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Mikey stays with Frank for a few weeks.

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I smile and watch Mikey talk to his girlfriend on the phone. He can't stand her. But, he doesn't want to hur her. It's been this way for three months.
"No, Elissa, I have a family thing to night, I'm so sorry...Really? Well its kind of a just family thing, otherwise I'm sure my family would love for you to come... Yeah? Ok bye...", he hangs up with a sigh.
"What, No 'I love you Elissa'?", I grin.
"Shut up."
I hug him, "Just break up with her."
"I don't know how...I've never broken up with anyone...Just been broken up with..."
"Thenmake her break up with you..."
"Annoy her. Keep blowing her off. Whatever it takes."
"She's so annoying..."
I laugh, "Why did you ask her out anyways?"
"Because then she seemed nice and alright...and...nevermind.", he blushes.
"I was lonely. Isn't that so lame?"
"I don't think it's lame..."
He smiles, "Really?"
I nod.
"I don't know hoe to make her stop liking me."
I start to laugh.
"Tell her you think about guys naked. And some other off the wall stuff that isn't true."
He fakes a laugh, "Yeah... other not true things..."
I raise an eyebrow, "It isn't true is it?"
"No!, he blushes.
I decide to be nice and drop it.
I shrug, "Alright. So, you hungry?"
Mikey nods, "Yeah..."
"Pizza cool?"
He smiles, "Yeah I LOVE pizza!"
"This I know..."
We order pizza.
"So, when was it we decided that you live here?"
He shrugs, "I decided."
I shrug, "Ok... I'd hate to be alone anyways..."
"Good. I've been living with my parents.... This is a definate improvement I don't have to be afraid to swear."
I chuckle.

More later. Sorry this chapter's short
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