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You put my head in such a flurry

by PatbtrthnPete

The tour ends.

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Andy hasn't talked to Joe in two whole weeks. It seems to be killing Joe. I do feel a little bit symthetic. He's more stressed out so he's downed pills more often. That just pisses Andy off more. Andy walks over clse to Joe.
Joe smiles at him, "Hey."
In responce, Andy flips him off.
He sighs and reaches into his bag. Andy snatches the bag from him and pulls out at least 20 pill bottles. He grabs them all and locks himself in the bus bathroom.
I'm afraid he's about to take them.
We can hear him unscrew all of the lids. Then we here the toilet flush. He walks out with a smile. He drops the bottles into Joe's lap. Joe's jaw drops.
"Andy, what the hell?!?"
He shrugs.
Joe grabs Andy by the shoulders, "If you're going to flush my pills, fine, but you can at least talk to me!"
"What the fuck do you want me to say?"
"That you love me!", Joe's eyes get glassy.
Andy is taken by comlplete shock, as are Pete and I.
"Nothing!", he releases Andy and turns to go to his bunk.
Andy pulls him back and shoves his lips against Joe's.
Joe kisses back. Their tounges meet and I look away.
I can't just watch them makeout.
Pete looks away too.
I wish that were Pete and I...minus the whole drugs thing...
I blush.
Pete and I go to m y bunk and lay down.
"I've been waiting for them to do that..."
"ME too."
He smiles, "I just didn't expect stubborn-ass Joe to be the one to admit it."
"Me either. I always figured Andy would yell it at him."
He chuckles, "Me too."
I envy them. At least they love eachother back. Pete will never love me.
He hugs me, "Thanks for being so cool about my Vampirism..."
"What are best friends for?"
"Yeah...I kinda feel envious of Andy and Joe."
"You're telling me.", I mumble.
"I mean, I'd love to be with'd be hard with being a vampire..."
"No it wouldn't...You could be dead and still have people wanting to screw your corpse."
"That's pretty weird though..."
"Yeah... You stilll ahve a better chance than me."
"Whatever Patrick."

Pete and I run into his house. We're quite happy about the tour being over. We like tours, but you get annoyed with the cramped bus and such.
Pete goes to shower. I decide to doodle some.
"I want to sceam I LOVE YOU from the top of my lungs but I'm afraid that someone else will hear me."
Pete snatches my paper and reads it.
I frown, "Meany. How'd you shower so fast?"
"I'm good like that."
I stick my tounge out at him.
He smiles, "That's good...seems kinda personal though..."
"It's not.", I lie.
He shrugs, "Fine, don't tell me."
I flip him off.
"Well that's nice."
I shrug.
"Hey Pat..."
"Yes Peter?"
"I'm running out of..... ya know..."
"How much you have left?"
"Um. I drank it..."
"Oh? I can't get any from Mindy until Tuesday..."
"That's fine, what's today?"
"Wednesday. That's almost a week..."
"I'll be fine."
I can tell he doesn't believe it.
"I'll try to get you something...."
Blood is like a drug to Vampires. They are addicted. Only, unlike drugs, they NEED blood.
I smile, "No prob."
I call Mindy and she tells me she can sneak a couple.

Mindy knocks on the door.
I answer it.
She smiles, "Hey Patrick. I have the uh..."
I nod and take the box, "Thanks cuz."
"No problem. Where's Pete?"
"Went for a walk..."
"Ok... well see you Tuesday."
I smiles, "Thanks again."
She nods.

I deicde to bags of blood in Pete's freezer. We got a seperate one, because that's just weird to store blood and food togather. I look at the names on the bags.
"Jorge Smith, Susan South, Patrick Stump..."
I almost drop that bag. I gasp. Didn't Mindy pay attention to the names?
Pete walks in, "Hey...You ok?"
I just nod.
I show him the bag with my name.
His eyes widen and he snatches it from me.
"P-Pete it may not be good for you to drink that."
"How did she get your blood?"
"I've had to get blood taken from me a few times..."
"She didn't pay attention?"
"She might had to rush..."
"This is horrible...but wonderful..."
I swallow the lump into my throat.
"I"ve always wanted to know how you taste...The scent is amazing so the taste must be wonderful..."
"Pete I don't think you should... what if you get a taste and then want it again?"
"But...I'll just take a small drink."
"Pete no!"
"Please? I have to know...."
he grins, "No offence, but do you realy think you can stop me? Look its better this way then me one day having a breakdown and finding out through your skin."
I bite my li and nod.
He opens the bag and the smell of blood hits me.
What smells good about that?
He pours it into a cup and downs it like a shot. He looks over at me, hungrilly.
Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!
I wont hurt you, I hear Pete's voice in my head.
I. Wont. Hurt. You.
"How do you know that?", I ask him.
He chuckles.
Haven't we had this conversation? I just know I wont. YOu're safe.
"HOw are you doing that?"
"I don't know.", he smiles.
Well stay outta my mind.
Make me.
"Seriously, its weird."
He walks over to me and pulls me into a hug.
"Patrick. Your blood is absolutley amazing."
"Good to know."
He chuckles again.
I wonder what it feels like to be bitten..., I think to myself.
You'll never find out.
I pull away and slap him, "Stay the fuck out of my mind!"
He holds me tighter. I fight trying to get away. It isn't working.
"Calm down and I'll let you go! I'm not trying to be all in yur mind, I can just hear what you're thinking. That's never happended to me before..."
"Me either!",I snap.
"Yeah...I know so calm down..."
More later.
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