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Chapter 1:Wake up quit dreaming,partys' over

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Guess whose back...

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Emily POV

I walked down stairs in some blue jeans and a black tank top. My black hair pulled back into a half pony tail. I walked into the kitchen and jumped slightly seeing my sister Valerie and some strange man sitting at the table.

"How did you get in and who is your strange friend?" I asked her putting a hand to my chest startled.

"Drama queen, can't tell me you forgot your bestest friend Gee." Valerie told me and i gasped and walked over and looked at him and put a hand to my hip.

"Liar....He is to pale to be my gee bear." I said looking at him and then he smiled,thats when i knew it.

"Oh never mind its him. " I said hugging him tightly as he gave me his famous bear hug.

"Can't believe you forgot me, sugar."He said and i smiled a bit.

"Well, you've changed. Not in a bad way of course just in a your best friend can't reconize you way..." I said and he laughed a bit bringing back old memories before Micheal came around .

"Well, thats good. I think." He said to me with his famous grin. "I'm in a band now." He said randomly.

"Oh really? Again? Sure it will work this time?" I asked all at once really excited for him as i poured me some coffee.

"Yeah, I'm sure. We got Ray, Mikey and Matt in our band but I don't think Matt is really into it so we may end up trying to find a new drummer. We are also inspecting some Iero guy that Ray knows for second guitar, heard he was pretty good." He told me shrugging as he drank some of his coffee then pushing a strand of hair from his face.

"Thats really cool you guys. I should come watch you play sometime..." I said to him and he laughed again.

"You come to one of our shows? You wouldnt last 20 seconds."He said to me and I raised and eyebrow at him.

"So you think, Mr. Way. I will have you know im not as unmosh-able as i used to be." I told him sitting at the table next to him where Valerie was sitting but she had dissipeared but right now my train of though was on Gerard and how much he had changed and yet how much he was the same.

"Un-mosh-able. Not even a word you non word user!" He said poking me in the chest.

"Hey mr.way, thats not nice!" I said and he smiled.

"Just like old times."He said and i smiled.

"Exactly like old times." I smiled back.

"So you'll come?"He asked curiously.

"Of course... When?" I asked softly.

"Tonight 8 o'clock sharp."He said to me.

"I'll be there."I said softly nodding a bit.

"Thanks for coming by." I told him as he stood and he took his hand in mine pulling me into a hug.

"Anytime, sugar."He said using his pet name for me.

"Okay, gee bear." I said to him lightly not sure what else to say except for this moment was absolutely a friend only moment. We always used to hug eachother and call eachother cute little pet name.

"See you tonight, gotta go see mom."He said and i laughed.

"Shame, you should have saw her first." I told him laughing slightly as i swatted him out of the house, he handed me his number so i could call him or whatever then left in his white van. I shook my head as I shut the door, that boy hadn't changed much at since he left to do his own thing 3 years ago, but boy let me tell you how much i missed him... A lot. What' d ya think???? I thought it was okay, not my favorite chapter yet so we'll see. :P

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