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hi its me again Gai the man!!! i decided to write an other chapter !i dont' really have any thing to add to the story but i'm writing to respond to some critisisms some jerks have made about my story!! you guys (or should i say GAYS lol!!) keep going on about plot and crap but if you want to read a story about plots of land you should read a story yourself, STUPIDS!! if you dont like it don't read it, it's not like i'm putting it on here and forcing you guys to read it by uploading it here! if you don't have anything nice to say,, then shut up, buttface! as for royal fans of the story, i just wrote this seond chaper as an excuse to call these jerks out on their bullcrap! so dont expect this story to be up to the standards of quality that the last one had!

jin pachi: you can't stop me gai, not even you can!

gai: thats a load of crap ,im unbeatenable!!

jin pachi: you may have killed my son kazuya, but i won't be so easy!

gai: i already know cause kazuya sucks!

jin pachi: i know kazuyas a total loser!!

gai: and his fans are bigger losers!

jin pachi: lol i know what retards!

gai: alright time to die dude!

(gai punches jin pachi...but it doesn't work!!!)

jin pachi: ha ah!! even the mightiest man on earth can't compare to my alien powers!!

gai: dam! this isn't good!

jin pachi: now gai, ill kill you, the only thing stopping me from taking over the plannet!

gai: nooooo!!!

(asuka stabs jin pachi in the back)

jin pachi: noo, you tricked me!!!

(jin pachi dies)

gai: asuka! you were on my side !

asuka: i know! that's because i love yuo gai!

gai: what about jin!!!

asuk: i dont love like you! besides he is gay with hwoarang what queers !lol

gai: don't be a homophobe, man!

(gai punches asuka)

kazuya: go to die, gai!

gai: YUO!!!!

kazuya: before i shoot you there is something you to know!

gai: what it is??


gai: bastards!

(gai kills kazuya)

kazuya: nooo1!!! i still suck!!!!

(kazuya dies)

lee: yay that guy sucked!

gai: i know why are you wearing a dress?

lee: because im such a gay loser lmao!!

(gai kicks lees ass)

hiehachi: hey gai remember that the tekken 7 tournament is today, remember?

gai: oh crap i forgot!

(tekken 7 tournament)

jack5: im the only oponent left gai!

gai: we'll see about that! im gonna use my secret move!

(gai uses his secret moves)

jack6: aaaaaaah!! explodes

gai: woww its the only guy in the world a match for me t.o.!!

terrell owens: hey gai you wanna play some football

(gai and terrell ownes are playing football)

gai: hey terrell who do you think is a best wide receiver in the nfl

terrell owens: current or ever

gai: in the history f football dude

terrell ownes: no dout jerry rice

gai: what rice bitch you're tripping

terrell owens: no realy he could catch the best in the statistics for him they showed that he was an excelent wide receiver

gai: shut up man thats stupid

(gai kicks terrell owens up)

king: hey gay want to watch me wrestle?

gai: sure dude sounds awesome!

(later king is wrestling john cena!)

gai: oh wow john cena! hes the hansomest wrestler ever, awesme!

king: yeah he may be buetiful but im still better.

john cena: well well see about that, king.

john cena and king wrestle, grabbing to each other stronlgy

king: whoa im no match!

john cena: thats what you expect when you wrestl john cena.

(john cena pins him to the ground)

gai: 1 2 3 youre out! way to go john cena!

gai slaps handswith john cena)

john cena hey gai lets go to my place and watch movies and stuff!

gai: wow sounds fun lets go!

the end!
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