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Chapter 19

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The New Addition

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I woke up and it was still dark. I looked over at Nick, who still lay there. I sighed at him. How could this had all happened? I thought through it and still found no answers, not that I was expecting to anyways.
I stood up and walked out of the room, my legs needed a stretch. Nurses and doctors were still running around doing things. I squinted my eyes because of the bright lights outside of our room.
I decided to walk outside, so that the doctors wouldn’t pester me. “You ok?” I heard Kevin’s voice once I had stepped outside. “Huh?” I turned around. “Are…you…ok?” he asked slowly. “Yea I’m fine, just needed to stretch my legs.” I replied. The look he gave me showed that he didn’t believe me at all. “Well I’m really stressed out, but other than that I’m ok.” I corrected myself. “Ok now that I believe.” he chuckled.
“This is all just pretty crazy isn’t it.” he said after a few moments of silence. “Yea it is.” I nodded. “He’ll pull out of it though, I just know he will.” Kevin said almost as if he were reassuring himself and not me. “I hope so.” I mumbled. “Chelce, I know Nick well enough to know he wouldn’t go like this. I know that people don’t usually have a choice in this kind of situation, but Nick is too strong to die.” he said sincerely. “I know Kevin…I know.” I nodded.
“How could this have happened?” I asked breaking the silence. “I don’t really know. Maybe he just forgot about taking care of himself for a while or maybe it just went whacky on him.” Kevin answered. “Well I doubt he could forget, I mean he’s way to used to having to do all that stuff.” I replied. “Yeah, but maybe he was distracted.” he shrugged. I thought for a moment and then it sort of donned on me; everyone forgets about things no matter how important and I shouldn’t just assume that Nick cant forget. I just nodded.
“You know another reason he can’t die Chelce?” Kevin asked. “What would that be?” I furrowed my brow. “You. Nick is way too in love with you.” he smiled at me. “I don’t even think you realize how much he loves you.” Kevin finished. I blushed a little. “How would you know?” I mumbled. “You would know too if all you heard him talk about was Chelcie this and Chelcie that.” Kevin teased. “It can’t be that bad.” I smiled. “Oh believe me.” he sighed. I laughed weakly for the first time in what felt like such a long time.
“Thanks Kevin.” I said. “For what?” he asked. “Talking to me. I really needed that.” I hugged him. “It was no problem Chelce.” he said and hugged me back. “You know you can come to me with anything.” he looked at me. “I do now.” I grinned. “Good.” he nodded.
I was happy that Kevin had talked to me. For a little bit I was really wondering if I could handle all this, but Kevin talked me into having to handle it. We walked inside again. The hospital was just as busy as it had been when we first came here.
Kevin fell back asleep fairly quickly, but I had a hard time. I set my head on the edge of Nick’s hospital bed. I looked at him and could see him breathing, but just barely. I shut my eyes and focused on my breathing, trying to get myself to fall asleep. My breathing got softer and then I fell asleep.


I felt myself waking up, had this all just been a dream? I opened my eyes and seen white walls, this had not been a dream. I looked over and Chelcie had her head rested on the side of the bed. She was sleeping away. Then I noticed that everyone was sleeping, except for Mom and Dad, who weren’t there. I paused for a moment, why on earth wouldn’t they be here?
I was trying to figure out everything that had happened, but I couldn’t remember much. I moved my arm and Chelcie woke up. “Nick?” she rubbed her eyes. “Nick!” her face brightened. “I was so worried!” she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed tightly. I chuckled, “Well I’m fine.” I said. “Fine? Nick you’re not fine! You just got out of a coma!” she shook her head. I seen Brooke and Kevin sit up, “What’s g- Nick?” Kevin smiled. He stood up and walked over to me. We both nodded at each other. Brooke hugged me, “Missed you little bro.” she grinned.
We talked for a couple minutes and then Joe woke up. “Nick!” he jumped up and hugged me. “Huh?” Aubrey mumbled rolled off the chair. “Ouch…” we heard her mutter and then stand up. “Oh Nick!” she smiled brightly and hugged me. “We were all so worried about you.” Chelcie kissed my cheek.
I glanced up and seen my mom walk in. “Nick? Oh sweetie!” she cried a little and then hugged me tighter than she ever had. “It’s ok Mom.” I hugged her back. “Uh before I forget, Happy Birthday honey.” Mom smiled at me. “He’s awake?” Dad walked in. “Yea, get his present.” Chelcie urged. Dad pulled on a leash and a cute fluffy yellow puppy came trotting in. I smiled, I had to admit it was pretty cute. “It’s a yellow ret.” Dad spoke. “What are you going to name it?” Aubrey asked. I thought for a moment, “Elvis.” I grinned. “Should’ve seen that one coming.” Kevin laughed. “Well come on! I have to name something after Elvis Costello.” I rolled my eyes.
“So I see that you’ve finally awaken Mr. Jonas.” a doctor walked in. “Yep.” I replied. “Well we’re going to keep you here for a couple more hours just to make sure everything’s alright and then we’ll see about getting you home. Oh and happy birthday.” she smiled at me and then left. “Maybe you’ll get a birthday party after all.” Brooke laughed. “Maybe.” I nodded.
Joe set Elvis up on my lap. The dog wagged its tail and looked at me expectantly. I took my hand and pet his soft fur. “This is like the cutest dog.” Aubrey said while petting Elvis. “Well I mean not quite as cute as my dog, but still really cute.” she corrected. “My dog is way cuter than yours is!” I frowned at her. “No it’s-” Aubrey got cut off. “Please don’t start a fight over who has the cutest dog.” Brooke interrupted. “Fine.” we both said at the same time.
Elvis was the cutest thing; he was so fluffy and adorable. Elvis was extremely happy at the moment since we were all petting and loving on him. He barked. “Shh!” we all said at him. He made a sad face, “It’s ok Elvis, just don’t do that again.” Chelcie patted his head and Elvis instantly became happy once more.
We waited for what seemed like forever and then the doctor finally came back. “Alright Nick, I think that you’ll be ok to go home now. If you have any problems such as dizziness or nausea come back.” she smiled at us. “Thank you.” Denise spoke. “It was no problem.” the doctor said and walked out of the room.
We left the room so that Nick could get dressed and ready. “Ok I’m ready.” he walked out. Chelcie kissed his cheek and then he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. It was obvious that they had both missed each other. Then again we had all missed Nick, it was definitely a unanimous decision that none of this should’ve happened.
“So little bro did you have a good nap?” Joe teased. “Thanks Joe, thanks for picking on the diabetic.” Nick mumbled sadly. The car went silent. “Sorry man.” Joe apologized. “You fall for that every time.” Nick laughed. We all looked over at Nick. “Why the crap do you do that?” I hit his shoulder. “Ow! Because it’s funny.” Nick laughed.
At last we were home again. Denise babied Nick quite a bit through the afternoon. “Mom, I’m ok! You don’t have to do everything for me.” Nick laughed. “I’m sorry honey, but I just was so scared.” Denise hugged him for the billionth time today. He hugged her back, even though I could tell that he was getting a little tired of the hugs and the kisses.


I laughed quietly to myself as Nick got overwhelmed by attention. It was hilarious watching the whole deal, not to mention that Chelcie might have been just as bad as Denise. They both got everything for him and showered him in hugs and kisses. I was happy that he was ok, but I wasn’t going to humiliate him anymore than he was.
Kevin looked over at me and smiled. He was extremely happy that Nick was ok. Kevin was always so protective and caring over his family and friends, sometimes it amazed me. I had to admit, though, that I was happy that Kevin wasn't being as clingy to Nick as Chelcie and Denise were being.


Everyone started laughing when Joe basically tackled Nick and started hugging him. “Oh I’m so happy your ok!” he shouted in his most girly voice. “Get off me!” Nick pushed on Joe. Joe continued to make strange noises and hug on Nick. “Joseph get off your brother! He has had a rough time and he doesn’t need you to be smothering him!” Denise helped Nick off the ground. Joe laughed and sat back down.
As the afternoon went on things began to settle down a bit. “I say we go swimming in the pool.” Joe said as the sun was nearly gone. “Joe it’s almost nighttime. We do not need to be swimming.” I looked over at him. “Oh come on it’ll be fun!” he grinned at me. “I’ll only go if everyone else goes.” I crossed my arms. Joe looked over at everyone. “Yea sure.” they shrugged. “Yay!” Joe jumped up. “Shh!” we all looked at him. “What?” he asked. “Mom and Dad are sleeping you idiot.” Kevin shook his head. “Oh.” he laughed.
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