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Say what?

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Pete tells Patrick something that exites him, but then he wants to shove his head into a blender.

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Pete drags me to the mall. Again. It isn't that I dislike the mall but,because of Pete I know where nearly everything is. I could shop here, blinmdfolded. No, scratch that. I could shop at this mall walking backwards blindfolded. Anyways the point is, I'm here too much. And Pete is too. I should check him into rehab for being a shopoholic. A vampire addicted to the mall. Because that's normal. After raiding Hot Topic and Spencer's, We decide to share a pizza. He frowns at his slice.
"What's wrong?" I ask.
"I'm just thinking...I gotta tell you something..."
I nod "Alright."
"Ya know how you can be straight and gay...and bi?"
I nod "Yeah?"
"well...I'm bi."
My heart races, "Really?"
He nods "And...I've been talking to this gyuy and I think he may like me..."
"Oh...really?" I feel myself blush.
He nods.
"He have a name?"
"Yeah..." he blushes "Ryan..."
My heart sinks, falls out of my body and slatters onto the ground.
"Yeah...ya know from Panic.."
I nod slowly "Y-yeah I know..."
"but, I'm worried. what if I just imagine him liking me...and I'm a vampire...and he doesn't know that yet. What if he doesn't accept me?"
"I accept you." I mumble.
"What was that?" Pete asks.
"I-I-I said that if he doesn't then he isn't worth the trouble."
He smiles, "You're right Patrick. I think I'll talk to him... and see." He pulls me into a hug and kisses my cheek "You're such a great friend!"
I feel like crying. Friend.

On the way home, I'm silent. When we get there, I'm silent. I sit on the couch and pretend to watch tv. He can tell something is up.
"Patrick....are you alright?"
I nod "I'm great."
"Alright...I just called Ryan, he's gonna come hang out here."
I nod, holding back a scream.
"Is that cool with you?"
I nod again "I'm going to bed."
"I don't feel very good..."
Pete hugs me "Alright...I'll check on you later..."
I just nod and walk upstairs.
I walk into the room and punch the wall angrilly.
I feel and hear my bones crack.
My knuckles begin to bleed but I don't care.
I punch the wall again.
The wall cracks and theres a bit of a hole.
I hear Pete run upstairs.
Oh fuck!
I lock the door.
He tries to open it.
He jiggles the handle "Patrick what the fuck?!"
"Patrick Vaughn Stump! tell me what the fuck-"
"Its nothing ok!", I yell.
He groans and storms away from the door.
I open the window and bite my lip.
What if I don't land right and I die? Or break something?\
Well I've already broken my hand...
I climb out of the window to the roof. A car pulls into the driveway. It's Ryan. Pete practically runs to his car. Ryan smiels and gets out.
"Hey.", Ryan smiles.
Pete smiles shyly "Hey."
How pathetic they can't get past hey.
Pete smiles and messes with his pocket "Hey."
I roll my eyes.
"Y-You wanna come in?"
Ryan nods, "S-sure..."
I pout.
Pete pulls him into a very tight intimate hug.
Ryan kisses his cheek.
I'm tempted to leap of the roof head first.
"Wait... its pretty out here...", Pete looks down at his feet, "Wanna takl out here for a little while?"
Ryan nods "S-sure."
"You're eyes are really..beautiful."
Ryan blushes "Thanks.... Your's too."
"I'm a vampire."
Ryan chuckles.
"I really am. Like, seriously."
Pete nods, "But I'd rather not prove it."
Ryan giggles "Alright. I don't mind."
I kick the window and fall.
I scream.
"Oh my god, PATRICK!"
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