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Love is ... a hangover.

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Love is … a hangover.

The throbbing in her head was what woke her up first … the intense dry mouth was the second thing she noticed before trying to rub the sleep from her eyes. Sophia swatted at the mattress underneath her, valiantly urging her hands to pick up the traction of the sheets so she could push herself up. She was finally able to attempt to raise herself up only to have seemingly overnight gained more then twice her body weight and she collapsed in an undignified heap unto the mattress once more.
Sophie groaned and tried to flip herself over onto her back only to then notice that she was being pinned down, which is why she couldn’t move.
She haphazardly smacked the naked shoulder of the occupant laying on top of her until he groaned in response.

“I’m not Superman.” He mumbled sleepily without opening his eyes. “I need at least an hour more of sleep before we can go at it again.” Joe yawned before realizing what he just said. “Wait, huh?” He twisted before sitting up abruptly immediately causing some sort if vertigo he didn’t knew he harbored to make its appearance. Clamping a hand over an eye he slowly looked down unsure of who was in his bed, please don’t be a mutant, please don’t be a mutant, please don’t be a mutant. Sophia looked up at him as she tried to prop herself up on an elbow and Joe stopped breathing.
“Soph?” He questioned stupidly as he tried to remember the night before. The only thing he remembered, however, was going to Angels & Kings and getting into a drinking match with some dude with a Mohawk. Nowhere in his memory was seeing Sophia, leaving with Sophia, and, because God hated him, he had no recollection of having sex with Sophia either.
His shook his head slightly and blinked a few times at the realization that he had slept with Sophia … and didn’t remember. Son of a Bitch!

“Can you, lift up …” She gestured to his bottom half that was still pinning her down and he glanced down into his naked lap before jumping suddenly at the realization of his very very nakedness. Grabbing the sheets he bunched them up to cover himself while lifting slightly and glancing at her, noticing for the first time that she was also bare … and uncovered. Shit, shit shit!
He kept his hand over the bunched sheets in his lap while he scooted away from her and unconsciously moving the sheets further away from her.
“Do you have to stare at me like that?” Sophia mumbled before scurrying away from him the first chance she could.

“I’m,” Joe diverted his eyes quickly, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know, I didn’t know I was staring.”

“Look,” Sophia blurted out annoyed as she quickly pulled up her underwear, “let’s not make this awkward.” She sighed as she placed her hands on her hips forgetting momentarily that her top half was still very much naked. Joe nodded as he tried to keep his eyes on her face but somehow he was unable to keep his gaze from wandering south.
“Oh, right.” Sophie immediately covered her breasts with her hands protectively.

“I’m sorry.” Joe diverted his gaze once more, “Sorry. It’s just, I don’t re – remember anything and you’re ridiculously hot.”

Sophia laughed and Joe closed his eyes in embarrassment, “I’m just going to shut up now.” He replied quietly while covering his face with the hand that wasn’t trying to hide the part of him that was more then eager to show her just how happy he really was.
“Sophia, I’m, I’m really sorry for taking advantage of you last night. I don’t remember, but I’m sure that was probably the case and I just want to apologize if this makes you feel like a groupie because I know that you’re not.”

The bed dipped and Joe glanced over in surprise to see Sophie sitting down once again with her naked back facing him.

“I don’t remember either.” She ignored his last comment as she tossed him a glance over her naked shoulder before chuckling slightly.

“Oh-kay.” Joe shrugged confused before jumping slightly when Sophia abruptly turned to face him.

Sophia pulled up all her nerve as she tried her best to seductively crawl over to him. She was annoyed that she finally let loose and didn’t remember. How was she supposed to get rid of this ‘lust at first sight’ thing and get him out of her system if she didn’t remember? The fact that he was being such a sweetheart this morning was pulling at her heartstrings and she was determined to push those feelings out the window and besides, she was already half naked. She went to straddle his lap and hoped to God she looked at least a little sexy and not hung-over and horribly scary. But as soon as she was situated on top of him she was a little more then amused to find that he was indeed happy to see her.

“What, what, what are you doing?” He squeaked before clearing his throat, he hadn’t of squeaked like that since he was 13. “We shouldn’t, I shouldn’t … This isn’t the way it’s supposed to happen, at least let me take you out first.”

“Shhh.” She place a finger over his lips to silence him, “I’m just getting you out of my system.” Sophia replied before intertwining her hands behind his neck and bringing his face to hers … there was no more talking after that.

“Oh girl you soo owe me.” Madeline opened the door clad in her cow PJ’s and a bowl of cereal in hand.

“I know, I know.” Sophia rushed passed her as she ran a hand through her mussed hair.

“I told your Ma the you spent the night here, just so you know.” Maddie followed behind her brunette friend and was completely unfazed when Sophia stripped off the little black dress from last night, and rummaged through her drawers for something else to wear.

“So, that good, huh?” The blonde stifled a laugh as Sophia groaned in response.

Sophie pulled the tank top down her stomach before turning around. “So when does he leave my system?” The brunette placed a hand on her hip as she stared accusingly at her best friend.

“I don’t know Soph.” Madeline shrugged before diverting her gaze into her cereal bowl to play with her Frosted Mini Wheat’s. “To be honest, I just made that shit up.”

“Madeline!” Sophia raked a hand through her hair once more, “You know how gullible I am, you know you can’t say shit like that to me.”

“I know, okay.” The blonde placed her cereal bowl on the nightstand before looking over at her best friend. “But you liked him. You actually, for real, liked him – and I think it’s stupid for you to deny your feelings because of your family. He seemed like a nice guy Sophia, so don’t you dare turn this into my fault!”

Sophia sucked in a breath and slowly let it out as she willed the frustrated tears in her eyes not to fall.

“God, what is the issue here anyways Soph?” Maddie tucked a blonde curl behind her ear. “You seem way more upset then you should be. I mean, was it bad?”

“No.” Sophia shook her head violently, “No. No, it wasn’t bad Madeline.”

“Okay, so ‘oh poor Sophia,’ you had really good sex.” Maddie scoffed, “This isn’t the normal response to that Sophia! I expected singing and euphoric feelings and a ‘thank you Maddie for such a wonderful idea’ but you’re over here on the verge of a panic attack or something.” The blonde grabbed her friend’s shoulders and forced her to look her in the eye.

“We had sex three times this morning.” Sophia glanced up through her lashes at Madeline who was doing her best not to look surprised.
“We only had sex because I seduced him, he apologized for taking advantage of me last night even though he didn’t remember doing it, and then when I was attempting to get him to sleep with me again this morning because I didn’t remember either he told me that we should wait and that he should take me out first.”

“Wow,” Maddie, “That was actually pretty decent of him. I’m kind of crushing on him right now.” The blonde shrugged before returning her gaze to Sophia, “He’s great Soph, but what’s the problem?”

“That is the problem … I’m crazy about him and I’ve known him for what, a few weeks? Madeline, I just, I don’t, I just –” Sophia shook her head unable to form words.

Maddie, unsure of what to do and for the first time in probably her life, speechless opted to pull Sophia into a hug.

“Call her.” Patrick replied from his spot on top of Joe’s kitchen counter.

“No.” Joe spat at him before sighing, “I mean, I will – just not now.”

“Why?” Patrick questioned again.

“Because I need to think.” The guitarist sighed once more before running his hands over his head and face.

“About what? Call her now.”

“Ric, shut up.” Joe glared and Patrick only shrugged.

“I just don’t understand, she gave you the best sex you’ve ever had in your whole entire life, soul scorching earth shaking –”

“Dude seriously, give me my house key back, you always walk in when I’m talking to myself about shit I don’t want you knowing … and I didn’t say soul scorching” Joe held his hand out awaiting the key but Patrick just ignored him.

“Dude, look at your face, it's all glowey. You know, I think you’re in love with her.” The singer nodded before pushing the phone in the direction of his friend.

“The hell you say?” Joe shook his head, “That’s ridiculous. You’re ridiculous, please leave.”

“Fine, fine.” Patrick huffed as he hopped off the counter. “Just think about it Trohman. Shit like this doesn’t happen everyday.”

“Just because we had amazing sex doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to get married tomorrow. Sometimes good sex is just good sex.” The guitarist held open the door for his friend before gesturing with his hand for Patrick to please leave. Patrick shook his head but obliged. It wasn’t until Joe had shut and locked the door that he let himself think about what Patrick said. Crap, shit, crapshitfuck.
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