the fact that Kate was freaking out.

“It’s Patrick what do I do?” Kate questioned frantic causing Sara to roll her eyes.

“Answer it.”

“Hello!” She replied eagerly into the phone not meaning to sound so strange.

“Uhm hi.” Patrick laughed, “Are you guys going to be home soon because I think Mackenzie hates me.”

“That baby hates everyone.” Kate mumbled before looking at Sara and giving her a smile. Sara however was on the phone and didn’t notice.
“I don’t know.” She replied honestly, “I think Sara has other plans for me.”

“Is something wrong?” He responded into the phone growing a little bit worried.

“Have you noticed how fat I’ve gotten?” Kate changed the subject momentarily curious to see if Patrick was as oblivious as they thought he was.

“Uhm,” Patrick stalled, this had to be a trick question, “No, no not really.”

“Ok.” For once in her life she couldn’t read the tone in his voice, she didn’t know if he was lying. “Nothing is wrong by the way. I just have some stuff I have to do is all.”

“Are you sure?” He questioned while peering at the child in the bed growing excited when she was amused with her toes instead of glaring at him.


“Okay, love you.” Sighing he waited for her to say goodbye.

“I love you too.”

Kate ended the call and was surprised when Sara was sitting on the sink looking at her curiously.

“So this is love?”

“Leave me alone Sara.” Kate sighed, if she wasn’t already stressed she was stressed now for sure.

“Let’s go, I got you a doctor’s appointment.” She replied while leaving the public restroom.

“How did you do that?” Kate followed her friend out of the store, yelling a ‘thank you’ to the clerk behind the counter before exiting.

“Because I’m amazing. We can swing by my house first so you can get shoes . . . and pants.” The brunette replied before sliding into the driver’s seat. “By the way, how’s my child?”

“Being a terror.” Kate replied back while buckling her seatbelt she could only roll her eyes as Sara beamed with pride.

Walking in later that night Patrick was asleep on the couch with Mackenzie asleep on his chest.

“Well,” Sara turned to Kate, “he looks very paternal.”

“Yeah, he does.” She agreed while looking at her sleeping husband.

Sara tiptoed over to the pair and attempted to remove Mackenzie from his chest without waking either of them, it only worked halfway because as soon as the child was lifted off his chest Patrick awoke with a jolt.

“Sorry.” Sara whispered with a shrug but Patrick waved her off informing her that it was fine.

“Where have you guys been?”

“Well we’ve,” Sara paused to look back at Kate.

“We’ve been at the doctors.” Kate finished for her friend.

“Is everything ok?” Patrick rubbed his eyes sleepily while standing from the couch.

“I’m on bed rest.” She replied nonchalantly ignoring the strange look her husband was giving her.

“Uhm why?” He questioned when no one was explaining anything else. He looked at Sara and gave her a confused look when all she could do was smile at him.

“Because I’m pregnant.” Kate replied shyly, “With twins.” She couldn’t help but laugh even though she started crying.

“Pregnant?” Patrick questioned after a long string of silence.

Kate nodded her head.

“With twins?”


“My twins?” He still couldn’t wrap his mind around the concept. She nodded again.
“Like, two babies?”

“Yes!” Both women replied in unison.

Patrick jumped in the air and screamed loudly before noticing the child stir in Sara’s arms. He stopped mid scream and celebrated quietly before tightly embracing his wife, who could do nothing but laugh at her goofy husband.

“Oh my God, you’re supposed to be on bed rest.” He responded frantically before picking Kate up.

“I think I’m ok to walk up the stairs Baby.” Kate replied though she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“You are fatter.” Patrick replied as he trekked up the stairs carefully.

“Fuck you.” The brunette frowned.

“Okay.” He replied with a laugh.

“You are such a tard, you’re going to drop me.” Kate whined but was more then surprised when he actually made it up all the stairs.
Patrick actually made it all the way to the bedroom and placed her, as gently as possible, down on the bed before collapsing on her lap.

“I think I have a hernia.” He breathed heavily while hiding his face in her legs.

“I think you have a death wish.” Kate replied a little less then amused.

However when he leaned up and kissed her she could do nothing but smile.
“I love you so much.” He mumbled onto her lips.

“I love you too.”

Smiling he bent down and kissed her stomach twice.
Finally, he had everything he wanted and everything was right.
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