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Chapter 20

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Here comes the thrill. Fights and hangovers, that is.

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Frank's POV

I had a free period that period, so that meant I had an hour to do whatever homework or schoolwork I had, but I didn’t want to right then. Actually, I figured I should; anything to keep from thinking I may have upset Gerard. Oh God, I didn’t even want to think about it.

Shit, I was pretty sure I had just messed everything up. Gerard and I were standing by his locker; he was giving me a lecture-thing on being strong. It’s funny how weak he thinks he is, but he was over there helping me become a stronger person. That was one of the reasons I loved Gerard: because he didn’t know just how strong he actually was.

I mean, considering all he’s been through: Bert, depression, drugs, finding out he was gay, resorting to alcohol, witnessing his boyfriend being stabbed, Mikey, being disowned; it all just made me want to love him even more. I admired Gerard for being sober since seventh grade. I truly admired him for being strong enough to deal with it without a single drink. It was overwhelming, all the shit he’d gone through, and the only thing he was thinking about was helping me.

Which was why I felt bad for screwing everything up just then, at his locker. He was telling me to be strong and that he cared about me, and as I reached over to hug him, people walked by and called us faggots. I’d never been called a faggot before; it freaked me out. It was embarrassing—wait, I wasn’t embarrassed by Gerard. I didn’t really know what I was embarrassed by. The whole thing kind of creeped me out.

I felt really bad for leaving him hanging like that; I mean, I completely abandoned him. Well, it’s true that the bell did ring, but I didn’t even give him a real goodbye or anything. Oh God, I hope he didn’t think I was uncomfortable around him in public.

I was going to make it up to him later, how about that?

“Hey, Frank,” my best friend Eric said, just then arriving to class. “Where were you Friday? You missed an intense free period,” he laughed sarcastically. Eric had been my best friend since last year; we met in detention, how ironic is that? We’d been good friends ever since.

“I decided I didn’t want to go to third period on Friday. I had better things to do,” I grinned in response.

He laughed, and we carried on conversation for the rest of the class period. It seemed like forever until the bell rang, and when it did, we walked with each other class, which for me was history. He was somewhere else on my hall for his next class; I think he had English.

On the way out of our classroom, I noticed a couple making out on the stairs (not a very uncommon sight at our school). What was uncommon, however, was the fact that it wasn’t guy/girl, but guy/guy. I’d never noticed gay couples at this school before.

Eric saw them and immediately looked pissed. “Damn fags!” he yelled at them, throwing a nearby pen at one of them. “Get the hell out of here!”

I looked at him. “Damn fags?”

He looked at me, then back at the couple, who were trying to escape from further pens that might have been launched in their direction. “Yeah. Faggots don’t belong here, or anywhere else. No one needs them.”

“That’s not true. I know a lot of nice f— homosexuals. They aren’t that bad,” I said, trying to come to their defense.

“I don’t give a shit. If any of them come anywhere near me, I swear to God I’ll kill ‘em. No one likes a fag, right?”

“Yeah, no one…” I said distantly, not even listening. I was shocked: the year and a half that I’d known Eric, I hadn’t known he was a homophobe. Then again, I never had a reason to ask. But now that I knew was to happen if Eric were to find out about Gerard?

“Shit, I think the bell just rang,” he said, turning down our hall. “I’ll see you later, Frank.”

“Okay,” I replied, wand walked into my history class hoping Mr. Cullen wouldn’t notice I was late.

Gerard’s POV

My headache got a little better after lunch; I guess eating some food (if you could even call that shit food) helped a bit. I was on my way to my history class, another class in which Frank and I shared. I hoped he didn’t feel awkward around me at school; it sucks to have people close to you suddenly decide they don’t want to have you around anymore.

I made it just before the late bell rang, casually sliding into my seat before the teacher could assume I was late. I looked around the room; where was Frank? Oh, there he was, walking in late. Good job, Frank. He nodded a little hello to me, and I held up my hand in a still wave-ish greeting.

God. So casual. Now I knew for sure he was still uneasy about being around me in public. Damn homophobes, making Frankie feel bad. I watched him slip into his seat on the opposite side of the room from me, since that was the only one available.

Speaking of homophobes, there was Alex and Slam and all their friends, all lined up in the back row. I smirked at Alex, who had a bandage across his nose. He saw me and flipped me off.

I put my head down on the desk, my headache slowly coming back. I stayed like that all through history class, not hearing one word Mr. Cullen said. I think I fell asleep, because the next thing I remembered was Frankie standing over me, the class leaving.

“Gee? Wake up, let’s go,” he said, softly shaking my arm.

“The bell ring yet?” I groaned.

“Yeah,” he replied, helping me up. “You’ve been asleep for the past forty-five minutes, you feeling okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just have a killer headache, that’s all.” He pecked me on the lips, and we left the now-empty classroom. “Why were you late today?” I asked, trying to start a conversation.

“I was talking… to my friend,” he replied. I wasn’t sure what the pause was for, but I decided to ignore it.

“Gotcha. Hey, where’s my English class? I wasn’t here on Friday to go, remember?” I smiled.

“Yeah, I remember. Actually, it’s right up the stairs from here,” he said, looking at my schedule. “So I guess I’ll see you later.”

“What class do you have?”

“Lunch,” Frank replied as some other guy walked up to him.

“Fraaaaank!” the guy said, slapping him on the back.

“Hey, Eric. What’s up?”

“Nothing much, man. Dude, I gotta tell you what happened last class period. There was…” And with that, the Eric guy dragged Frank off towards the cafeteria, leaving me by myself in the hall without even so much as a ‘goodbye’ from Frankie.

English class was boring. I didn’t do anything there either, except write a half-page journal assignment on what my favorite part of Jefferson Hill High School was so far. I bullshitted the whole thing, not telling what I really thought of the place at all.

Math came after English: I had long given up on this geometry shit, and Mr. Brown wasn’t going to make me do it again. I resumed my signature pose with my feet up on the desk and my eyes closed, waiting for the bell to ring. Almost time to get the hell out of there.

When it finally did, I was surprised to run into Frankie outside my classroom door. Not just meeting him, but literally running into him. I was knocked backwards, and the flat part of my back collided with the lockers behind me, making a loud noise. Frankie was still with that Eric guy, who he almost knocked over.

“Hey, you better watch where you’re going!” Eric shouted at me while still trying to catch Frankie’s and his fall.

“Don’t tell me to watch where I’m going, you just worry about yourself.”

“I know you aren’t talking to me like that, you little—”

“Hey!” Frankie stepped in. “Eric, it’s okay, this is Gerard Way. Gee, this is my friend, Eric. We’ve been best friends since last year.”

“Gerard Way…” Eric said slowly. Did my name sound familiar to him or something? “You know this kid?” Eric asked Frank.

“Yeah…” Frank replied quietly. I noticed he was avoiding my gaze.

“You know he’s gay, right?”

My eyes widened. I shot him a confused look, startled by what he had just said. How the hell could he have known that I was gay? I didn’t even know this kid! “Do you know that for a fact?” I asked bluntly.

He smirked and stepped in towards me, as if he was about to start a fight with me. “Yeah,” he said menacingly, trapping me in between him and the lockers. I could smell his poison breath, and by blood turned to ice as he said, “I know your brother.”
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