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Why Isn't She Running?

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Nicole and Gerard are perfect together. It’s amazing. They’re made for each other, though no one could ever guess it without seeing them together.
Mikey and I don’t tell anybody about the locker incident. I think he was embarrassed, and he said he didn’t want to trouble anyone with it. I didn’t push him, because I know what he’s talking about, though on a slightly larger scale.

Frankie, Bob and I have joked about some real revenge on the people who can’t seem to leave us alone. At first it was just fantasizing. It seems like a better idea every single day.

Frankie is starting to get more curious about my bruises. I made the mistake of rolling up my sleeves, and he stared intently at my arms, though he didn’t ask any questions. When I came to school with a burn on my arm, I said it was from cooking, though it was quite obvious that it was from a cigarette. I don’t know what I’ll do if he demands the truth, because I seem to be having a difficulty lying to him.

I keep thinking about how he said “Everyone’s got their shit.” I wonder what he meant by that. What his shit is.

Now I stare out the window from the cheapskate coffee shop we’re sitting in. I can see my street from here, the house that is my hell. I know I’m late. My dad won’t be happy.

“Iron Maiden was better than Morrisey.” Ray says, banging a fist down on the table, earning an angry look from the owner who’s wiping off tables. He won’t kick us out though. We’re the only people who ever come here.

“Whatever.” Gerard says. “Iron Maiden is awesome, but Morrisey’s lyrics...” he trails off in admiration.

“Avenged Sevenfold is better than both of them.” Nicole says. Ray and Gerard both stare at her in disbelief. “What?” She shrugs. “They’re awesome.”

“Not that awesome!” Ray and Gerard both say at the same time. The debate goes on, and I smile to myself, while I continue to stare at my house. I’m beginning to worry about how late I am, and eventually, it gets the better of me.

“Guys, I gotta go. I’m really sorry. See you later.” I pick up my bag and run out, before anyone can ask me any questions. I do see Frankie staring after me, with a confused expression on his face, but he doesn’t follow me.

I pray my father isn’t home, but the moment I open the door, I know he is.
“Where the hell were you, bitch?” He slurs from the couch. I swear to myself and drop my bag before walking in to where he is. I’ve learned ignoring him isn’t a very smart choice.

“I was with friends.”

“Well, they aint much friends if they’re getting you in trouble. These the same friends you spending all your time with?”

I nod. He smirks.

“I got news for you bitch. You aint got no friends. They aint your friends. No one gives a shit about you. You’re lucky I put a goddamn roof over your head. Waste of space if”

“SHUT UP!” I scream, at the very top of my lungs. “I NEVER DID ANYTHING TO YOU! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?”

My father stares at me, complete hatred in his eyes.

“You’re going to regret that bitch.”

Frankie’s POV- 10 minutes earlier
Evangeline runs out the door, and I stare blankly after her. Something’s wrong. I’m gonna find out exactly what it is this time.

“Guys, I gotta go too. I’ll see you later.” I go out, and I don’t even know how much they notice. The Morrisey, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold debate is getting pretty intense.

I follow Evangeline, only a few minutes away. She doesn’t notice me; I stay too far behind. When she goes into her house, I wait until she shuts the door, before running to the window to peek through the window. Neither Evangeline, nor the guy inside can see me. I watch her drop her bag, say something I can’t hear to the man. He says something else, and Evangeline screams.


The guy watches her, says something softly. Evangeline’s face suddenly holds an expression of pure terror. I’ve never seen her even look scared. And now she’s terrified. The guy gets up off the couch, putting a bottle down on the floor. He takes a few steps towards her, and she takes a few back. Soon, she’s backed up against the wall. Now there’s no fear on her face whatsoever. She just stands there, while the man brings his fist back and smashes it into her stomach. I wince, but she doesn’t do anything.

Why isn’t she running? Why is she just standing there?

The man punches her again, then hurls her to the floor. She doesn’t move, doesn’t attempt to get up. He kicks her chest, and she just lies there and takes it.

I feel anger burning like adrenaline. This man is hurting her so bad.

The man kicks her over with his foot, then brings his foot down on her wrist. I hear her gasp; the first sign of pain she’s shown. He punches her in the lip, and I see blood trickle down. I actually see her wince when he crushes down onto her chest, with excessive force.

Why I am I just watching this? I have to stop it.

I look around wildly, for something, anything. I have to help her.

Evangeline’s POV

I swallow hard, over and over, gritting my teeth. Anything to keep from crying out. Because I won’t cry out.

My vision is swimming with unwanted tears as my father’s foot catches me in the middle of my back. I fall to the ground again, and I couldn’t get up if I wanted to. I drag my hand along my face to get rid of the tears, and I can make out my father, looking down on me, from so far away. Suddenly, there’s a crash. I can hear the clang as something makes contact with his skull. His eyes unfocus, and he falls, crashing down, nearly on top of me. Even with my messed up vision, I can still see that there was a person behind him. I try to take in the small figure, dark haired, dressed in dark colors. I see the piercing hazel eyes, and I know, though it doesn’t make sense. Frankie.

“Evangeline!” He says, dropping down beside me.

“What the hell are you doing here Frankie?” I force out through the pain. It hurts so bad…I can’t remember the last time he hit me like this…

“Not now.” Frankie replies. “Are you ok?”
“Fine. I’m f-“ But I can’t even finish. I squeeze my eyes shut, completely lost in everything. The pain is getting to the point of nausea. I swallow desperately, but it doesn’t help. With some of the last bits of energy, I force myself up, with the help of a bewildered Frankie, stumbling over my feet as I make my way to the bathroom. I fall onto my knees as my stomach rejects anything I’ve eaten. Frank pulls my hair back, whispering soothingly in my ear.

When I was younger and my father hit me, I used to not want to eat, because it was common for me to get sick afterwards. That hasn’t happened in a long time; it was a mark of how much he’d hurt me that it was happening now.

When I’m finished, I can’t even support my body, I sway, even sitting, and slump towards the tiles. Frankie holds me up, and after a moment , he pulls me into his arms and stands.

“What’re you doing?” I mumble.

“Taking you somewhere safe. Where he can’t hurt you anymore.” Is the reply that I get. Of course. Even now, no straight answers from Frankie.

The last thing I see before I black out is my father, out cold on the floor. The last thing I feel is Frankie’s arms around me.

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