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Fang is a boy on the run from a police. He meets a girl named Mina that usally stays in the house alone because her dad is dead and her mom works from morning to night. He starts to live with her w...

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Chapter: 1
The Strange Boy

It’s a long story and strange a one. It started on the full moon Thursday night of Feb. 21, 2008 –The scene goes into the night sky with the full moon and shining stars. Then zooms to the inside of a school-

Girl 1: Hey Mina! Hurry up!

Mina: I’m coming Hana!

Hana: Ugh. Does it really take you that long to clean the classroom desks?

Mina: Well…….yea. (she scratches her head)

-The scene changes to the night sky in the city. The clouds cover the full moon. You hear helicopters and police sirens. You see a boy with no shirt and torn pants.-

Boy: (pant and breaths deeply while running. He nearly trips several times.)

Police 1: Did you find him? (he speaks curiously and turns a curve while he drives fast)

Police 2: Uhh….. no. He’s running too fast. (he’s in a helicopter)

Police 1: Tomo, What is this boy?

Tomo: Don’t know Officer Seto.

- The scene goes back to Hana and Mina outside of the school. There’s birds chirping and cars passing by. –

Hana: Did you get your new cell phone yet? (she smiles anxiously)

Mina: Yea, wanna see? (she searches her purse but can’t find it)

Hana: Don’t tell me you left it at school. (she sighs in shame)

Mina: I think I did. I’ll be back. (she runs back into the school)

Hana: You’re gonna have to tell me later cause I gotta go!

Mina: OK! Bye!

Hana walks off and goes home. -The scene changes to the city and shows the boy running towards the school. You hear sirens and helicopters.-

Boy: (He pant and runs then jumps the school fence and through the back yard of the school. He looks around and breaks through one of the classroom windows.)

-Now Mina and the boy are in the same room- Mina turns her head to the side after hearing the glass break. There’s another window in front of Mina. The boy looks at Mina with his piercing eyes.

Officer Seto: I think he ran into the building! I can’t go over the fence, I’m in a car. Tomo, look for him!

Tomo: Yes Sir! (Tomo throws a rock through the window in front of Mina)

Mina: (She turns to her front then screams) Ahhhhhhhhh!

Boy: (grabs Mina then jumps out the way.)

- The scene goes out side of the buiding-

Officer Seto: Tomo!

Tomo: Yes Sir!

Officer Seto: What was the purpose of throwing that rock?

Tomo: To find the boy sir.

Officer Seto: Yea, but who pays for the window Tomo?

Tomo: Uhh… us? (He feels stupid)

- The scene goes inside of the building. The boy is laying in top of Mina and covering her mouth. –

Mina: Mummm (thinks madly) Who does this guy think he is? Getting on me like this with no shirt. And what’s with his eyes? They look so fierce.

Boy: Sorry but I can’t let you talk right now. So shut up. (He speaks seriously)

Mina: (thinks) Rude much?

- The scene changes to outside the building with cops- Tomo used the light of the helicopter to search the room from outside. The boy presses on to Mina tighter cause he’s nervous. He begins to sweat as the lights get closer. He’s getting sortta mad.

Tomo: I don’t see him Sir.

Officer Seto: No matter, we’ll continue this tomorrow.

The cops leave. As the helicopter sound gets softer the boy loosens up. The sirens and helicopter are gone. The boy gets on his hands and knees. The wind blows through the broken windows and blows through the boy’s and Mina’s hair. There’s a moment of silence.

Boy: Are you o-

Mina kicks the boy off her and starts to yell

Mina: Who do you think you are?! You can’t do this to a 15 year old girl! How old are you?! 18?! I could report you! And get some clothes!

Boy: My name is Wo… (he stops) My name is Fang. Sorry I got on you like that, but you wouldn’t stop yelling. Besides this is the thanks I get for saving you from bleeding to death? Glass is pretty sharp if you don’t know. Plus I’m 15.

Mina: Oh yea. Thank you. 15? (shocked)

The clouds in the sky start to clear away. Now the full moon is showing. Fang moves to the corner where the moonlight doesn’t show.

Mina: Are you ok? (she notices strange behavior)

Fang: Uh, yea. Could you leave? (he says rudely)

Mina: (gets mad) You didn’t have to say it like that but fine. (she leaves)

The moonlight reaches the corner. – The scene moves outside and shows the full moon-

You hear a howl. Mina is outside and hears a faint sound.

Mina: (stops running) What was that? (she continues running home)

- The story stops with a picture of Mina running home and a full moon background. The color looks like it’s done by crayons and colored pencils at the end.- Mina’s face pops up in a little circle

Mina: I forgot my cell phone again!

-To Be Continued-
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