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A New School Life

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Fang begins a New School Life

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Chapter 2
A New School Life

Last Time:
The moonlight reaches the corner. – The scene moves outside and shows the full moon-You hear a howl. Mina is outside and hears a faint sound.

Mina: (stops running) What was that? (She continues running home)

Now: This chapter’s date is Friday Feb. 22, 2008

Mina: I wonder why the police were chasing that boy…..Fang, wait a minute……. That might be is convict name! (she says with a surprised face)

Mina’s mom: Honey! Get ready for school! Hana’s is coming to pick you up any minute now! Hurry ‘cause I have to go to work!

Mina: I’ll be down in a couple minutes!

-The scenes show Mina sitting the bath, then brushing her, and then eating breakfast. Now Mina is at the door putting on her shoes. She opens the door and Hana is waiting on Mina’s porch. Mina runs down the stairs.-

Mina: Hi Hana! (she smiles) Sorry, something happened so I left my phone at school last night. I can’t show it to you yet. Bye Mom!

Hana: Bye Mrs. Aya. (she closes the door) It’s ok. I know you’re a stupid idiot.

Mina: Hey!

They walk and talk at the same time. When they got to school Mina sees Fang outside the school’s entrance. This time he has a school uniform but he wore it sloppy. Half the white shirt was not tucked in the black pants, the black tie was loose around his neck, and his black jacket was not buttoned. He was sitting next to the gate.

Mina: Uh, Hana, You can go ahead I’ll catch up.

Hana: Ok. See you in class. Bye. (she goes to class)

Mina: Bye. (walks over to Fang) What are you doing near the gate?

Fang: (he turns his head and looks at Mina) Oh it’s just you. Maybe I just wanted to sit here. Why do you care?

Mina: (her eyes widen) Don’t tell me……(she raises her hand to touch his face) You said here all night? You’re homeless? (she speaks with pity)

Fang: (he grabs her wrist and squeezes it) I don’t need your pity. And don’t ever touch me.

Mina: Oh, I’m sorry. (puts her hands down) How’d you get a uniform? (suspisous)

Fang: None of your business. (he scolds at her)

Mina: (her cheeks get puffy and red of anger) Ooh! Why do you have such an attitude?! I bet you stole it!

Fang: Who knows? Last night you said I needed clothes. (he still scolds at her)

A teacher comes out the entrance door and sees Mina and Fang. The teacher recognizes Mina but not Fang.

Teacher: Hey kid! If you’re new go to the office to get a schedule. Fix your uniform too. (He pulls Fang by the arm to bring him to the office.) Aya, Minako! Get to class.

Fang: (pulls his arm away) I walk can for myself. (he still looks mad and reads the teacher’s name tag.) Mr. Nagami……..

Mr. Nagami: Oh great, another trouble maker. (he frowns)

Mina leaves to go to class. Fang is in the principle’s office to get registered. Fang wonder if he even wants to be here.

Fang: (thinks) Well, I am homeless. They feed you 75 percent cooked food, they “gave” me new clothes, and desks to sleep on. I think I’ll stay.

Principal: (he walks into his office.) Hello, I’m Principle Wasaubi. I understand you’re a new student. I’ll just ask questions to get this over with. Full name please.

Fang: Ayakashi, Fang.

Principal Wasaubi: Age, birthday, and household.

Fang: 15, August 20, 1993, and ummm, I just moved here so I don’t know my address.

Principal Wasaubi: Ok. Do you live with anyone at this school?

Fang: (thinks about what Mr. Nagami said) Aya, Minako! Get to class! (speaks calmly) I live with Aya, Minako and her family.

Wasaubi: Ok. Here’s a registration form and a schedule. Bring the registration form back tomorrow. Your homeroom is class 1-b. Have a great day.

Fangs walks out. Principle Wasaubi thinks……

Principle Wasaubi: Wow. No you too or thank you. (he looks at homeroom 1-b’s attendance) Ayakashi, Fang is in the same homeroom has Aya, Mina. I guess family is irrespirable.

-The scene go to outside of class 1-b. Fang is waiting to be introduced. Mr. Nagami is inside talking to his students.-

Mr. Nagami: And now our new student. (he points to the door)

The door slides open and in walks Fang. All the girls look at Fang. In their eyes he’s walking in slow motion while his hair blows in the opposite direction of where he’s walking. He looks at the class.

Fang: …………I’m Fang………… (a moment of silence)

All girls except Mina: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! He’s so hot!!

A nerd in the back yells…..

Nerd: Hey! He stole my uniform!!

The girls look at the nerd with red evil eyes and their hair rises.

Nerd: (he talks like he’s scared) Good thing I always bring 2. Hehe. (He hides under the table.)

Mr. Nagami: There’s a seat all the way in the back next to Aya, Minako.

Fang sits next to Mina.

Fang: Not you again. (he frowns)

Mina: I’m no happier than you. (she frowns too)

They look at each other while attacking each mind with lightning (mentally). All the girl look at Mina madly.

Girl 1: They’re making chemistry! Just look at the sparks! :(

The day goes go by and classes finish. It’s the end of the day and everyone is walking home. Principle Wasaubi saw Fang and Mina fighting (again).

Mina: Why are you following me?!

Fang: I’m not following you and we have every class together.

Mina: Well school is over! Why are you walking home with me!

Principle Wasaubi: Hey calm down you two. You can’t live together like this. Have a great day. (he walks off)

Mina: Live together??

Fang: Oh yea, I live with you for now. (he seems calm)


-To be continued-

You hear Tomo’s and Seto’s voices: How come we didn’t show up today?
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