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Chapter 20

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Just A Swim...or Maybe More?

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The reason for us swimming at ten-o-clock at night, I’m not really sure. Somehow Joe got us to though. The girls and I went upstairs to get our swimsuits on, as did the boys. “I hate swimsuits.” I muttered under my breath when I looked in the mirror. “I love swimsuits.” Brooke commented as she stepped out of the bathroom. “I’m a little cold now.” Chelcie said rubbing her arms. “Yea me too, so come on.” Brooke spoke and we went back downstairs.
“Finally you guys are done!” Joe sighed loudly. I rolled my eyes. “You know what we’re girls and we want to look nice so get over it!” Brooke scolded and then walked over beside Kevin. “You always look nice though.” Nick smiled over at Chelcie. I rolled my eyes once again, so sappy. “Why thank you.” Chelcie smiled back at him. Joe made smooching noises. Nick looked over at him, “Thanks Joe…” he said sarcastically. “No problem little bro.” Joe grinned.
We went out the back door and out to the pool. Joe just jumped in. Since I’m not really one to go underwater I just climbed in the pool. Joe swam over to me and grinned. “What?” I asked. “Nothing.” he replied. I looked in his eyes, that boy was always up to something. “Whatever you’re going to do I suggest you don’t.” I cocked my eyebrow. “How did you know I was going to do something?” he pouted. “Because you are a terrible liar.” I laughed. “No I’m n-ok I am.” he shrugged. I giggled at him, he was so adorable when he admitted to things.
The rest of them finally got in. “We should play polo.” Brooke suggested. We shrugged. “I say that Nick should have to go first.” Kevin nodded. “Fine.” Nick mumbled. Nick closed his eyes and started. “Marco.” he said. “Polo!” Chelcie said as she swam away from him. He began to frustrated until he got Brooke, who laughed. He opened his eyes, “I knew I was close to someone!” he smiled in achievement.
Brooke had a terrible time finding people, so eventually she just opened her eyes. “Hey that’s cheating!” I frowned. “I don’t care anymore! I’m sick of having to look for you all.” she shook her head. “Ok fine sore loser.” Joe teased. “I wouldn’t talk if I were you, Mr. IfIdon’twinipouttogetmyway.” she spoke. Joe tried to think of a comeback, but then just never said anything else.
Our game of polo went on for quite a while. Soon we all found out that none of us were very good at it anyway. I looked at my hands and I could see wrinkles all over them. I loved being in the water, but I hated that if you were in it for too long you got all pruney. I glanced around and noticed that all of us had pruney hands, I laughed quietly to myself about it.
“I’m going to bed.” Brooke announced as she got out of the pool. “Yea me too.” Kevin followed her. “Oooo!” we all mocked them and Joe made kissy noises. “Oh shut up!” Brooke said as she walked inside. We laughed.
I felt myself start to get tired and decided that I should probably go to bed before I fell asleep in the water. “I’m going to go inside and get some sleep.” I said and got out of the pool. Nick and Chelcie said goodnight and then Joe followed me. He walked upstairs with me and I kissed him softly, “Goodnight Joe.” I smiled. “Can’t I come in?” he asked. “Sleep in your own bed tonight.” I laughed. He pouted. “Fine.” I mumbled and rolled my eyes. He grinned at me and I had to smile.


It was too long after Brooke and Kevin went to “bed” that Joe and Aubrey decided to go to bed too, leaving Nick and I alone. I swam over to him, “Happy birthday.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Thank you.” he kissed my lips softly. “I’m so happy you’re ok.” I set my head on his shoulder. “Yea I’m happy too.” He laughed lightly. “I just don’t know what I would’ve done if…” my voice faded. “Well it’s ok now…” he looked in my eyes. “I know.” I nodded. He kissed my cheek, “I couldn’t of left you anyway.” he whispered.
He held me close and just hugged me. There was really nothing else that needed to be said. “I love you so much Chelcie.” he murmured. I looked up at him and smiled, “I love you too.” I spoke.
Nick began to hum Got Me Going Crazy, only instead of in a fast paced rock song he hummed it softly and slower. I smiled and he started to slow dance there with me. I giggled and he grinned brightly. “You are so funny sometimes.” I said. “I’m not funny, I’m trying to be romantic.” he commented. “Oh sorry for ruining it for you.” I laughed. “It’s ok I forgive you.” he nodded. “Good.” I kissed his cheek.
We just swam in the pool for a while and it was nice. I was beyond happy that he was home and ok. “I’m all pruney.” I laughed and looked at my hands. “Yea so am I.” he looked at his hands too. “We should probably go to bed soon.” he spoke. “Yea.” I agreed with him. We got out of the pool and dried off. “Goodnight.” I said standing outside of my door. “Night.” he spoke and kissed me. I smiled at him as he walked back down the hallway. Nick was so amazing.
I went inside my room and changed back into pajamas, they were so much warmer than being in that wet swimsuit. I climbed into bed and turned off the lamp beside my bed. I was so happy that everything was back to normal again, I hated when things got dramatic or bad. I closed my eyes.


Aubrey let me in her room, all I had to do was grin. I really didn’t have to do much to get my way when I was around her, which was kind of sad. It’s a good thing that I’m not a bad guy or she wouldn’t be very happy.
She came out of the bathroom in her pajamas. “You’re not aloud to sleep in my bed with wet clothes.” she commented and then got in her bed. “Well I guess I could take it off.” I pretended as if I was going to. “Hey! Hey! Hey!” she threw a pillow at me. “Go change and then come back.” she frowned. I laughed and went to my own room to change.
When I came back she had already fallen asleep. I chuckled to myself, she looked so sweet when she slept. I crawled in beside her and wrapped my arms around her. She mumbled something and rolled over to where she was facing me. I looked at her snoozing away. She looked so beautiful with her hair messy around her face and her face looking so peaceful. I kissed her forehead and then looked at her until I fell asleep.


I followed Kevin up to his room. I knew that we only went to bed early to have some alone time, but I didn’t care, it was always too nice for me to care. I walked into his room and then Kevin’s lips were against mine. I kissed him back. I had a weird feeling about tonight, as if something was going to happen. I tried to think of what it could be, but it’s kind of hard to do that with Kevin’s lips being there.
Kevin held me closer and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pulled away for a second, “I love you…” he whispered softly. “I love you too.” I smiled and kissed him once more.
I loved when he told me that he loved me, there was nothing in the world that made me happier. The way his voice sounded when he said that was so sincere and so honest that it nearly made tears fall from my eyes.
The kissing was getting to intense to even stand there, we began to move backwards until we fell onto bed. Our lips never parted. He kissed fiercely and I kissed him right back. I started to become unaware of anything around us, not that it bothered me. All I cared about at the moment was him.
My heart beat faster and my breathing quickened. I ran my hands across his chest and he kissed me even more passionately. His hands ran lightly across my skin, giving me chills. My hands trailed down his back and then he started to kiss my neck. He undid the back of my swimsuit top and he paused to remove it. He stared down at me and then kissed my lips. We continued until neither of us had our swimsuits on.
It was then that he kissed me with more passion than he had ever done. I had never loved him more than I did now. I felt him slide into me and I gasped a little, but held him closer. I never thought that we could become closer than we were before now, but I was wrong.
I could feel his heart beating at the same rate mine was. At first it was almost painful, but then it changed into the most amazing feeling I had ever dreamed of. I gripped his back as if to try to pull him closer, even though that wasn’t even possible. He kissed my neck and I felt myself get lightheaded. Nothing had ever felt this way.
He slowed to a stop and put his head on my chest, breathing hard. I placed my hand in his hair. He looked up at me and mouthed ‘I love you’ and I mouthed it back. We were both too out of breath to even speak.
We laid that way for what felt like a long time and then I felt myself start to get cold. “I’m cold.” I spoke breaking the silence. “Yea me too.” Kevin nodded. We both crawled under the covers and I fell quickly asleep.


I looked at Brooke while she slept. I began to think about tonight and I started to feel guilt overwhelm me. I glanced down at the ring that fit onto my ring finger. I couldn’t believe that I had went against my beliefs…just because I wasn’t thinking. What had I done?
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