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Bite Me!

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Pete Wentz is a vampire. His Bestfriend, Patrick doesn't care.

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My best friend, Pete Wentz is a vampire. He as bitten almost two years ago. It was a late November night, and he got pissed off at Joe's and just left. He rode there with me, so he wakled. Somewhere along the way to his house, some freak jumped out of the bushes. He figured it was just some weirdo trying to scare him. He was wrong. He got tackled to the ground and then all he remembers is horrific pain. He woke up on the rooftop of my house. He had a really bad pain in his neck, but didn't think about it. He jumped off the roof, landing on his feet. He climbed up to my window and banged on it. It was Saturday. So, I was half asleep when he opened my window and shook me. I told him that I'm up and asked what the hell he was doing. He explained the previous night. Then he screamed in agony and grabbed his neck. I looked at his neck and discovered two deep holes. I gasped and showed him in the mirror. He freaked out and well anyways, He's a vampire. Andy and Joe freaked out and wont be alone with him. I'm always alone with him. My cousin works as a nurse and has the "Blood Hookup". So, he's never directly bitten anyone, except one time he almost bit me, but that's all over now, and I'm not bothered by it. Since then, my house burned down and I live with Pete. Currently though, we're on tour. Andy and Joe are quite freaked out by that. Being on tour, with a vampire. I think its cool. I don't care if he's a vampire, he is and always will be, my (Highly atrractive) best friend.

Short first chapter, but more to come. =)
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