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Part 2

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After breakfast that morning, Zelda sought refuge in the quiet of the library. It was a dreadful surprise when she was informed that Marius had been invited to spend the entire day with her. She was none too pleased and within an hour’s time spent with him, Zelda felt the need to escape, citing that she had not completed her studies for the week.

Zelda easily reasoned that a simple white lie was harmless enough. If it got her away from Marius, then it was worth it, in her opinion. And aside from that, this gave her time to do her assignments for the following week. There surely was nothing wrong with getting ahead.

She sat alone in the empty room with ancient scrolls spread about the table. History was undoubtedly one of Zelda’s favorite subjects, and she would often study it at her leisure. Being particularly fond of The Hero of Time, his scrolls were generally what she read whenever she took a break from studying. Excerpts from his personal journal, commentary from those who knew him, no matter how brief. She had read everything concerning him and could recite several passages by rote. Dare she say she even had a silly crush on him when she was younger.

The particular scroll that held her attention told a curious story of a world with a falling moon. And the Princess surely would not have believed such a tale, were it not The Hero of Time’s very own words. She closed the scroll and at the very same moment looked up to see what the source of the shadow being cast across the table was.

She looked ready to scold the individual, though she immediately shrank back in her seat when she realized just who her visitor was.

Ganondorf smiled and sat down without being invited to do so. “Good morning, You’re Grace.”

Zelda mustered enough courage to show a rather weak smile. He had such a stifling presence and Zelda thought she would be crushed under the weight. “Good morning.”

He was silent for a moment, his eyes carefully surveying the scrolls Zelda had so meticulously laid out before her. “You are diligent in your studies,” said he.

“History is by far my favorite. I am particularly fond of the stories about The Hero of Time.” She grinned at him and for a moment she felt some of the tension she was feeling ease. She was in her element and thought perhaps Ganondorf shared some of her passion for Hyrule’s past.

Ganondorf felt a sneer curl his lip though he quickly disguised any distaste with a smirk. “Indeed. Stuff of legends. Hardly meant to be taken seriously.” He leaned on the table and earnestly searched her face for any type of reaction and was mildly amused by the one he received.

Zelda was stunned. Everyone spoke so highly of The Hero and she had never once heard of anyone so easily dismissing his exploits. While she was taken aback by this revelation, it made this Ganondorf all the more intriguing to her, “But he saved Hyrule…and…”

“Only children would be entertained by such fantasy.” He stood to leave and Zelda easily detected a hint of disappointment in his voice. Was he mocking her? She frowned as she considered it. She had been mocked enough by Marius. She certainly did not need it from this stranger as well.

She stood up, pressing her palms against the table and leaning her weight on her arms and hands. “Ganondorf, I am no child,” said she. She looked indignant in that moment and her initial shyness had all but vanished.

Ganondorf smirked, his eyes trailing down her arms to the faint glow on her right hand. The Triforce of Wisdom. She bore its mark and such a wonderful plan blossomed in his mind. “You are not?”

She folded her arms across her chest and firmed her stance. She looked even more determined to prove to this mysterious man that she was not childish nor was her admiration of The Hero’s bravery a whim. “Certainly not.”

Ganondorf chuckled. It did not sound as though he was amused. “Clearly. You have my apologies, You’re Grace.” He bowed politely and turned to leave once more. He was more than a little certain that he had gained this girl’s attention with his dismissive behavior toward her precious hero.

“What makes you certain The Hero was not real?”

“You are not the only one versed in Hyrule’s history, Princess.” He kept his back to her, a knowing smirk growing on his lips. He loved being right.

Zelda arched an eyebrow, “Then perhaps we should discuss it more.”

“Perhaps we should.”

The Princess began to sink back into her chair, though it was becoming obvious that Ganondorf was not joining her. “I have business to attend to, Princess. If you truly wish to carry on this discussion, then you will join me tonight. In my chambers.”

Zelda looked flabbergasted by such a brazen invitation to his private chambers. She looked hesitant and was going to refuse. Her thoughts were jumbled and her mouth felt as though it was filled with cotton. The words refused to form. It was against her better judgment, but Zelda wanted to accept. This man, this tall and dark and utterly sinister man was so intriguing to her. And she had no earthly idea why.

He folded his arms over his wide chest and smirked. “Well, Princess? Will you accept my invitation?”

Zelda looked down at her hands and clenched them in her lap before looking up at Ganondorf, her blue eyed gaze matching his. “I will. After dinner, tonight then?”

Ganondorf nodded and he felt triumphant. “Until tonight then, You’re Majesty.”

She bit her lip and stared at an interesting knick in the table’s surface. “You may…call me Zelda,” she said, protocol forgotten. She lifted her head and returned his smile.

“Very well, Zelda.”

The way he spoke her name in that low grating voice of his sent shivers trickling down her spine. She knew it would highly inappropriate for her to be seen going into Ganondorf's chambers. And her adrenalin rushed its way through her veins. It was a little exciting doing something so forbidden. Ganondorf did not seem fazed at all when he asked her. He kept that same almost evil smirk on his face, as if he knew she would accept. And maybe he did know. And maybe that's why she accepted.

Upon arriving promptly for dinner, Zelda looked over at her Father and smiled warmly. “Father, may I be excused early tonight?”

Marius, who sat so very uncomfortably close, glanced at her. He knew she had went out of her way to avoid him during the course of the day and he simply had to remedy that.

“Whatever for, my dear?”

“Well, I found a few particularly interesting scrolls concerning The Hero of Time during my studies today and I would like to read them.”

“May I join you?” Marius asked suddenly and Zelda cast her eyes in his direction. She was never much of a liar. She had practiced this excuse for an early dinner release for two hours before dinner had even been served.

“I...I would prefer to do this alone. Reading is what I do during my leisure time. And I would rather not disrupt my routine.”

Marius frowned and looked at Zelda's father for some kind of support. The king nodded to Marius before turning on Zelda. “Dear, Marius is your guest. You should take him along. At least for a little while.”

“But Father...”

“No buts, Zelda. He will join you.” There was a sense of finality in her father's words and Zelda sighed softly.

“Yes, Father.”

Marius was hot on her heels when they were excused from the table. Zelda's heart raced and she flexed her hands. Her mind worked quickly to form some sort of coherent plan to divest herself of Marius. She stopped just shy of a staircase leading to the upper floors of the castle.

“Is there something the matter, Princess?”

“It would seem I have forgotten several scrolls in the library. Would you be a dear and get them for me? I will go on up to my room and you may join me there.” She smile a genuinely fake smile.

Marius pursed his lips and eyed Zelda. “I would. But I believe I deserve a kiss for my effort.” He stepped closer to her and smirked.

The princess blinked and stepped back, nearly tripping over the bottom step as she did so. “Yes, yes Marius. But after you've gotten the scrolls.” Her chest heaved when he backed off and she released the breath she had no idea she was holding.

“Very well, You're Highness. I will return shortly.”

She sighed with relief at Marius' retreating form and put a hand over her heart as if to attempt to slow it down because it felt as though it would beat right out of her chest. Once she was certain Marius was gone, Zelda turned on her heels and began walking in the opposite direction.

When she arrived at her destination, she was greeted with a heavy iron door. It somehow suited Ganondorf. She took a deep breath to still her shaking hands before slowly raising her hand and knocking.
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