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You only thought it was Frerard.

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Gerard Way's face is stuck in my head. His stupid gorgeous eyes and smile. His stupid melodic laughter. His stupid soft hands and perfect touch. His black hair and pale skin. What is his problem? How could he say he loves me, then do what he did? It took so long to admit how I felt... I should have kept my stupid mouth shut. No. I just had to tell him that I love him.
I look into a mirror and glare at the crying boy looking back at me.
"You're pathetic.", I say with an icy tone.
I feel a sudden durge of anger.
"You're stupid!", I yell.
I punch the mirror, the shattering glass going into my fist.
I punch it again and again.
"You'r a pathetic idiot! No wonder he doesn't love you! You don't deserve love!"
Then there are no more words. Just a loud frustrated yell.
Blood is all over the wall and sink.
I'm a very free bleeder.
I stop and slide down the wall, crying.
I really am pathetic.

My phone rings. It's Gerard's ringtone.
I don't dare answer.
I have a voicemeail.
I ignre it.
Moments later, I hear Mikey's ringtone.
I sigh and answer it, while nursing my bloody hands.
"Hey Frank! I've been trying to reach you for hours."
"Phone didn't ring.."
"How are you?", he asks cautiously.
"Fucking Fabulous. You?"
"I'm just trying to help Frankie..."
"So, I'm on my way over.."
widen, "What?"
"Yeah, I thought you'd like some company, then you didn't answer so...
"Oh...ok... See ya when you get here bye!"
I quickly hang up and run to the bathroom.
There's glass nad blood everywhere.
There's a knock on the door.
"How the fuck is he here so quickly?"
I should've cleaned this up last night...
I go and answer the door.
He smiles, "Hey Frank..."
I poorly fake a smile, "Hi Mikey..."
He frowns, "I'm so sorry..."
I shrug, "I'll get over it... I guess."
"You were withhim for so long and...I'm so sorry!"
"It isn't your fault... you did put a gun to his head and make him fuck that girl, get her pregnant and ask her to marry him..."
"True but...I feel horrible..."
"Well don't.It isn't your fault or problem...."
"You're my best friend and he's my brother. It is my problem...He tried to justify what he did to me..."
"I told him he's full of shit..."
"He's your brother Mikes-"
"But he was wrong..."
"'re with me?"
He nods, "Duh...You can do better than Ger- OH MY GOD What happend to your hands?!?"
I fake a laugh, "Funny story about that."

Mikey gapes at the bathroom. There's blood spilled everywhere. All over the floor, the sink the remainder of the mirror, and the walls.
He looks over at me, "How- what I don't....when and..."
"Last night I lost it...I started punching the mirror."
"I'm sorry I tried to clean it beofre you got here but-"
"I can't believe it Frank..."
"I'm sorry..."
"Are youalright? Do I need to drive you to a hospital?"
"NO, I'm fine...."
"Ok.... at least... go eat something...."
"I really should clean this..."
"After you eat, and I'll help you.."
"It's my blood Mikey...It's ok."
He smiles at me kindly, "I don't mind Frankie."
"You sure?"
Mikey forces me to eat a PB&J sandwich.
Then we clean the bathroom.
We bag up the glass from the mirror and put it in the trashbin outside.
We scrub the blood off of everything.
After our cleaning, we play video games.
He kills me at Zelda.
I get him at Mario.
And so on and so forth.
He looks at his phone, "Damn..."
"It's almost midnight..."
He nods, "I don't like driving in the dark..."
"You can stay here.... so I don't have another fit..."
He smiles, "Ok..."
I smile back.
He watches tv as I get a shower.
I wash my hair and get soap in my eye."
I groan in pain.
Stupid soap.
I slip and fall.
My fall is quite loud.
I can hear Mikey run to the door.
"Are you ok?"
I laugh, "I slipped."
He sighs with relief, "You scared me to death!"
"Sorry.... I promise it wasn't on purpose....It hurt..."
"Alright... IF I go watch tv, will you be moer careful,or do I have to come in and help you?"
I hear myself giggle, "Please join."
He chuckles, "You're hopless, Frankie."
"Just be careful..."
"Is Mikey scared to join?"
"Hardly. Bye Bye Franklin..."
Did I really just ask him to shower with me?

Mikey yawns as The Nightmare Before Christmas ends. With yawns being so contagious, I yawn as well.
"So.....where do you want to sleep?"
"Um...wherever you put me."
I grin, YOu shouldn't say that stuff."
He smiles, "YOu know what I mean jerkoff."
"You wanna just share my bed?", I blush.
I'm blushing now?
He nods, with a small smile.
We wakl up to my room and lay down.
He hugs me, "Sweet dreams Frankie."
"You gave me that nickname, didn'tyou?"
He nods, "I called you Frankie before it was cool."
I smile, "I called you Mikes before it was cool...."
He nods.
"Night....Sweet dreams."
"You too Mikey...."
I close my eyes and claer my mind.
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