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Dangerous Games

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Ganondorf decides to take a new path to power, by stealing the Princess' heart. Ganondorf x Zelda, set before the events of Twilight Princess. Rated for safety

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Author's Notes: I took a few liberties with Twilight Princess and the unknown gap between the time Ganondorf was sent to the Twilight Realm and Twilight Princess!Zelda was born. So basically ignore what Shigeru Miyamoto said concerning TP's placement in the timeline. It would make this an AU.


There was a spiral staircase that led from the upper interior of the castle to the ballroom. And this evening it was lavishly decorated with exotic flowers imported from distant lands. The marble floor had been so carefully polished and it glistened under the soft glow of the candles.

The guests were distinguished and dressed in complimentary colors of satin and silk. Their scattered chatter filled the atmosphere of the ballroom. But in a matter of moments, the chatter was silenced at the sound of heels clicking against the hard floor. They turned to see Hyrule's Princess standing at the stair's landing.

She was dressed finely in light purple silk. Complimentary jewels kissed her throat and wrist. And her hair was arranged in neat curls atop her head. This party was in her honor, to celebrate her sixteenth summer. She stepped forward and the crowd parted to clear a path for her as she made her to the throne, where her father was waiting.

The old man smiled warmly at his daughter and extended his hand to her. Together, the two of them walked into the center of the room and began to twirl to the orchestrated lullaby Zelda's former nursemaid once sang to her.

“You look lovely, my dear,” he said to her, his mouth still curled in a smile.

“Thank you, Father,” Zelda replied.

“It would appear I am not the only one who thinks so.” His blue eyed gaze traveled past his daughter and when they turned, she attempted to catch a glimpse of whomever it was her father had seen. The song ended and the king pressed a kiss to his daughter's forehead. Zelda smiled softly and watched her father return to his throne. The scattered chatter returned and the party once again brimmed with life.

The Princess sighed contently and took a step toward her parents, though her steps halted when she felt an unfamiliar hand grasp hers. “It is an honor, Your Majesty.”

Lips rushed against her hand and the princess turned to greet the owner of the voice. He stood erect, blonde haired and neatly arranged. He smiled and it was as if he was mocking her. Sincerity was obviously not a virtue this stranger possessed. But the princess smiled politely and nodded her head to him. “Good evening.”

“I am Marius, of the House of D’asril.”

Zelda looked thoughtful; the name sounded familiar enough. He noticed the look on her face and his smile grew, much to Zelda’s annoyance.

“My father is an advisor to yours,” he said, answering her unasked question.

She nodded once more and idly wondered if he would ever release her hand. He stepped closer as the orchestra began to play a beautiful ballad. “Shall we dance, Princess.”

Zelda assumed he meant this as a request and agreed. She supposed one dance wouldn’t hurt. As the song played, Zelda was forced to notice how uncomfortably close he held her. And despite her best efforts to put distance between them, she found she always ended up pressed closer to him than she liked. She was extremely grateful when the song ended.

“Thank you. Excuse me.” Zelda halted mid-step when she realized Marius had not released her. She looked from the hand that held her arm firmly to his mocking blue eyes. “Could you kindly let me go?”

Marius wore a shark’s grin, taking note of Zelda’s expression as he continued to speak, “Hadn’t you heard? I am to be your escort for the evening. It was our Fathers’ arrangement. His Majesty thought it would be quite terrible for his only daughter to attend her own birthday celebration unescorted.” He kissed her hand again, “Count yourself lucky, my dear.”

Zelda turned around to look at her Father. He simply smiled and waved at her. He seemed oh so pleased that Zelda had met this young man. Certainly he was not the person her father had mentioned earlier. Surely this was all meant in jest! It was quickly becoming apparent that it was not a joke. She coughed awkwardly behind her free hand and tried her best to remain polite. But it was becoming increasingly difficult, the longer his hand remained on her arm. “If we are to spend this evening together, wouldn’t you agree that it would be to our benefit to remain on friendly terms?”

Marius nodded and his hand slipped from her arm, clasping his them behind his back. “I would never do anything to upset you, Your Majesty.”

“Indeed,” she replied. This evening was going to be long. Long and arduous.

And the fact that the guests seemed absolutely thrilled with the couple was not making this any easier. There was whispering, a lot of whispering of what a perfectly marvelous couple the pair made. How Zelda simply complimented Marius and how wonderful it would be if the two of them forged some sort of relationship.

Zelda was more than a little irritated. She had only met the boy that very night and already they deemed him a perfect match for her. This had to be her father’s doing. He was bound, set, and determined to have her married before she was eighteen. And Zelda made a mental note to speak with him on this issue. When it came to matters of love and the heart, her father had no clear sense of direction. And it was times like these Zelda really wished she could love freely.

As the evening wore on, Zelda found herself next to a floor length window, watching the goings on of her party from afar. Marius had been beckoned by their fathers and she took the time she had alone to rest; the boy and his overwhelming personality had not enamored her to him. It had only made her absolutely weary.

The sun had begun to set and the glare caused the princess to shield her eyes. The window where she stood overlooked the gardens. Everything was beginning to bloom and the once devoid shrubberies were now colored with pastel petals. The sight made Zelda smile. The gardens were certainly one of her favorite places to be.

She blinked when she saw the form of a rather tall individual cross the stone paths between rose bushes. It was her understanding that everyone had been invited to this celebration. Had this person not received his invitation? Or did he simply not want to be there. Upon hearing Marius call for her, Zelda decided it would be a good idea to investigate, if only to delay having to return to Marius’ side for as long as possible. As she walked through the large doors, the strange passed by and she caught sight of his large frame. He stood at least a head taller than the tallest soldier. He was broad shouldered, well built, and neatly trimmed bright red hair.

“Excuse me,” said she, firming her grasp on her courage.

The stranger stopped and turned to her, his eyes were dark and it took an indeterminable amount of valor to keep from shrinking back from him. “There is a party inside. Were you not informed of it?” She asked, not skipping a beat, though she swore to Nayru her heart stopped several times.

“I was. But these sorts of celebrations are not to my liking. Therefore I chose not to attend.”

“How unfortunate.”

“Your guests are waiting, Princess.” He said, with a smirk. He nodded to her and turned to walk away.

“Wait.” She took a step toward him and squinted, “I have not seen you before. Who are you?”

“There are some questions best left unanswered,” he replied and began walking again.

Zelda frowned slightly, only a few paces behind him. “May I at least have your name?”

He stopped, his shoulders heaving before turning to face her with something of a sinister smile gracing his lips. He took her hand in his much larger one and raised it to his lips. She stood on her tiptoes to accommodate.

“I am called many things,” said he. She could feel his breath against her hand and a shiver trailed its way down her spine. “But you, Your Grace, my call me Ganondorf.” He pressed a delicate kiss to her hand before releasing her.

Zelda swallowed, unsure of how to respond to him. Ganondorf. Everything about this Ganondorf was dark and he possessed an almost sinister aura. “Pleasure to meet you, Ganondorf,” said she, once her voice had been found.

“Your guests are waiting, Princess. You should return to them.”

“But I…” Her voice trailed off as Ganondorf had begun to walk away, his heavy boots creating a faint, almost hypnotic sound with every step. The feeling of his lips pressed to her hand lingered and her entire arm tingled. He disappeared into a corridor and Zelda was left completely speechless.
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