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Only sweeter

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Pete regrets drinking the blood.

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I sigh as Pete bites his fingernails, chipping off the black polish. He looks up at me a few times worried. The mind connection thing wore off and I think it bothers him. Not me, I'm glad he's outta my mind. It was quite hard not to think about him. I really do wonder what it is like to be bitten, but I probably will never know. Too bad. Pete looks up at me again. I sigh again.
"Pete. What?"
He frowns "You were right. I shouldn't have drank that blood."
"Its so tempting to shove my teeth into one of your veins right now. Maybe you should go to Andy's or Joe's?"
"No," I point out "They're togather probably all over each other. I'll pass. Besides you need to get used to it right? Cause...I can't just stay away ya know?"
He nods "Good point. I'm afraid though...I've always wanted your blood but never this much."
"I don't get it. Why does my blood seem so appealing to you?"
"I don't know. But it does."
"Ok...but I'm still lost."
"Join the club. Anyways...I think I could hear your thoughts because I tasted your blood and you were right there..."
"I think I made a terrible mistake..."
"I did tell you not to..."
"I know... but you really have no clue how tempting your blood is."
I shrug "It just smells like nastly blood to me."
"Well you're not a vampire, are you?"
"Not to my knowledge.", I smile.
"Haha. Very funny. Look. I really am sorry..."
I shrug "I don't mind."
He sighs "Of course you don't."
I smile "But you love me?"
"Yeah...I do."
Too bad its just a friendly love.\
"Why are you frowning?"
"Huh? Oh I uh nothin..."
He pulls me into a hug. He rests his head on the side of my neck. I can feel him smelling my throat. I bite my lip.
Bite me
His lips move closer to my neck. I can almost feel his lips. He sighs.
"What's wrong?"
"You don't care if I bite me. You may even want me to. It makes it more tempting."
"Its alright. I think its normal for you to want me to. If I want blood I have a way of making them more willing."
"Then do it."
"You don't understand, Patrick. It could turn you."
"No Patrick...I'm not ending your life for you."
"What? You still have a life."
"Being a vampire changes alot."
"Other than your diet, what?"
"Sex. There isn't any becaue its far too tempting to bite them person you're with."
"Oh yeah, because people are just lining up to sleep with me, Peter. Let's get real. I have no life."
He sighs "Patrick I'm sure someone wants to sleep with you."
"Like who? My imaginary friend?"
"No I, you have an imaginary friend?"
I blush, "No it was a joke Pete."
"Whatever I'm not biting you, end of discussion."
"For now."
He groans.
I smirk.

Pete takes a sip of his O negative blood. He's decided that he's just going to drink my blood type. That way he wont bite me. It wont completelyt satisfy, but it helps. He smiles at me. I smile back.
"So. If yiou make me a vampire... I wont die...."
"Vampires can die, ya know."
"Its less likely."
"So it is... But still. The answer for today, like the last three weeks, is no."
I sigh, "Fine."
He hugs me "Stop. ITs no fun haveing to drink blood, I assure you."
I shrug.
"C'mon lets go do something."
Like each other? I blush
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