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Iero....Not oreo...

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Emily POV

I smiled when Mikey attacked me, he was till as skinny as ever, i wrapped my arms around his and he picked me up.

"Whoa, My feet have left the floor...." I said laughing a bit.

"We missed you, whats it been 3 years?" He asked and I smiled and hugged him again. He was right it had been to long, it'd been to long since I'd called my best friends in the whole world.

"Group hug damn it!" I said and they all Piled in, I saw the oreo guy just kinda smiling and standing there.

"What are you doing, get your ass over here!" I yelled at him and he ran and dove into the hug andi laughed he was freaking halarious.

"Frank, I think you crushed my Spline..." I heard Ray said grunting.

"Are you saying I'm fat?!" He asked and I bursted out laughing.

"YES! Your a hippoplatamus!" Ray said teasingly and I smiled.

"Group hug over!" I said and when they let me go i took in some air.

"I can breathe!" I said sighing a bit then hiccuping and they all looked at me oddly.

"What?" I asked while hiccuping.

"Nothing..." Gerard said and i shrugged a bit.

"So this is Oreo?" I asked curiously.

"Its Iero...not Oreo." He said to me softly but hyperly and I smiled apologeticly..

"Its all Gee bears fault." I said to him smiling.

"Blame me for your mis hearing..."He muttered jokingly.

"Its alright, Happens a lot so I got used to it." He said shrugging at me and I smiled realizing how good looking he was. His hair was black with a tab bit of red and he wore a small amount of eyeliner and a lip ring that seem to set it all off. He

You know i actually forgot how to spell Oreo..i did it again and i had to sing the song O-R-E-O haha im special if you havent noticed but read on!

O Mi Gosh ITs Frank Fantastic! :P
What'd ya think? Lemme knoooow cuz i really gotta go..well not really but yea lol

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