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Worst Tekken Fic Ever

by Gai 2 reviews

Before people start tearing this apart, telling me how much it sucked so they can feel good about themselves, realize that this is a parody of a lot of the stuff out there. If the overall 'badness...

Category: Tekken - Rating: PG - Genres: Humor, Parody - Published: 2006-05-17 - Updated: 2006-05-18 - 351 words - Complete

by Gai the man!

kazuya: lee give me back my book!!

lee: no, you re stupid

kazuya: shut up, you're gay!!!

lee: yes I know! (author note:lee is gay hah hah!!!)

kazuya: hey jun let's get married baby

jun: no way becides i love gai!

gai: yeah I know

kazuya: hey man get offa my girl

gai: she ain't yours man cause you suck

(gai kills kazuya)

everyone: yay!

jun: gai I want you to make love to me

gai: later ok?

(gai leaves)

hwoang: hey jin i really love you not want to fight you!

jin: i feel the same lets get married baby

kazuya: no son of mine is gonna be a fruit!

gai: don't be a homophobe dude not cool!

gai kills kazuya

everyone: yay!

gai: hey look it's the world's greatest band of all time in the whole world aerosmith!!!1

aerosmith: mind if you jam with us man!!?

gai: sure I can roll with you gusy!

(gai and aerosmith play together on the guitar!)

kazuya: dude you guys suck!

gai: shut up dude you're gay!

(gai kills kazuya)(author note: aerosmith kicks ass and if you don't like them you're just gay)

everyone: yay!

jun: what a loser i'm glad he's dead

gai: i have to go learn to kick some more ass if I want to be the ultimate warrior

(gai goes sees baek)

gai: hey man teach me some moves!

baek: no way dude you're gonna have pay

gai: shut up man!

(gai kicks baeks' ass)

gai goes to see bosknovich)

gai: whats that machine do?
bosknovich: i can use it to clone things

gai: now there are 50 gais!

jin: hey gai we're gonna name our baby after you


gai: cool man

(gai and heihachi watch the matrix together)

gai: this movie is the best!

heihachi: yeah it kicks ass!

gai: you go see it?

heihachi: i see it today!

(heihachi holds the 6th tekken tournament)

kazuya: you're going down man

gai: like hell dude

(gai kills kazuya)

(neo appears)

gai: whoa its neo from the matrix awesome!

neo gives gai the
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