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Sometimes Love Just Is ...

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Love is . . .
Indescribable, in confinable – it’s mushy, it bends and fills in the tiny crevices – it’s a circle that fits into a square peg.
It’s not elementary but more like kindergarten – stupidly simple so much so that most don’t understand it.
Love is boy meets girl.
Love is drinking apple juice from tiny little cups.
It doesn’t make sense; it’s the opposite of what you think it’ll be.
It’s hairy – not regular hairy, the kind of hairy that mats and clogs the drain – it’s disgusting.
It’s the most powerful thing in the world, empires have fallen for much less, and yet, it costs nothing.
Love is invaluable.
Love is perfection.
It’s imperfection – Love is . . . an oxymoron.
Love is indescribable.

Love just wasn’t for her – it was a depressing thought but one she had come to terms with. Not that at 22 she had any right to give up on love, but she had – she knew that in her father’s eyes she was supposed to be engaged to be married by now, not almost finished with school, with an excellent job as a teacher’s aid with promise of a promotion to teacher once she graduated.
As if the fact that she wasn’t betrothed at the exact moment meant she was past due, old, as if her clock had since stopped ticking, because of course she was put on this earth only to do three things.

1. Get married to a Greek man.
2. Make Greek babies.
3. Feed everyone.

Yes exactly, Sophia Papadopoulos was Greek – the only daughter sandwiched between the two most perfect Greek boys any Mama could have hoped for.
How fortunate.
How fortunate for her father to have been blessed with a daughter with a spitfire spirit and an overall repulsion to Greek men – it was nothing personal really – she was just absolutely sure that she would never find a boy suitable enough for her father, Greek enough for her family heritage.
That was the reason why giving up on love was the most suitable form of action – she knew that in her family’s eyes, in her father’s eyes, not loving anyone was far less painful then loving someone who wasn’t Greek.
Not that any of that made any sense, her family’s happiness shouldn’t really come before her own, but she was only 22, she had the whole rest of her life to work out any kinks in her theory.

Sophia stood to stretch her legs momentarily when a child bombarded her.
“Guess what Ms. Sophie?” The dark haired boy tugged on the bottom of her skirt. Sophia couldn’t help but smile.

“What Aiden?” Tucking her brown hair behind her ears she peered down at the child fully pretending that he didn’t already tell her what he was about to say.

“My Uncle Pete is coming to get me today!” He squealed as if it was the first time.

“Oh my goodness, no way?!” Sophie gasped before laughing and picking up the child, spinning him around playfully before placing him gently down on the ground.

“I know!” Aiden giggled before running off in the direction of his cubby.

Children were funny. Content that no one was doing anything bad Sophia took the liberty to sit down, she wasn’t very tall but her knees didn’t fit underneath the tiny table which made her laugh even though the familiarity of it shouldn’t cause her to smile anymore. This was the life she had chosen, given a second chance she wouldn’t have done anything differently. This is exactly who she was, she was Ms. Sophie – she loved children and animals, her favorite crayon was ‘mac & cheese,’ she was independent and surprisingly quite the optimist in all matters that didn’t pertain to love. Sighing she glanced around the table at the tiny faces that were staring at her, smiling she picked up a crayon and began to color a gesture that was more then acceptable to the table of 5 year olds.

“Ms. Sophie, look at my pick-ture.” A little girl proudly held the piece of paper up to her chest.

“Beautiful Kimmy.” Sophie nodded before the squeal of an excited child caught her ear.

“Uncle Pete!” Aiden screamed as he ran at full speed towards his uncle. Sophia arched an eyebrow in the direction of the door, this was a joke right? Aiden’s uncle was the eyeliner wearing Fall Out something kid?

“And Uncle Joey!” Joe piped up from behind Pete, feeling a little left out.

“Ms. Sophie, this is my uncle Pete.” The child latched on to Pete’s leg as he looked over to his teacher.

“It is?” Sophia stood up from the table so she could get a better look at Aiden. “I don’t believe we’ve met.” She walked up to them, extending her hand to be polite.

“Aiden, your Mommy didn’t tell me how pretty your teacher’s aid was.” Pete patted the child’s back, Aiden only shrugged. Sophia, however, had to resist the urge to roll her eyes – this guy was ridiculous.

“Sophia Papadopoulos, it’s very nice to meet you … finally. Aiden’s been talking about you all day.”

“Pete Wentz.” He shook her hand eagerly only to be surprised when she extracted her hand from his rather quickly. Joe coughed from behind the bassist in attempt to make himself known.
“Oh, I’m sorry this is Joe.” Pete shot a thumb behind him all the while not taking his eyes off of Sophia.

“It’s very nice to meet you.” Sophie looked at the guitarist who nodded in response before getting distracted by a child playing in the corner, he excused himself slightly before going to explore.

“If you’ll excuse me please I have to –” Sophia let her voice trail off as she tried to go back to work. “See you tomorrow Ai –”

“What happened to Ms. Sally? I thought she was the teacher’s aid?” He cut her off before brushing his bangs out of his face as he touched her upper arm gently. “Not that I mind or anything, because I don’t really – you’re much nicer to look at, no offense to Sally.”

“She moved up to third grade, she teaches now.” She gave him a closed lip smile while backing away slightly not wanting him to touch her anymore – he was kind of good looking but kind of creepy at the same time. He scooted up once more so he was touching her arm again.
“So you’re dating that ‘I didn’t steal your boyfriend’ girl, right?” Sophie changed the subject quickly in hope that him talking about his girlfriend would maybe make him stop hitting on her – or at least make him stop touching her.

“Ah, so you DO know who I am?” Pete smiled.

“I’m not an idiot . . .” She trailed off, “The other Simpson, not the Newlywed.” She shrugged out of his grip again.

“Ashlee?” He offered but she shook her head ‘no.’

“No, that’s not it. You know, the one who knows that tuna isn’t chicken. It starts with a vowel and has a double letter in it. Shoot.” Sophie put her hand to her head to try and help her think.


“Mmmmmm, no.” Sophie exhaled while Joe in the corner caught her eye. “Excuse me please.”

“See, doesn’t it taste good?” A little blonde boy smiled at Joe who cocked his head to the side as if he was still deciding if he liked it or not.

Bending down so she was resting on her knees Sophie held out her hand in front of Joe’s mouth.
“Spit it out.”

Slightly embarrassed he obliged – spitting the blue Play-Dough out into her hand.

“Seriously?” She laughed at him as she looked at the contents in her hand, “Play-Dough?”

“The little man told me that it was something that I had to try.” He shrugged innocently and she could only smile. He moved his hair away from his face and it was only then that she noticed that he had the prettiest blue eyes.
“What?” He looked away from her face for a second.

“You’re kind of hairy.” Sophia blurted out to cover up the fact that she had been mesmerized by his gaze.

“You’re kind of pretty.” Joe countered with a shrug while scratching his stubble covered chin. “I’m officially Joe, by the way.” He stuck out his hand immediately.

“Officially Sophia.” She replied as she took his hand.

“Trohman.” He nodded.

“No.” Sophie shook her head confused, “Papadopoulos.”

Joe could only smile, “I’m Joe Trohman. I wasn’t implying that you were a Trohman, not that you couldn’t be –” He laughed nervously. “Wow, ok, I just brought that to a whole new level of awkward.”

“I knew what you meant.” The brunette smiled and nodded before another student caught her eye. “Maggie we don’t cut people’s hair!” She yelled quickly while rushing off to the child, “It was nice to meet you …” Sophie glanced at Pete before acknowledging Joe, “… both.”

“Nikki, you know that Fall Out band?” Sophie voice just barely preceded the chime above the door of her parent’s Greek restaurant as she entered. She hung her coat up on the rack before turning to acknowledge her cousin.

“Uhm.” The younger brunette paused for a second while she typed on her calculator, “Hold on a second I’m on the last one.” Finishing her math homework with a relieved sigh she glanced back up, “Uhm yeah Sophie, why?”

“Hi Ya Ya.” Sophie routinely kissed her grandmother’s cheek before swinging open the kitchen door to acknowledge her older brother, “Hey Nick.” She then, as she did most nights, joined her cousin and her younger brother at a table. “Because the Pete one is one of my kid’s uncles.” She scoffed while shrugging as if to say ‘what are the odds’ as she reached over the table to steal one of her younger brother’s potatoes. He smacked her hand away from his plate all the while never looking up from his homework.
“GUS!” Sophie yelled at him while smacking him back and snatching a potato from his plate.

“That band kind of blows.” The curly haired boy finally spoke while looking up at his sister, “But the guitarist is sick.” He sighed before returning to his homework.

“Who’s the guitarist?” Sophia questioned while chewing not turning when the bell above the door dinged.

“Joe Trohman.” The two younger kids spoke at the same time while also simultaneously looking at the door.

“Oh!” Sophie said while trying to swallow, not noticing her cousin gawking at the door. “I met him too. Pretty eyes, hot ass.”

“Gross,” Gus shrugged, “what are the odds?”

“What are you –” Sophie turned around and was more then shocked to see the scruffy man from earlier in her parents’ restaurant, hanging his coat on the rack, unraveling his scarf and sitting down – all the while not noticing her. She turned back around immediately.

“NIKKI!” Nick called from the back encouraging her to get to work.

The young girl raised her eyebrows before tapping her cousin in the head with her notepad. “He’s kind of cute Sophie, go talk to him.”

“He’s not my type.” Sophie responded quickly as she once more stole a potato from her brother.

Nikki rolled her eyes,
“You’re not going to marry him Sophie, talking never hurt anyone.” She whispered in a rush before approaching the table with a smile.
“Hi I’m Nikki, I’ll be your waitress this evening and my cousin thinks you have a hot ass.”

“What?” Joe laughed confused as he looked at his waitress before the laughter from a few tables down caused him to look over.

Sophia was trying to hide underneath her arms as her brother laughed loudly.
“This is so stupid.” She finally grumbled before smacking her brother upside the head and getting up from the table.
Walking to the table she shoved her cousin playfully behind her.
“I am so sorry, she’s 17, she likes to make my life miserable.”

“So,” Joe recognized her immediately, “does that mean you don’t think I have a hot ass?” He fumbled through the delivery of his question but was proud when he still managed to sound relatively cool.

“I, uhm,” Sophie blushed before smiling coyly, “You know, you should really order the special.” She nodded before tapping the table lightly and walking into the kitchen without another word.

Raising an eyebrow in interest he looked back up at Nikki who could only shake her head in confusion.
“What’s the special?” She called after her cousin. “Sophia!”

“I guess I’m getting the special.” The guitarist shrugged and handed the menu back to Nikki.

“But I –” The brown haired girl turned around as soon as she heard the kitchen door swing back open.
“What the hell Sophie?”

Sophie came out of the kitchen moments later holding something behind her back. Trying to stifle a laugh she didn’t say anything but only placed a container of Play-Dough on the table in front of Joe.
“I’m sorry we’re all out of blue.” She shrugged ignoring the look her cousin was giving her.

“Actually, Tyler told me specifically not to eat the yellow kind.” Joe laughed as he referred to the blond haired boy from earlier in the day.

Faking a pout she shrugged.
“Well, that’s a shame.”

As she walked away once more Joe could do nothing but stare after her – he hadn’t of noticed before but the way she walked was absolutely mesmerizing.

Sophie took a deep breath, she just absolutely loved Chicago in the wintertime it was something in the air that she just couldn’t pinpoint.
“Kimmy be careful.” She called after the kindergartener who was climbing a little too high on the jungle gym before her attention was diverted to Aiden, who at the moment was running full speed towards her waving a piece of paper in the air.

“Ms. Sophie, Ms. Sophie!” He yelled eagerly before stopping in front of his teacher. “I got 5 dollars!” he smiled happily while waving the bill around, he was too preoccupied with the money to remember the reason it was given to him, that is, until a whistle from across the playground reminded him, he gasped in acknowledgment “Oh, I’m supposed to give this to you.” The little boy handed over the white piece of paper in his hand.

Sophia looked toward the fence only to see Joe leaning up against it, she raised an eyebrow at him but he only nodded his head in encouragement for her to open the note. She obliged and what was written across the crumpled notebook paper made her laugh.

Do you like me? Check yes or no.

Scribbling something completely different she folded it again and gave it back to the child.
“Tell him it’s complicated.” She whispered in his ear before pushing him in the direction in the fence.

He nodded in understanding before taking off in the direction he had just come from. Running to the fence he handed Joe the note before taking a deep breath.

“She says it’s confiscated.”

“What’s confiscated?” Joe questioned confused as he opened the note. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw that she made her own box underneath the ones he made.


“Go ask her what’s confiscated.” He nodded in her direction and Aiden nodded eagerly before running back to his teacher.

“What’s confused?” The little boy questioned and Sophie shook her head before looking at the fence.

“It means that you don’t understand.” She answered his question but was sure that she was the only one that was baffled.

Aiden nodded before running back to the fence.
“I don’t understand.” The child blurted at the guitarist who could only shake his head in confusion.

“What don’t you understand?” He crossed his legs Indian style so he could get closer to the fence.

“I don’t know, I’m 5.” Aiden shrugged.

Laughing Joe gestured for the child to turn around once more.
“Go tell her that I’m confused.”

The child nodded before running back towards his teacher.
“Uncle Joey says you’re confused.” He looked up at her awaiting her response.

“Well yes, I am.” Sophie laughed, “but just go tell him that I’m complicated and that it’s hard to explain.”

Nearing the fence once again Aiden gripped the metal chain with his little hands before taking a big breath.
“She’s constipated!” He pronounced it completely before taking another deep breath, “and it’s hard to explain.”

Joe laughed loudly,
“Is that so?”

Nodding Aiden validated the statement before cocking his head to the side.
“What’s constipated mean?”

Sophia bent down so that she was Aiden’s level as the child came running back to her.
“Ms. Sophie, why can’t you poop?” The child questioned innocently and Sophia could do nothing but cover her mouth to stifle her laugh. This is what she got for trusting a five year old. Standing straight up she called out to the kids announcing that recess was officially over for the day.

“I got them Sophia.” Mrs. Williams appeared at the classroom’s back door, “I think Mrs. Trohman’s son wants to talk to you.” She smiled in Joe’s direction waving slightly.

“Like, Principal Trohman’s son?” Sophia questioned wide-eyed.

Mrs. William’s nodded, “Know any other Trohman’s Soph?” She laughed before disappearing into the classroom once more.

Sophia was apprehensive but walked over to the fence stepping back slightly when Joe stood rather abruptly.
“I didn’t expect to ever see you again, much less here.” She whispered, “You didn’t tell me your mother was principal!” She lowered her tone once more.

“You didn’t ask.” He whispered following her lead, “Why are we whispering?”

“I don’t –” She started to whisper but quickly corrected herself, “I don’t know.”

“So using Aiden as my ploy to ask you out didn’t really work that well.” Joe smiled as he subconsciously leaned on the fence.

“You were asking me out?” Sophia fidgeted with her shirt – she had no idea why she was so nervous – she couldn’t say yes, it wasn’t in ‘the plan.’

“Trying.” He replied honestly. “Is this you saying yes?”

Immediately her head shot up to meet his gaze, she couldn’t possibly date this man – sure she thought he was intriguing but not intriguing enough to actually accept, not enough to cause an unnecessary fight between her family.
“I uhm – I’m not dating at this moment.”

“Denied.” Joe breathed before backing away from the fence.

“It’s not like that, it’s just –”

“Constipated?” He offered with a raised eyebrow and a crooked smile.

Nodding she smirked before backing up from the fence.
“I’ve got to go back to work - thank you for, you know, asking me out.”
Turning around she scrunched her face in disgust, ‘thank you’ … ?
Did she just thank him for asking her out – she really was a sad sad sad person.

Sophia skipped going to the restaurant that afternoon – stupid hairy man, stupid blue eyes, stupid hot ass – no, this wasn’t part of the plan and she wouldn’t fret over it.
She opened the door to home only to be bombarded by her babies. Two large Newfoundland dogs to be specific and the last a little English Bulldog puppy who was trying her best but was valiantly being shut out by her ‘big brothers.’ All three dogs had been cooped up all day, and all three of them were itching to go out.
“Hold on, hold on.” Sophia had taken off her coat seconds before but immediately regretted that decision as the dogs pulled her excitedly out of the house with no chance of turning back to get her coat – thusly she was thrown into the Chicago Christmastime weather unprotected.
Technically she hadn’t walked the dogs since the two Newfoundlands had been puppies, it was more like they walked Sophia . . . or dragged.
Two freezing blocks later Sophia finally managed to get them at least to slow slightly but it was this action that caused him to look up from the mail he was sorting through in front of his mailbox.

“What are you doing?” The question had escaped his lips before he even had the change to change his mind.

Surprised she looked at him, pulling her dogs to a stop. “Uhm, walking my dogs.” Sophia stated matter-a-factly – she should have recognized him, but she didn’t.

“On this side of town?” Joe shivered involuntarily as he tried to get reacquainted to his newly shaven face, he was also surprised how much a difference a haircut made for his scalp temperature – not that he ever took his scalp’s temperature.

“I live here.” She replied slowly as if he was retarded.

“But you’re a teacher – that sounded really bad, but you can’t live here on a teacher’s salary.” He was talking out loud rather then actually talking to her. He was trying to figure out every scenario in his head that could make her living in Linkin Park true – maybe she had a sugar Daddy?

“Hey.” She grew defensive, “I live with my parents and they own a very – wait, how did you know I was a teacher?” Sophia immediately backed away, she crossed her arms over her chest in hopes that it would make her look tough and not freezing.

“I – wait, what?” Joe held his palms up as he took a step forward but she immediately stiffened.

“I have – I have a boyfriend.” Sophia blurted unable to think of anything else to say and unable, even now, to think of anything else but him, “If you do anything to me, he’ll come looking for you – he’s very big and, and very hairy!”

Joe chuckled, more than amused – “Is that so? I thought you turned him down.”

“How did you know that?” She replied panicked, “Sinatra, Sammy Davis get him.” She commanded the two dogs – one replied in with a yawn as the other rolled over onto his back – the only one who managed to do anything was the puppy who ran to Joe’s feet and excitedly licked at his shoes and tried to climb up his legs. “Cinderella!” Sophie scolded.

Joe smiled at the puppy before bending down and picking her up. He could only laugh as she excitedly licked his face.
“Ok, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. I’m assuming and I understand – but Cinderella?”

“Everyone wants to live happily ever after, I figured I’d give her a head start.” Sophia shrugged before shaking her head, “Don’t distract me!” She pointed in his direction which finally caused him to take notice that she wasn’t wearing a jacket.

“You must be freezing.” He replied while shrugging out of his hoodie, “And you can’t really tell me that you don’t recognize me, I mean my Bubby was mad that I missed Chanukah so she guilted me into shaving and getting a haircut – I don’t really look that different. Do I?”

It was only when he stepped close to put his jacket around her shoulders that she noticed – biggest idiot award, Sophia Papadopoulos.
“Oh my God.” She covered her mouth in embarrassment. Somewhere in the back of her mind, possibly hiding behind her embarrassment, was the entirely correct urge to refuse the jacket but the warmth felt nice and his scent distracted her from anything other then feeling like a dumbass.
“Chanukah?” Was the only other thing that processed in her mind, she knew he wasn’t Greek which was strike one, but now he didn’t even believe in Christ!
She didn’t mind, to each their own but she could see her aunt now, with her thick accent: ‘What do you mean he no believe in Christ?’

“Yeah you know, the festival of lights, ‘Chanukah oh Chanukah, Light the menorah,’ no, nothing?” He smiled, “Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of clay –”

“I know what it means.” Sophie cut him off, “That’s so sad that you missed the holidays with your family.” She changed the subject quickly as to divert his attention from the fact that she was trying to work out an affair with a Jewish boy in her head – or at least the promise of one.

“That’s ok really, we still have Chinese food on Christmas Eve.”

That broke her out of her internal conversation – “Chinese food on Christmas Eve?”

“Yeah Jewish,” Joe pointed to himself reminding her that Christmas wasn’t a holiday for him, “what do you do on Christmas Eve?”

“I’m Greek.” She offered as her explanation, he only shook his head informing her that he didn’t understand what that was supposed to mean. “We go to church and eat lamb.” She continued, “and potatoes.”

“Ooh lamb and potatoes, fun.” Joe laughed, “You’re really Greek aren’t you? Like My Big Fat Greek Wedding Greek.”

“My dad is indifferent about the use of Windex and my aunt and uncle don’t own a travel agency or a dry cleaner if that’s what you mean.” Sophia laughed slightly while subconsciously wrapping herself further in his jacket. However, she couldn’t help but notice the similarities between her family and the movie. Technically if she gave in to what she wanted, this notion that maybe going out with Joe wasn’t a horrible horrible horrible idea, shed be the first to date a non-Greek.

He laughed, bringing her attention back to the fact that she liked the sound of his laugh and the way he talked, his slight lisp made her smile every single time maybe this could be no absolutely not, and Sinatra whining to continue his walk was just further validation that, uhm, that she needed to go, away, from him and all his attractive qualities, which now included his very attractive face that was no longer hidden by his scruffy beard and his very attractive eyes that were no longer obstructed by his curly mop of hair. She had to go, right now.

“I should go.” She smiled and tried not to look flustered as she went to take off his jacket.

“No don’t, you’ll freeze.” He stated quickly.

“But, I, its yours.”

“That’s alright, keep it I have a billion, a friend of mine owns a clothing company so I get shit for free all the time.” Joe nodded while stuffing his hands in his pockets to keep them warm.

“Oh.” Sophia blushed slightly, “Thanks.” She waved and turned to leave as he nodded once again before taking out a cigarette. Sophia shouldn’t have cared and she should have absolutely walked away then, but instead she turned back around to face him.
“Did you know that cigarette smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States?” She questioned him honestly.

Joe stopped searching for his lighter as he met her gaze. He couldn’t help but chuckle slightly as he took the cigarette out of his mouth.
“Fair enough.” He raised it in her direction almost like a toast before placing it in his back pocket. “You’re such a teacher.”

She shrugged slightly, “Thank you.”
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