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Chapter Nine

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Graduation Day

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Graduation day.

I'd been waiting for this day to come for twelve years. However, I never imagined it to be anything like this.

In my hopeful little imaginary world, Quinn and the guys would be sitting out there in the audience screaming my name and clapping wildly as I stepped onto the podium and grabbed my diploma.

In my hopeful little imaginary world, Quinn would grab me in his arms after I threw my cap into the air and tell me that he was proud of me and kiss me until I couldn't breathe.

In my hopeful little imaginary world, this would be my last day in Maryland and I'd be moving back home with the boys and Joey.

But this is the real world, and none of that was going to happen. The whole thing was dull and not exciting in the least.

I stepped onto the podium and took my diploma from the man who had only been my principal for a little over a year. He smiled at me and shook my hand just as was customary.

"Good luck in life miss... " He struggled as he forgot my last name. I found that amusing seeing as they had just announced it to the whole auditorium.

"Walker." I finished for him. He nodded at me and forced a smile before shooing me off the stage.
I jumped down and into the arms of my best friend.

"We did it!" Joel exclaimed. I smiled and hugged him tightly.

"I know. Now we just need to go get hyped off soda and dance to The Ramones!" He laughed at me and grabbed my hand, dragging me back to our seats.

After twenty long minutes of diplomas being handed out and speeches being given, I was finally standing proud and throwing my cap into the air along with the rest of my class. I sighed as I caught my cap again in my hands. It was finally over. This huge portion of my life. I simply couldn't believe it.

After we were excused, I made my way over to meet my cousin. She greeted me with a huge grin and pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so proud of you Anna. I'm sorry your parents couldn't be here to see this." I shrugged and pulled out of her grips.

"What could you have done Kelly? They've basically refused to talk to me since I've moved here. Even after I told them that Quinn and I broke up." I gave an involuntary shudder after that last statement. It had been over a year since everything had happened. My heart still broke every time I spoke or even heard his name.

"You know you've got people who do love you right?" Kelly asked me for what seemed like the millionth time in the last year. She always seemed to be really worried about me.

"Yeah I know. If it wasn't for you and Joel I'd probably be a walking corpse right now." I joked. I felt someone jab me in the back and turned around.

"Don't joke like that you fool!" I laughed and wrapped my arms around Benji.

"Yeah you're right. If it wasn't for Benji I would probably be a walking corpse right now." Benj and Kelly laughed and exchanged high fives. I took a step away from them as they entered some sort of conversation about zombies and searched the auditorium for Joel.

I found him across the room exchanging pleasantries with Jessi and him.

I found it awkward because Jessi and Joel had had a pretty harsh breakup only a few months ago. Hurtful words were exchanged, and cheeks were slapped. Well one... and it was Joel's. I continued to watch them even as his eyes found mine. I tried to move away from his stare but I just couldn't.

I considered him 'the boy who ruined my life'. I probably would've given him a much nicer nickname if he would've talked to me after he destroyed my relationship with everyone who mattered in Utah.

But he didn't. And I had no idea why.

But today for some strange reason, I had an urge to find out.

I slowly began crossing the room. Keeping eye contact with him the whole way. I wasn't sure if my face showed any of the emotions I was feeling, but his did. He looked startled, excited, and then angry. His final expression almost had me turning around and walking the other way. But curiosity got the best of me and just kept moving through the crowd. Why the hell was he mad at me?

I finally reached the trio and cleared my throat. Jessi looked over to me and squealed before crushing me with a hug.

"Anna! We're done! Can you believe it. I can't wait until we head off to college! We're going to have so much fun!" She pulled away from the hug with a huge smile plastered on her face.

"You're a bit ahead of yourself Jess. We've still got the summer ahead of us. I'd like to enjoy that for a while." I smiled, she laughed, Joel rolled his eyes.

"You girls can have fun in your clean little dorm while the boys and I record our first record." I actually felt my jaw drop. I think I might have felt Jessi's too. As if on cue, we both started screaming and jumping up and down. I jumped onto the nearest boy, who just so happened to be Billy. He caught me with a startled gasp.

"Uhm congratulations?" I was actually serious but I made it sound like a question.

"Thanks?" He swallowed hard and set me back on the ground. I sighed and turned away from his gaze. "Anna? I think we need to talk." I looked back at him and smiled, but I'm sure it didn't reach my eyes.

"I think so too Billy, but how are we going to do that when you ruin my life and destroy my happiness and don't even apologize for it after? I'm only willing to talk to you if you're willing to answer my questions." I folded my arms across my chest and kept his gaze. I wasn't backing down from this one. I had questions and I wanted answers.

"Alright, but can we go somewhere else? I'd rather not have an audience." He shifted his eyes to Joel and Jessi who both looked equally shocked. I laughed and began walking to an empty corner. When he caught up with me I began firing the questions that had been burning inside of my head for the last year.

"Why did you kiss me?" He shrugged and slid his gaze to the floor.

"Because Anna, I've been infatuated with you since the moment you took the seat next to me in art class. I wanted you." He looked me in the eye again and what I saw there sent something spinning in my stomach. Well crap.

"Then why all the bullshit Billy? The name calling, the assholeness, why all of that?"

"I wanted you Anna but I couldn't have you. Joel told me about your boyfriend and I knew you were off limits. It pissed me off. So I guess I took it out on you." A dry laugh escaped my lips.

"Because that's how you get the girl Billy." The sarcasm was dripping from my words. "But what about after Quinn and I broke up because of you? Why the silent treatment?" He shrugged and glanced at the crowd. When his eyes settled on mine again it was as if something had clicked into place behind them. He began leaning towards me with a smile on his face.

"Don't do it Billy. I will personally castrate you if you do." I put both of my hands on his chest in an attempt to push him away. It didn't work. Why you ask? Because once his lips met mine my whole body seemed to melt against his. It was a gentle kiss, an innocent one really. But my body refused to believe that. My hands held onto his shirt as his moved to the back of my neck, increasing the pressure. After what seemed like forever, he pulled away licking his lips. I opened my eyes and sighed.

"The silent treatment was because I didn't want to be the rebound Anna. You kissed me back that day. You felt it too. I want us to mean something." I frowned up at him and took a step back.

"What makes you think there will be an us Billy?"

"If there wasn't going to be an us you wouldn't have that look in your eye Anna." I looked at him and almost groaned. He was right. There would be an us. I wanted him probably as much as he wanted me.

I just wasn't sure how much I liked it.
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