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Can a heart brake once it's stopped beating?

by PatbtrthnPete

Patrick confronts Pete.

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I can't believe I made out with Andy. What a strange, yet pleasant, thing to happen. But, as wonderfully it felt, part of me feels as if I've betrayed Pete. It sounds stupid, since he's with Ryan, but it's how I feel. I'm pathetic. I can't even admit how I feel. Andy, clearly noticing my depressed mood, sits beside me with a frown. Its weird. Andy has this Patric-mooddetector thing. He always knows when something is wrong, even if it isn't obvious. I'll be in a different state, ready to hop out of a window, then Andy calls to "Check up" on me. Then he talks to me until I'm better. There was one time that I was about to attempt suicide and he called me, but I ignored it. So, he broke my door down. He's a realy amazing friend.
"Pat...what's the matter?"
"You've known me all our lives and ca't remember my name!", I whine.
He chuckles and hugs me "Is it because I kissed you? I'm really sorry...I've just always wanted to do that..."
"You have?"
"Well it isn't really that... I did enjoy that...but I feel like I've betrayed Pete, even though he has a boyfriend. Is that stupid?"
"No. You love him Patrick... you're supossed to feel that way a little. I did't cause I got permission."
I laugh "I don't regret it though..."
He smiles "Me either... You're a pretty good kisser..."
I nod "You too."
He kisses my cheek "You need to talk to Pete about it..."
"About you being a good kisser?"
He chuckles "No, about your feelings for him..."
I blush and look down "Oh...You're right...I just don't know where to start..."
"Just... talkto him..."
I nod.

I unlock the door and walk inside. I'm goig to tell him. I have to. I take in a deep breath and wakl into the living room. The sight on the couch is a bit disturbing, but more devistating. Ryan and Pete are wrapped up all over eachother, on the couch. Im a deep graphic makeout. they look like they're trying to eat each other's faces. I feel like crying. Or screaming. Whichever happens first. The worst part is, they don't notice me. It is as if I'm not here. I clear my throat loudly. The jump apart, fixing their cloths and such.
Pete also clears his throat, "Uhm. Hey Patrick..."
"Hi...", my voice cracks.
"You ok?"
Ryan's face is beat red. He looks as if he wants to turn invisible.
"You don't seem great Pat..."
OK, so I'm going to cry and scream at the same time.
"Dude, chill I'm sorry-"
"You have no fuicking idea Wentz!"
Ryan bites his lip.
"Patrick... c'mon let's go upstairs... we can talk..."
"NO! I don't want to talk to you. I don't even want to see you!"
"Then why the hell did you come here?"
"Yes and you're all over Ryan...", my legs give out and I fall on my knees on the ground.
"And it isn't your fault. It isn't Ryan's fault...I'm just an idiot who thought that there may have been some chance you'd feel the same..."
Pete sits infront of me "Patrick... Honey Me and Ryan aren't really going out...You were the person who I thought liked me...I was just to afraid to ask...So I tried to make you jealous. I'm so sorry....that was wrong..."
"What? YOu're not with Ryan? You"
He nods with a smile "I love you Patrick..."
I wrap my arms around his neck and pull him into a tight hug.
Ryan clears his throat "RIght. Well I'm going to go to my boyfriend Brendon's house...later guys."
I hug him "I'm sorry for being so mean..."
"Understood...If someone was with Brendon I'd feel the same..."
Ryan leaves and I smile at Pete.
"So um... Do you wana go out with me?"
I nod "Even if you're a vampire."
He chuckles.
I smile and press my lips against his. He's shicked at first. Then he begins kissing back. It lasts much longer than the kiss ANdy and I shared in the car. And nothing against Andy, but I enjoy this kiss more.

I am with the boy, the vampire I love.
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