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The Escape #1

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He looked at me in a less intense expression, just confused. Then he bolted for me. “Quick please.” He took my arm again, and dragged me as he ran. I didn’t realize we were running, and I hav...

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He stared at me, with an expression I couldn’t read, his pupils were wide and his mouth had gotten dry, he smacked his lips together before talking.

“You killed 7 people.” He said dryly.

I smiled at him, then looked into the mirror wall in front of me, I looked at my faded red hair that’s stuck to my head, then down to my pale, feeble arms then looked back at him.

“That’s a joke. Look at me.” I said my tone sarcastic.

His face tensed a bit and he sighed, “I can’t explain to you, we have to run tests, we have to keep you hear, we can’t tell anyone, you can’t leave this room.” He almost fled the room after that, as if I was about to explode, like a ticking bomb. Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock.

No-one came back in after that, it had been exactly 5hours, and I was trying, trying so hard to remember, I mean, what he said, what he said was impossible. Perhaps I was dead, perhaps I was reborn somehow. The word zombie popped in my head so I stopped thinking. My heart had been thudding for hours, the noise of it beated around in my head, dancing to the sound of the ticking clock. Tick tock tick…

I was getting scared. My heart was getting faster, it seemed to be humming to me now, and I was getting hot, really hot, beads of sweat slowly dripped down my nose. Great. All I need now is a heart attack. And then something happened… tock..

Suddenly my head was as light as air, the shackles on me no longer weighed me down. I breathed in deeply and a rush came to my head, as I breathed out I looked in the mirror and my pupils grew, the green of my eyes no longer showed and my pale skin grew purple veins up my neck to my head. And I freaked out.

The man I spoke to ran in as soon as I saw those eyes, he ran to me and placed his fingers on my wrist and my neck. I was still staring at my eyes and didn’t notice that my heart machine was flat. Dead flat. I wasn’t thinking though, my eyes were still fixated to the mirror. He was talking to me, whispering to me, begging me.

“Please!” he whispered, pleading.

“Yes.” I answered, my voice sung to me, what was that?

“Come quick, please follow me.” He took my arm and led me.

I went numb, I didn’t feel my legs touch the ground, I was like floating, but I was walking with him. So slowly everything passed, every detail of what was happing I had examined before it happened and his hand clasping to my arm was soft and warm, but it looked like he was holding me hard, his knuckles had turned white. As I was thinking of this we passed through the long white hall, lit up by steams of electrical lights on the ceiling. When the hall came to an end he placed a hand on a bar and pressed it, as the door opened a gush of cool breeze escaped and blew over my face, which was still dripping. It felt so nice I closed my eyes as he carried on dragging me.

I had no shoes on so the damp grass had shocked me too much, way too much I got scared, I jumped away, at regular speed now, the slow motion had left and all was me standing 10 feet away from him, gasping, staring into his eyes.

“What’s wrong.” he stayed put, not moving, just staring at me like I was a lion about to attack. I breathed in so deeply again, listening over and over to what he said.

“Sorry. The grass. It startled me.” I breathed.

He looked at me in a less intense expression, just confused. Then he bolted for me. “Quick please.” He took my arm again, and dragged me as he ran. I didn’t realize we were running, and I haven’t even thought of why, but I didn’t care, I was outside and free, with him.
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