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Vampires Will Never Hurt You

by PatbtrthnPete

Pete almost messes up on stage.

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Pete takes a sip of his drink. Its a mixture of coke and A negative blood. Joe watches him, turning pale. Andy smacks the back of Joe's head and quietly tells him to stop staring. Poor Pete. I frown. Pete's face turns red and he stop drinking. He busies himself with reading Harry Potter. I watch his eyes go back and forth on the page. He reads faster now that he's a vampire. The bus stops and Mike wakls back to talk to us. Mike is our bus driver.
"Hey guys, Should we stop to eat?"
Andy nods, "Yeah, I want to move around some."
"Alright, where?"
"Somewhere with pizza?", Pete suggests.
Joe nods, "That works..."
Pete can eat normal food, it just doesn't really fill him up and definately doesn't satify him.
So we sto at a local pizzaria and chow down on some cheese pizza. Joe gets a small meatlovers. Andy frowns at him.
"You can't stop me from eating meat Mr. ExVegan."
He glares at him and eats his slice of cheese pizza.
Andy gave up on being vegan, but I'm sure he'll never eat meat.
Pete nibbles on a slice with a small frown.
"What's wrong?", I ask.
"I'm kinda thirsty..."
Joe's eyes widen.
Pete groans, "Patrick can I have a drink of your coke?"
I nod, "It's diet."
"I don't care."
I smile at him.
I can tell Andy's holding back the urge to smack Joe.
Joe sighs, "Look I'm sorry but what the fuck was I supposed to think?"
Pete sinks in his chair, turning red.
I give Joe the most hateful Go-To-Hell look in history.
Pete's a vampire, so fucking what?!
He would never hurt one of us. Except, maybe Joe, asshole.
Pete frowns, "I'll just... go wait outside...", he stands up and leaves.
I know his eyes were watering.
"Joe you're such a fucking asshole!"
I get a small box and put a few pieces of pizza in it.
I go to the bus.
I open the door and Pete looks up at me with his tearstreaked face.
"Hey...", I smile.
He tries to smile back.
"Pete...its ok..."
I put the box down and pull him into a hug.
He calms down and I can feel him smell my neck.
He pulls away quickly, "Shit-sorry!"
"It's ok..."
"Patrick... You're so naive!"
"You trust me way too much! I'm a fucking vampire! I could hurt you!"
"Could, but wont."
"How do you know that?"
"I just do..."
"NO, you think you do! Patrick... A second ago, I almost bit you!"
"You didn't."
"That time! Next time I may. Patrick, you smell so good...I want your blood."
I'll admit, that scared me a little.
"But you wont.", I say more bravely than I feel.
"Pat...neither of us know that. I really can't blame Joe... or Andy for being freaked out. I'm a vampire. I can kill at ease. I could loose control."
"You wont..."'
"There's no reasoning with you is there?"
I grin, "Nope."
He sighs.

The crowd is screaming at the top of their lungs. I play my guitar and sing Sugar. Pete runs around with his bass. He walks over to me and lays his head on my shoulder, giving me the chills. He chuckles and walks away. A loud scream is heard. I look to the sound of the scream and gasp. A teenage girl, about 16, has fallen and her head is busted. Pete stops and closes his eyes. I grab Pete and carry him backstage.
"I-I can still smell..."
I help him outside.
He leans on me.
"That scared me...", he frowns.
"Me too..."
"Thanks Patrick."
"For what?"
"Getting me away..."
"Oh, that? Don't mention it. It was no trouble."
"No. I'm really thankful. If you hadn't have gotten me away... so many bad things could happen."
"I'd do it any time though..."
"I still want to go back... Distract me."
"Sing to me."
"S-sing to you?"
"Yes. Your voice calms me down, now please?"
"What do I sing?"
"Whatever, just please?"
"You are my sunshine, My only sunshine. You make me happy, when skies are grey. You'll never know dear, How much I love you, so please don't take my sunshine away."
He chuckles, "You would sing something like that."
"It's what came to my mind...."
"Well, it worked."
"It did?", I asked shocked.
He nods.

The rest of the concert goes smoothly.

We go back to the bus, tonight, we're staying in a hotel. Yay no cramped bus!
"So the concert went realy well considering...", Joe stops.
"Considering I could have drained that poor girl of all her blood?", Pete snaps, "Yes, it did go pretty damn well."
"I-I didn't mean it that way Pete..."
"Don't fucking lie to me to save your ass Joe! I'm not stupid I know exactly what you were going to say."
"Oh really Wentz? You have mind reading powers now?"
"No, but it isn't as if you haven't been saying shit like that!"
"Fuck you Wentz, it's not my fault I want to keep my blood."
"I don't want yourfilthy blood, I'd probably get high from one Goddamn Sip!"
"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"
"It doesn't take being a vampire to know that you're taking pills again!"
"I'm not!"
"Oh? Then what is in the third pouch in your bag?"
"You went through my stuff?"
"NO, I saw you put it there!"
Andy looks at Joe, hurt.
"You started again?"
Joe sighs, "I never stopped Andy..."
"What!?!", he yells, "You never stopped?"
Joe looks down, "No..."
"You promised...", Andy's eyes water.
"I'm sorry..."
"Whatever don't fucking talk to me.", he goes to his bunk.
"SEE WHAT YOU DID?", he yells.
"I hate you Pete."
"Good for you!"
"It is!"
"Go fuck yourself!", Pete glares at him.
"Go get staked!"
I bite my lip.
Joe storms away and goes to his bag.
He grabs a handfull of pills and shoves them in his mouth.
Andy sees him do it.
He's never looked so hurt. Joe is so oblivious. It doesn't take a genious, or vampire, to tell that he's in love with Joe.
I have no clue what he sees in Joe. Not one single clue.
Andy curls up into a ball and screams into his pillow.
I frown.

We get to the hotel.
Joe smiles over at Andy, who returns a glare.
"A-are we still sharing a room?"
"No. I would rather jump off a fifty floored building."
"Andy... Come on..."
"No. Sleep in traffic for all I care."
"We erm... only have enough for two rooms Andy..."
"I'll sleep in the bus then!", he crosses his arms."
"No, Andy...", Pete frowns, "If you aren't afraid I'll devour you, We can share a room. I promise I'll drink until I'm full."
"Wait, where does that put me?", I ask.
"With Joe.", Pete informs me.
I frown, "But....I always share a room with you..."
"What, you hate me too?", Joe frowns.
"It's nothing against you but..."
Pete pulls me away from Andy and Joe, "Are you about to cry?", he whispers.
"NO!", I say defensively.
"It'll be ok, they'll both cool off after tonight, just chill..."
I frown and nod.

Joe and I walk into our room. I sigh and go to the bed farthest from the door. I lay down.
"Did I upset you too?", he frowns.
"No... Well the pills thing does bother me but it isn't you..."
"You're used to sharing a room with your boyfriend?"
"OH, sorry, its not official yet. Pete."
I pull the covers over my face.
"Whatever...I'm not stupid Patrick."
"Clearly, because smart people take pills!", I snap.
I shove my earphones into my ears and listen to my ipod.
He responds with something but my ipod is louder.
I text Pete.

Joe is pissing me off.


He's a jerk =/

I hadn't noticed Sarcasm

Anyways.... I cant sleep

Me either.

hey... aren't vampires s'posed to be nocturnal?

Guess I'm a mistake vampire lol


try to sleep... you need it...

Fiiine night Pete...

Night. Oh and uh... sweet dreams.

you too....

I plug up my phine and close my eyes.
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