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Love is ... giving in.

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Love is … giving in.

"You should probably open it." Madeline replied as she eyed the fortune cookie Sophia was nervously fidgeting with.

"No." Sophie answered curtly as she placed the fortune cookie on the coffee table in protest. She was long past wanting to open it - sure the idea still lingered but not as strongly as it had when she had found it taped to the front door of the house Christmas morning. The cookie had since thawed out but she knew now that opening it was a bad idea.

"You should probably just have sex with him too." The blond smiled at her best friend, Sophia only scoffed.

"No. Maybe. Shut up."

"Well then, can I open it - cause I was to see if it still tastes ok." Madeline smiled once again before reaching forward for the cookie.

"Maddie, c'mon don't." Sophia weakly argued but didn't protest further.

"This is ridiculous, I'm opening it." Madeline stood up as she ripped open the plastic wrapper that covered the cookie. She cracked open the thin pastry popping one side of it into her mouth while flattening out the fortune so she could read it. The blond scrunched her face in disgust when she finally realized that the cookie was no longer good - she spit it out violently before clearing her throat.
"Ignoring the facts is only fooling oneself."

"Shit. Fuck Chinese people." Sophia scoffed while nonchalantly flipping her hair over her shoulder as if she was unfazed by the 'words of wisdom.'

"Nuh uh, that's bad karma - those people know what they're talking about." Madeline once again sat next to her best friend.

"Whatever." The brunette rolled her eyes, "This doesn't mean anything."

"You want to know what I think?" Maddie lied back so that her head was resting on the back of the couch.


"I think." The blonde ignored her as she subconsciously placed the other half of the cookie in her mouth, she groaned in disgust before grabbing Sophia's hand to spit it out in. "I think," She started once again, "that it means that you're supposed to have sex with him.

"You're disgusting." Sophia replied while wiping her hand off with a napkin.

"What?" Madeline questioned, "He can spit Play-Dough in your hand but I can't."

"This is a half-masticated cookie, not - you know what? I don't care; I'm not having this discussion. New topic, how was your Christmas?"

"Oh, tomato-toemato. Screw Christmas, my grandma pooped her pants just like she did last year, lets talk about the rock star who wants to have his way with you."

"Madeline!" Sophia groaned as she smacked her friend's arm.

"Okay, okay. You're Greek I know." Maddie rolled her eyes, "So you can't be with him … well you can, but that's besides the point - you're obviously into the guy, I mean, I can tell."

"So what?" Sophie shrugged while exhaling deeply.

"So, just get him out of your system." The blonde nudged Sophia's shoulder knowingly.

Sophia opened her mouth to say something but shut it when nothing came out - nothing actually sounded wrong with that plan.

"See, I am smart." Madeline smiled triumphantly.

"You have your moments." Sophie laughed, "But seriously," She sat up straighter, "I'll just go, have a no strings attached one night thing and then walk away, and not have to worry about it anymore."

"Uhm, yeah!" Maddie forced a smile, she didn't have the heart to tell Sophie that she got the idea from the romance novel she just read and that the end of the book entailed a happily ever after.

"I mean, she was just like 'kiss my arse Trick' then she threw a shoe at my head and when she was done she just gave me that face." Patrick whined as he opened the fridge.

"That face?" Joe questioned with a laugh.

"Yeah that face," Patrick mimicked the pouty face of his girlfriend, "The face!"

"Oh, THE face." The curly haired boy waved his hands around in mock shock, "Well, what did you do?" Joe crossed his arms over his chest as he watched his friend raid his fridge.

"I don't fucking know. I should probably just apologize, but not yet. Hey, I like this cheese!" He excitedly exclaimed while opening the package and taking a bite, "Are you going to get that?" Patrick questioned with his mouth full as motioned his head towards the door.

Joe nodded and shuffled out of his kitchen and towards the door.

"I mean am I really supposed to be offended that I was told to kiss an arse? What kind of word is arse anyways?" Patrick called from the kitchen.

"An English one." Joe replied over his shoulder before pulling the door open. He backed up slightly when the person on the other side was one that he wasn't expecting - still he couldn't help but smile at her.

"Hi." She fidgeted, wringing her hands out before settling them in her pockets.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Joe paused as he opened the door wider for her to come inside, "Not that I'm not happy to see you."

"I'm just here because - I'm here to . . . thank you for the fortune cookie and -" Sophia trailed off as she walked into his house; she was slowly loosing her nerve.

"Your welcome. Nothing says Merry Christmas like a stale fortune cookie."

"I'm actually here because of the fortune inside the cookie." Sophie sighed as she shrugged out if her coat and turned to face him.

"Oh?" Joe questioned taking the coat from her.

"Yeah, it said 'Ignoring the facts is only fooling oneself.' So, here I am - not ignoring the facts." Sophia shrugged before grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him closer - covering his lips with her own.

"Hey dude do you have any mustar- hey, ok then. I don't need mustard, fuck mustard." Patrick shrugged before turning around awkwardly unsure of where to go.

Sophie quickly pulled away.
"You didn't say you had company." She whispered harshly.

"How was I supposed to know that you're intentions were to maul me?" Joe whispered back.

"I did not maul you!" Sophia scoffed.

"I can leave." Patrick piped up from his new spot in the corner.

"No, you were here first - I'll leave." Sophia smiled at him while bending down to pick up her jacket that had fallen out of Joe's hands and onto the floor.

"Yeah actually, that is logical logic." The singer nodded, "Plus my girlfriend Katy threw a shoe at my face for something I'm only assuming I did - she also told me to kiss her arse, but that's besides the point. I'm only here cause I can't go home and to each a sandwich with amazing cheese -"

"Shut up." Joe looked at him sternly while motioning for Patrick to get the hell out.

"Oh, right - actually, you stay I'll go - me and my sandwich. My mom actually was saying something about the dog getting a bath today so that should be fun to - I'm Patrick by the way." Patrick switched his sandwich to the other hand before extending it to shake hers.

"Sophie." She smiled and shook it.

"Cool, I'm in the band with Joe that's how we know each other," He caught the look Joe was giving him and cleared his throat. "But yeah the dog's getting a bath . . . yay."

"Right, so bye." Joe replied through clenched teeth as he pushed Patrick in the direction of the door.

"It was nice meeting you Patrick." Sophie rose a hand to wave goodbye.

"You too - by the way, your way to pretty for Joe. And dude, I'll see you late-"

"Would you be quiet before she figures that out. Go home and apologize to Katy." Joe quickly stated before shoving his friend out the door. He slowly turned to meet her gaze once again and could do nothing but smile coyly in her direction.

Sophia shook her head amused, "You think you're so slick don't you?" She questioned while putting a hand on her hip.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He replied the smile never leaving his face.

"Well, in that case - you won't mind if I left now then." She shrugged on her jacket and headed towards the door but he blocked her path.

"So soon?"

"You're just upset because you're not going to get lucky anymore." Sophie sighed as she finally looked up at him.

"I was going to get lucky?"

"Ooo." She groaned in frustration as she stomped her foot, "Would you just get out of my way?"

"Say please." Joe laughed as she glared at him.

"Please." She repeated through clenched teeth.

"Say, Joe is the coolest person on the planet and I love his hot bod."

"I - what? No!" She slapped his arm playfully urging him to move out of her way.

"Fine, fine - fair enough." Joe laughed before moving to let her pass, "But you'll be back."

Sophie paused in front of the door, "What makes you so sure?"

"I got a fortune cookie." He shrugged, "It said, 'You will have extremely good luck' - so there's that."

"Pshh, whatever." Sophia shook her head and rolled her eyes, "Fortune cookies are stupid anyways." Was the last thing she said before leaving his house.

Sophia knocked loudly on Madeline's door and waited impatiently for her friend to let her in. Madeline opened the door and glanced at Sophia and then to her watch. "Egh - maybe he's out of practice." She shrugged and opened the door wider for the brunette.

"Nothing happened." Sophie replied as she scooted into the apartment.

"Well …" Madeline scoffed, "That's pretty fucking upsetting."

"I guess, his friend was over - and then Joe made him leave. I don't know."

"What kind a friend?" Maddie questioned as she threw herself onto the couch. She gasped and sat up quickly, "A band friend?"

"Yeah - Patrick."

"Oooh, the singer." The blonde sighed dreamily, "You should have done him too."

"Girlfriend." Sophia replied while unwrapping a Hershey's kiss that was on the counter.

"Oh - well fine then." Madeline stood up abruptly and stalked into her bedroom only to return a second later with a slinky black dress. She shoved in her friend's direction.

"Uhm, thanks?" Sophia replied with her mouth full of chocolate.

"If you're not going to get laid - then you're going to get drunk. Put that on, you have 10 minutes."

As Madeline scurried back into her room to change Sophia did as she was told - she knew better then to cross Madeline when she was set on an idea.

A few hours and five margaritas later Sophia had forgotten all about her forbidden lust as she chatted up some guy at the bar.

"Did you tell him you were coming here?" Madeline whispered into Sophia's ear as she squeezed her shoulder gently to get her attention.

"No." Sophie laughed, "I just met Matt - how could I tell him where I was going? Ohmigod am I going somewhere new?" She immediately grew excited.

"No sweetie - Joe."

"I'm going to Joe? Where's that?" Sophia looked at Maddie confused before she spotted him.
"Ohmigod - Maddie! Joe's here!" The brunette covered her mouth in surprise.

Madeline rolled her eyes before feigning surprise.
"You're kidding?"

"Nope." She giggled, "He's overrrrrr there!" Sophie pointed in his direction. "I should go talk to him." She nodded and Maddie nodded in agreement. "Excuse me Matt." She patted the redheaded man on the shoulder, "I'm going to go talk to the guy I want to secretly have sex with." She turned before he got the chance to reply.

As Sophia was walking over to the table she was thinking of things to open with - 'Fancy running into you here' was the winner thus far but when she got to the table and he looked at her with his eyes glassy the only thing that came out of her mouth was…
"I'm drunk and I think we should probably get out of here."

"Me too." He nodded in agreement before standing too quickly and tripping slightly with a laugh.

"Bye Maddie!" Sophie waved at her best friend who could only laugh and wave in return.

"Use some baby stoppers!" The blonde called after the couple and Sophia only turned and pressed her finger to her lips with a 'shhhhhhh.'
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