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I never thought....

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Ryan Ross is new to Storm Highschool. Brendon can't bare to be around him.

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I walk into my English class with a slight headache. I have a feeling that today isn't going to be a good day. A couple girls look over at me and giggle. I laugh under my breath. To me any girl's amuzement in me is hilarious. I've ben asked a few times if none of the girls at my last school were good enough. For one, I'm a vampire. Being close to someone is bad. Then there's the little issue of my sexuality. I have absolutely NO interest in the female species. I don't "Swing that way". My "father", who's name is James, Doesn't mind my sexuality. He thinks it's good that I'm unique. Which works for me. He also has a wife. My "Mother" Elizabeth is a beautiful 29 year old. She's been 29 for a long time though.

A new kid walks in. The scent of this kid seems to smack me in the face. I blink several times. He is told to sit beside me. I try not to panic. He nervously walks to the seat beside me. He smiles, with equal nervousness. I try to smile back, but feel as if I'm about to pass out. Or vomit.
"H-hi...I'm Ryan."
"Brendon.", I mumble trying to hold my breath.
He frowns, "Are you alright?"
"I'm great."
"You sure?"
I just nod, covering my nose to stifle the smell.
It barely works.
He sighs, "I hate this school...It's nothing like my old school..."
"Am I...bothering you?"
"No. I'm just. I... Nothing."
"I'll leave you alone now..", he looks offended.
Fuck what is wrong with him?
Why does his blood smell so great? I want so badly to spill it and drink every drop.

I shake my head.
I can't think like that. I have to control it. He's kinda cute...
He frowns at his paper.

In my last class, art, he's there. Of course he is.
I just calmed myself down.
He bites his lip.
Poor guy.
"Ryan!", I call him over.
Why the hell did I just do that?
He comes and sits beside me.
"H-hi again..."
"How...How has your day been?"
"Horrible and confusing, you?"
"I've had better days..."
"Sorry. In English... did I make you mad?"
"No. I'm just...", I bite my lip and sigh, "I'm having a bad day. I'm sorry."
"It's ok..."
"Alright... so I'm sorry about the school and such... It must be hard to move..."
He nods, "You have no clue."
I smirk, "Alright..."
"Do you?"
"I"ve moved, quite alot actually. I never make friends...."
"Really? I'm sorry..."
"It's fine. I don't mind...I'm fine alone."
"Sorry I... What are we supposed to be doing in here?"
"Honestly? Draw some random stuff and you get a good grade."
"Relly? Good, easy A..."
"Prety much."
"Cool. So, what do you for fun?"
I chuckle.
My perspective of fun and his are... quiet different.
"I just hang around my house...I don't get out much."
"Me either...I usually just read..."
"Really? What kind of stuff do you read?"
"You'll laugh.", he blushes.
"I wont."
"Vampires mostly... Lame right?"
"I don't think its lame..."
He smiles.
"So what do your parents do?"
I smile, "My dad's a physyciatrist... Mom stays home."
"My mom goes between jobs... and my dad well...he's a carpenter...They just divorced..."
"Is that why you moved here?"
I'm usually not interested in people but he's Different.
He nods, "My mom decided to move far far away. I'm from Florida...."
"Wow... you did come far..."
He nods.
His smell is so sweet, I want to taste his sweet blood.
He frowns, "What?"
I blink, "Yeah?"
"You keep giving me this odd look."
I can't wait for the bell to ring

I quickly drive home.
I practically run inside.
"Brendon... what's the matter?", dad asks.
"I just.... there's this guy at school...His scent is unbearable. I have to leave. I can't hurt him. And ontop of that, he's cute and...I don't know!"
He smiles, "I think you should stay. I'm sure you can pull it off."
"But he smells far too great. I can not take it. It's torture."
"I'm sorry. You must. Maybe its love?"
"Hardly. I'm sure he's into girls. And I wanted nothing more than to rip the poor boy to shreads."
"Just, let's give it time."
"Well then I have to drink before I'm around him again."
He nods, "Naturally..."
I nod and go up to my room and sigh.
This is gonna suck....

So how is it so far? Love, Hate?
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