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Chapter Three

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No I haven't added a new chapter to this story. I'm pointing out that there is four reviews. I won't be updating till it gets to five, thankyou. (I've finished Equinox, so this is now my main story... but I will not post until I hit at least 5 reviews.

After a week or so of watching the guy’s record, Ella realised that she had made friends with Fall Out Boy. She didn’t realise that she had spent more time at the recording studio, or at Patrick and Elisa’s house, than her own ‘home’. She called it a home. It wasn’t really somewhere she enjoyed spending her time, so it was really just a house that she kept her things in. She did feel bad taking money from the guys when they offered it to her, Patrick was desperate to keep her off of the streets hustling, he was afraid that she would get arrested. She refused the money however, and kept on ‘earning’ her own cash. She explained to him that she had been a grifter for years, which didn’t really calm Patrick down any, if anything it made him more desperate for her to ‘see the light’. At that moment, she was back at her ‘home’ sorting out her few belongings into piles; something she did whenever she was stressed, to take her mind off of things. This time, it was due to the lack of discipline and care in this household. That bitch couldn’t care less about the welfare of any of them, and some of the kids in this house were barely a few years old. After throwing various sheets of clothing around the place, and giving up trying to alphabetize her sportswear, she decided she wanted some money. Not because she needed it; but because it was a fun thing to do. Hustling isn’t about the money. It’s about the art of the con, and the art of the con is something that Ella loved.

The fast paced thinking, in case someone caught onto you.

The slight of hand and slight of mouth that she had mastered over the years.

The feeling at the end when you managed to fool someone into literally giving you their money.

It’s not stealing if they give it to you, is it?

On the walk out of the front door, she noticed her little ‘brother’ in the doorway. Adam was the eldest of the boys, and he was only three weeks younger than Ella. He looked up at her as she went to turn the doorknob, smiling slightly as he played on his phone.

“Where you going?” He asked simply, and Ella smiled before swinging the front door open.

“Going to get some money, you coming? I could do with a little helper,” She said, and he smiled before jumping up.

“Sure, I’m too much of a wimp to do it by myself.” He laughed, grabbed his coat, and left with Ella. The discipline and parenting in the house was evident at this point, as the ‘mother’ of the house heard the front door bang, and didn’t even venture away from her miniature television to see who just left, or where they were leaving to. This was good for the elder kids of course, but for the younger ones, they didn’t exactly know how to fend for themselves.

Ella and Adam walked down the street, conversing as to how they should get their money this week. It wasn’t easy, coming up with all new ideas for scams, they couldn’t use the same trick twice, seeing as people would start to realise who they were. That’s why they decided to look through vintage cons. Cons that had been around for decades, ones that people have tried and tested many times. Suddenly Ella’s eyes lit up.

“Dog,” She simply said, and Adam, looked confused for a moment before laughing.

“Rare dog?” He asked, and Ella nodded.

“Pound.” She said, and they speed walked to the pound, that was seven or eight blocks away. After arriving and picking a dog, they took the little thing out for free. It was the pound; they wanted to give them all homes. Ella and Adam smiled at the little thing, and the dog wagged its tail, happily staring back up at them.

“I’ve always wanted to try this one, I just feel so bad for the dog though...” Ella frowned, and Adam shrugged slightly.

“We’ll leave a note, I’m sure the bar people will be nice to it,” He said, and Ella nodded while scratching it behind the ear. With the dog on a leash, Adam walked into a bar across the road; leaving Ella sat outside on a bench. She waited patiently for Adam to come out of the bar, whilst inside, he was giving the bar staff a story about a job interview.

“Yeah, you see I need this job so bad, I’m so strapped for cash it’s ridiculous,” He laughed, and the barmaid he had started the conversation with laughed slightly too. The dog was sat under a barstool, and looked up at the people above him.

“Listen, I need to go for that job interview, you think you could look after my dog for a while? I promise I won’t be long, I just have no-where else to keep him,” He looked innocently at the barmaid, and after a few seconds of debating with herself in her head, she nodded reluctantly.

“Sure, just, don’t be long okay? We’re not even supposed to let customers bring them in here, let alone bar staff.” She laughed, and Adam smiled, before heading to the door.

“I won’t, thank you so much,” He said, and quickly went out of the bar door. He nodded to Ella on the way out, and after ten or so minutes, she went inside the bar. After ordering some water and looking at the dog for a few moments, she looked at the barmaid that she knew was in charge of looking after the dog. She explained to the woman that the dog was rare, and that Ella would be willing to pay upwards of $2000 for such a dog. The barmaid looked shocked, but nodded anyway. Ella smiled, and gave her a card with a fake number on it, telling her to call the number if she decided to sell the dog. After some simple persuasion, Ella had the barmaid around her finger. After leaving the bar and letting Adam come back in, the barmaid was practically drooling at the thought of two thousand dollars. She knew she had to get the dog off of Adam somehow, and practically screamed at him when he came back into the bar.

“You know, if you’re a bit down on the cash, this dog is lovely, I’d pay you $500 dollars for him... It’d help you out, and I would get an already house trained doggy,” She looked at Adam, and he hid the smile he wanted to let out. After a few minutes of pretending to not want to let go of the dog, he gave in, accepting $500 dollars for the mutt, and walking happily out of the bar.

“How much?” Ella, asked, as Adam walked up to her, and he smiled.

“$500, that woman really deserved to get hit... imagine if I really was poor, I’ve just been ditched out of one and a half grand, selfish cow...” Ella laughed, and took $250 from Adam, pocketing it. Inside the bar, the woman began to phone the fake number on the business card in fr
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