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The Pain will ease

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Patrick wakes up in the hospital.

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I hear the quiet mumble of vioces talking. My right hand is in unimaignable pain. I open my eyes and see blurry Andy, Pete, Joe, and Ryan. Part of me wants to choke Ryan, but part of me realises that it'd be hard with my broken hand. Pete slides my glasses onto my face. I look down at my hand. Luckily, there is a green cast on it, other wise I may not be able to handle seeing it. I'm quite squeeimish. The doctor walks into the room.
"Alright now that you're awake you're free to go. You did hit your head. But I saw no signs of major head trama."
I nod.
Pete is rocking back and forth onto his chair.

I sit beside Pete in the back of Andy's car. Pete doesn't look over at me. And I still haven't spoken. I want to know what happened but I'm afraid it is a stupid question. I decide to ask it anyways.
"What... What happened?"
"You jumped off the roof.", Pete snaps.
"No, I fell. I did consider jumping off of it and leaving but I didn't, I fell."
"What do you mean, leaving?"
"Leaving the house. I-"
"You said you were sick. And what's with your hand and all the holes in the wall?"
"You punched the walls because you were pissed off. Don't lie to me. Now, what were you pissed about?"
"Tell me!", Pete glares at me.
"Just forget it!"
"Could it have to do with Peter's new boyfriend?", Joe looks back at me.
"NO why the fuck should I care?!"
"You seem to.", Joe mumbles.
Ryan is sitting on Pete's other side.
"Well you're wrong."
"Oh? So if Ryan was to make out with him right in front of you, you wouldn't care?"
I bite my lip, "No, not at all. That isn't even the point, what happened after I fell?"
"I caught you." Pete looks up at me "You could have died. Your head came so close to hitting the ground. I was afraid I wouldn't catch you."
"Heh. Should've just let me fall."
"no I shouldn't have and you saying that shit really makes it believeable that you jumped instead of fell."
"Well I didn't."
"Well, I don't belive you!"
"Well fine!"
"Guys chill-"
"Shut up!", we yell at Ryan.
He looks down.
Andy drives to Ryan's place.
"Bye Rye."
Pete gets out too.
I look down.
Andy drives off.
I bite my lip.
Joe climbs back to the back seat with me.
"Ok, no more games. You're madly in love with Pete, right?"
"Patrick. Please."
"I'm not. I don't give a damn if he sleeps with Ryan!"
"Yes, you do. I can tell that you're lying. So, just stop."
"Fine. I may have a small amount of feelings toward Pete."
"Small amount? The universe is small compared to the amount of feelings you have towards Pete."
I frown, "Whatever."
"Dude, whatever. So, you wanna hang out instead of sulking alone?"
I sigh, "Sure, but I would not be sulkking."
Joe shrugs, "I'm amazed you agreed to hang out."
"Me too..." Andy admits.
I stick my tounge out at them.
They laugh.
"So, what is us hanging out going to consist of. Nothing illegal, right?"
Joe gasps, "Patrick. I'm apalled that you think we'd be up to anything illegal-"
"Remember in the 10th grade when you wanted to "hang out" and someone stole a police car? Remember that Joseph?"
"That was different!"
"I was 17. Now I'm more mature and I know that it only counts, if you get caught."
"Oh hell. What are we doing?"
"Nothing illegal. This time. We're actually probably just going to see a movie."
I shrug, "That works, as long as it isn't an illegal movie."
Joe chuckles, "Dork."
"Yep.", I grin, pushing up my glasses.
We go to a theater and watch the 3-D version of The Nightmare Before Christmas. I frown, wishing Pete was with us watching it. He'd like it alot. Why Ryan? Why not me? Is it because he's skinnier? Is it my glasses? Am I too dorky? Is Ryan better than me? Does my personality just suck? Is Ryan's way better? Is it because we're best friends? I sigh Face it. Ryan's cute, funny skinny, less dorky...he's what Pete wants. Not me. No one wants me. And who am I to blame them? I don't like me either? Maybe I should like myself more in order for other people to.
No, that's stupid.
Its just me. I don't deserve Pete.
But thenm again, what is his addiction to my blood? Does that mean anything? Probably not. It's likes someone trying to stray away from candy bars. I eat alot of unhealthy stuff, which is why I'm fat, so maybe, like with food, that's more appealing.
But.... I don't actually eat that much unheathly stuff. I love fruits and veggetables. I eat salad alot. I don't eat candy much because I'm self conscious. Maybe-

Joe waves his hand in fronmt of my face.
"Patrick? Paaaaaaaatrick?"
I blink and look over at his face.
"Movie's over. Has been for ten minutes. I thougfh you were in some kind of comma with your eyes opoen...."
I blink again, "Oh? Sory about that I-"
"It's cool. You just scared us.", Andy cuts off my apology.
I just nod. They help me stand up and we go out to Andy's car.
"You wanna just stay the night withus?"
I nod.
Joe drives and Andy sits in the back with me.
"You ok? You were really out of it Pat..."
I glare at him, "That's not my name. There's a whole four letters that were just forgotten."
"Awe. I'm sorry to R-I-C-K.", Andy smiles, teasing me.
"Ahaha.", I fake a laugh.
He chuckles, "You're such a dork PatRICK."'
I stick my tounge out at him.
"Do that again, and I swear I'm bitting your tounge off."
"Yeah right."
"I'm serious!"
I stick my tounge back out.
He leans over and bites my tounge.
"Owb! Dat hut my thounge!"
He grins, "Told ya."
"I'b bleedinc batard!"
"Want me to kiss it and make it better."
"Lou can'th!"
Joe looks back at us, "Hey now, that would be my boyfriend Patrick!"
"He di' it!"
Andy whispers something in Joe's ear and Joe nods.
"Go for it."
"Go por what?"
Andy grins deviously.
"oh do."
Andy unbuckles my seatbelt and climbs onto my lap, wrapping his legs around my waist.
"Ady don'th do whateber you're-"
He presses his lips against mine.
my heart stops, then speeds up.
He slides his tounge into my mouth.
I'm a complete loser with no idea how kissing is supposed to work, so naturally, he leads.
He grabs a fistfull of my hair, making my hat fall off, and makes sure his tounge explores every bit of my mouth. I let out a small moan. Andy is an amazing kisser. His other hand travels down to my zipper.
My heart rate increases, if possible.
I've always had a bit of a crush on Andy but never saw anything like this happeneing.
I'm still completely frozen, excpet for my tounge, which is now exploring the wonderful inside of Andy's mouth. It may seem lame, but the inside of his mouth tastes so good. The car stops and Joe clears his throat.
"We're here now, or would you two rather finish out here?"
Andy pulls away with a grin. I'm grinning too. He puts my hat back onto my head and gets off of my lap.
He helps my get out of the car, because my knees are like noodles.
I push up my glasses and we go inside.
My face is extremely red, but I'm not exactly embarassed. I don't regret that happening. Part of me has always wanted to kiss Andy, but never imagined this. It kinda sucks that he has a boyfriend.
We sit on the couch.
I still haven't been able to speak.
Andy clears his throat, "So..."
I blush and lok down, "So?"
I giggle. Guys shouldn't giggle.
"Um, was that the first time you'd kissed anyone?", Joe asked.
I nod.
"Awe! I got your first, well it wasn't really a kiss...more like a makeout. Yay me!"
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